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Rahul goes over Expanded and his tournament report of St Louis Regionals with Volcanion-EX

03/14/2017 by Rahul Reddy


Hey there 60cards readers, it's me Rahul, back with another article. This time I'll be covering the Expanded format as a whole, leading up to Portland Regionals and recapping the most recent Regionals that took place in St Louis. Along with a recap, I'll be providing a tournament report and an in-depth analysis of my Volcanion decklist that I used to take a Top 4 finish at this tournament.

For those of you who enjoy visuals and videos, I'll be leaving a link here to my video where you can check out my report, but for those who love to read and enjoy the details, let us carry onwards!

Without further ado, here's my Third Place list.

3 Volcanion/4 Volcanion-EX

The fundamental core of any Volcanion-EX deck is to make sure you can fuel the board with Energy and use Volcanion's Steam Up Ability to do massive amounts of damage with a very low Energy requirement. Having three of the baby Volcanion was important in all stages of the game to build up the board and be able to constantly reset the Energy that are lost when a Volcanion-EX is Knocked Out.

2 Shaymin-EX/0 Jirachi-EX

All of these Pokémon-EX can be easily grabbed with Hoopa-EX, so the engine is very consistent and fast with a single Ultra Ball. Jirachi-EX is a must-have in almost any Expanded deck, but I chose to exclude the card because of Bench space. The deck already relies on having a myriad of Pokémon Benched: usually 2-3 Volcanion-EX, a single Volcanion, a Hoopa-EX, a Shaymin-EX, and maybe even a Keldeo-EX. With the need for all these things and an already fast draw engine, Jirachi seemed like the first cut to make when deciding the final list.

1-1 Starmie

The Starmie was a card that my testing partners and I were torn on leading up to the tournament. 6 of us took the Volcanion deck into the tournament, but only 3 of us played the Starmie line. While the card is insanely good when you set it up, you don't always set it up. Only having a 1-1 line and no recovery cards means that discarding a piece of the line early equals no Starmie for the whole game. In any game where I set up a Starmie, especially in a late game scenario, I would always be N-proof. I would always have the Energy needed for a Steam Up or simply to attach for the turn. The idea was to combat Item-lock. Starmie would provide the Energy recovery under Item-lock that Superior Energy Retrieval wouldn't be able to. The Staryu also has free Retreat which gave me options with the Max Elixirs and deciding what move to make for the turn without expending my Float Stone. If I had to go back and play the tournament again this is a line I would not cut. 

2 Colress/1 N

When it comes to shuffle-and-draw Supporters, N is one of the best cards in the game. When looking at Expanded, however, Colress becomes one of the best cards in its place. Being able to draw up to 16 cards is something that simply cannot be overlooked. The initial list had 2 N and 1 Colress but after realizing that the Volcanion deck was a quick deck that would almost never be falling behind, we cut down to 1 N and utilized Colress as a more potent draw Supporter.

2 Blacksmith

Volcanion has always had subpar results in Standard causing everyone to think the deck is bad, and I agree with a majority of them; the deck is bad in Standard. But in Expanded, Blacksmith exists. Blacksmith gives the deck firepower throughout all stages of the game and allows you to do 220 out of nowhere in a single turn. The power of this card cannot be underestimated and having 2 feels like too much, but only playing 1 felt like I was playing too few.

2 Superior Energy Retrieval

In Standard the card that is in every Volcanion decklist is Energy Retrieval, but why play a card that only gets you two Energy back when you can play a card that brings four back to your hand? With the power of Propagation, only one card is ever really being discarded, allowing you to conserve resources while getting value for 3-4 Steam Ups with a single card.

3 Sky Field/0 Rough Seas

Rough Seas allows Volcanion to have a shot against Trevenant decks, and negating spread damage or even healing a small margin against other decks can be huge throughout a game, like against Fright Night Yveltal. Ultimately, though, the Stadium decision came down to how important the early game setup phase would be. I deemed it to be the most important phase of the game. In the first 2 turns, if I don't have a complete board set up and am forced to play with a limited Bench, I will struggle. This was displayed in my Round 14 match vs Andrew Wamboldt on stream, which I'll talk about later, but Sky Field is crucial for early game setup and allowing you to abuse Hoopa-EX.

1 Dowsing Machine

The choice of ACE SPECs came down to Dowsing Machine, Computer Search and Scramble Switch. When weighing the options I looked at what each card could potentially become. Computer Search is an early Sky Field or Hoopa-EX and late game any resource in my deck. Dowsing is relatively useless in the early game, but after there are cards in the discard it becomes anything that has already been used, for example a 2nd Tool Scrapper, a 4th Sky Field or even a 3rd Superior Energy Retrieval. Scramble Switch is a cute Supporter that can allow you to power up a Volcanion-EX out of nowhere and take a few quick Prizes, but it offered nothing in consistency. The decision was a tough one but ultimately Dowsing made the cut because of how quickly I anticipated moving through my deck and how swiftly I would be burning resources.

Now that we've covered all the nitty gritty of the decklist, it's time for the full tournament report.

Day 0

Leading up to the event, my main discussion partners were Ryan Sabelhaus, Michael Slutsky, Grafton Roll, and Dan Richard. We usually sit in an XBox party and throw some ideas around until something sounds good, try it out and then decide if it is worth pursuing. Until about Wednesday before the event, I was set on Vespiquen/Flareon as the play because I anticipated a plethora of Toad and Yveltal decks to assert their dominance on the Expanded format, as they have done so time and time again. After discussing with a majority of players and teams what they were considering, I realized that Vileplume would be a popular pick for the weekend leaving Item-heavy decks like Vespiquen facing a problem. On Wednesday night before the event, Ryan said to me "Hey, why isn't Volcanion good in Expanded?" I responded that Greninja and Toad were problems for it and Ryan simply laughed and brushed off the idea of Greninja being popular. While talking that night, I threw together a rough draft on PTCGO and played a few games with it. The deck's consistency was unparalleled and I was stunned at how often I would set up and Blacksmith on the first turn. I, in turn, sent the decklist draft to both Ryan and Grafton and told them to play a series with it and instantly all of us knew that this was the play heading into the event. The list was rough to begin with, but we knew that this could make it through 14 rounds of play consistently.

Thursday before the event, all of us had met at Dan's apartment to play a few games and figure out how would like to approach the event and after building Volcanion and playing a few sets with it we were more than convinced. Friday we arrive at the event and after some quality Mexican food, the lot of us meet up with Azul GG, Brad Curcio, and Drew Bennett who were all on board the Volcanion hype train with us. As we perfected the list for the event we disagreed on the Starmie but otherwise shared a 58 card list heading into the event. My game plan was to hit the right matchups as Expanded goes or hit a bunch of Toad decks and drop to hang out with everyone.

Day 1

The first day of play rolls around and I was quite nervous to be playing a deck that was completely out of my comfort zone. I was used to playing decks that rely heavily on one-Prize attackers and this deck was something that employs big Pokémon-EX to play the game. Pairings for Round 1 go up and after exchanging pleasantries with each other I head to my seat to play my first round.

Round 1 vs Speed Dark

This matchup is extremely favorable as I can begin taking one-shots on his field before he can do it to me.

Game 1

The first game was a little close because I was forced to Bench a single Shaymin-EX without Sky Field out, leaving that Shaymin-EX stranded on my Bench. My opponent targeted it and after not whiffing a single Max Elixir and hitting a majority of his Dark Patches, he was able to compete with me in the one-shot war. He was left with a single Prize and no way to N me and I had the final Superior Energy Retrieval so I could close out a close game.

Game 2

This game was a complete sweep as my opponent played his entire first turn hitting Energy on his board and setting up as Turbo Dark does. He had 4 Energy on his board by the end of his first turn and he passed with a Darkrai-EX Active. I was able to dig through my deck and get a Turn 1 KO on his Darkrai-EX, using a combination of Steam Ups and Blacksmith. My opponent swung into my Volcanion-EX hoping to take a knockout the following turn. But I was able to set up a Keldeo+Float Stone combo so I could keep resetting my Volcanion-EX's attack. After taking my 2nd KO and my 4th Prize of the game I knew the game was sealed up. My opponent began to Hex and hope for the best but I Retreated into the Volcanion and just set up until he was out of Hex Maniacs and I took the game. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Dark/Dragons

Game 1

The first game I went first allowing me to set up my board in a way that I could take a KO on whatever my opponent brought out as a threat and he came at me with an early Salamence-EX. After being able to respond to his Turn 1 Salamence and taking another swift KO the following turn, he conceded and we moved to the second game of the series.

Game 2

This game he went much more aggressively with the Salamence-EX and I was unable to play around it. I went down 4 Prizes before I could deal with the Salamence but luckily for me I had set up 2 Volcanion-EX that could deal with his entire board. He proceeded to Shaymin-EX for 6 fresh cards to find one of his last two VS Seekers and Lysandre my Shaymin-EX to seal out the game but was unable to and I was able to take the KO on my turn. (2-0

Round 3 vs Turbo Dark/Lasers

Game 1

The first game was a complete domination as I was able to do 220 out of hand going 2nd. After I KO’d his first Darkrai and he did a quick search through the deck and found his second one Prized, he scooped up the game.

Game 2

The second game was a lot closer than I would have liked it to be. I was down to 1 Prize and my Keldeo was in the discard due to awkward hands early. My opponent had 5 Prizes and I just needed to KO anything and the game was over. My opponent played Hypnotoxic Laser and due to his good luck he was able to put me to sleep three times in a row, with me staying asleep all three of those times. Had I woken up any of those three I win the game right there, but I don't. The 4th Laser flip can actually win him the game as he gets down to 2 Prizes and just needs to be able to two hit my Volcanion-EX. The flip doesn't go his way this time and I can cleanly take a knockout on his Darkrai-EX and seal the game and series right there. (3-0)

Round 4 vs Turbo Dark

Game 1

This game is very one-sided as I set up completely and my opponent struggles to find his Hex Maniac while I blow through his whole field. The problem with Hex is that the turn he Hex’d, I would simply Retreat into my Volcanion and set up behind that bulky body again. Volcanion can usually withstand two hits, giving me plenty of time to set up and making my opponent waste precious resources.

Game 2

This game I am able to take a quick 2 Prizes on his Shaymin-EX that he opens. I was able to Blacksmith 2 Fire to the Baby Volcanion and take the KO, which was a greedy play. If he was able to KO my Volcanion that turn, I would have been left floundering for the rest of the game, but my greed pays off and I was allowed another turn to Power Heater. Once my board was set up it was déjà vu of Game 1 as I could cleanly take all my Prizes with little to no contestation. (4-0)

Round 5 vs Ross Cawthon (Lurantis GX/Vileplume)

I finally get to go up against the deck I had been hearing float around all weekend. I knew this deck could steal games off me by simply setting up Vileplume but all I realistically needed to win the game was Fire Energy.

Game 1

The first game I go first allowing me to use my Items and I pop off leaving Ross to Lysandre stall until he can get a board set up. I quickly realize he's attempting to deck me out and I'm left with 1 Fire Energy in the deck. I carefully wait to place that last one down, Retreat and end the game. This game could have gone easily in Ross' favor due to my recklessness.

Game 2

Ross goes first and gets the Turn 1 Vileplume lock off on me and was hoping I wouldn't have anything to contest. To his dismay I opened the Baby Volcanion and my hand was incredibly good. I had Hoopa-EX in my opening hand and I grabbed a pair of Volcanion-EX and a Shaymin-EX. I attached to the Active and steamed up twice before using Shaymin-EX for a few cards. In those few cards I hit one of my two Blacksmith and proceeded to take a KO on his Active Lurantis GX on my first turn. He has a Lysandre to bring up my Hoopa-EX and passes his turn. I simply attach an Energy and pass on my end. He sets up another Lurantis and swings and I Retreat the Hoopa-EX and Steam Up, taking another KO. He doesn't have another Lysandre at this point and I completely set up my entire board and overwhelm Ross and his Grass deck. (5-0)

Round 6 vs Yveltal/Maxie's

Game 1

This was one of the decks I expected to be the biggest and it was just not present for a majority of the day. The first game was the first hand I had seen that was completely dead all day. I opened Staryu and passed. As he began taking his 5 minute turn to KO my poor Staryu I began thinking to myself that I might have to play this one to a tie and effectively secure Day 2.

Game 2

This game I set up properly and roll him. The matchup is favorable because of Volcanion-EX doing a base of 130 damage so Fright Night can't really deal with a Volcanion-EX. A majority of the Yveltal decks play 1, some play 2 but there isn't much of a problem in dealing with them.

Game 3

This game is his turn to open poorly and he opens a lone Sableye and passes, I go all out for the donk but after a quick search of my deck, I realize that both my Float Stones are Prized. So I take my time and set up my entire board and once I take the KO on the Sableye I was ready to rock and roll. I had Energy on Keldeo-EX for whatever he Lysandre’d and 2 Volcanion-EX completely set up. In a few attacks I close out the game, also grabbing the Float Stone off my Prizes making the game that much easier to close out. (6-0)

Round 7 vs Connor Finton (Mega Gardevoir/Dimension Valley)

I did it! In my mind I was set for Day 2. I could play out the rest of my games and I would have to simply win one game to proceed onto the next day of play. I see I'm paired with a good friend Connor and I know the matchup very well. I end up playing Connor on the official stream which you can find here.

Game 1

The first game goes as the matchup should always. I set up and eventually overwhelm him with one-shots as he can't respond with them. I know he plays an Iris, so I play around that the entire duration of the game. Connor makes it a difficult game, as he was Hexing me for the first couple of turns, but couldn't find the Stadium to go along with it and attack. He also Target Whistles my Exeggcute onto the Bench, which prevents me from making plays that I wanted to make during my turn. Once he plays a Supporter that isn’t a Hex Maniac, the floodgates open and I take one-shot after one-shot, to which he has no response.

Game 2

Connor does the same thing with Hex Maniac again to my dismay. I was sitting there waiting for him to not Hex so I could blow up on him and he just wouldn't stop. He eventually gets down to 1 Prize card and I'm at 4. I take a knockout and N him in the same turn knowing his only win condition would be a Dragonite-EX to grab another Pokémon and Jirachi-EX for the Iris to get perfect numbers and take the KO on my Active Volcanion-EX. Lo and behold, he does just that. I was stunned as he made that play, knowing there wasn't much time left on the clock.

Game 3

I get a near perfect start and pop off completely. I have a full Bench with a Staryu and Keldeo with a Float Stone. I even have a Baby Volcanion with a Fire attached so I can Lysandre and KO a Jirachi-EX if he plays it down and take a commanding lead. He opened the Jirachi-EX, so I was ready for those two Prizes and to win this Game 3. He simply looks at his hand and passes. I stop for a second and ask him if he really passed and he confirms. I blow all my resources to find a single Fire Energy to close the game out, which I do on my first Shaymin-EX for 4 and I wrap that one up. (7-0)

Round 8 vs Lurantis/Plume

Game 1

The first game I go first giving me an opportunity to use Items and set up my board completely. After I take a KO on his 2nd Lurantis GX my opponent concedes and we head into the 2nd Game.

Game 2

My hand is awful. It is all Items and I have no idea how I'm gonna do anything this game. Fortunately for myself, after 3 Shaymin-EX and a Sycamore my opponent doesn't get a Vileplume up and I get off to a roaring start. I manage to burn through a lot of my deck and get a Baby Volcanion out that takes a one shot on his Active Lurantis on the first turn of play. He promotes the second Lurantis GX and I simply swing for small numbers while I set up my entire board. Once I take the 2nd Lurantis GX knockout he scoops up his cards and concedes the match to me. (8-0)

Round 9 vs Alex Wilson (Mega Rayquaza)

I was hoping Alex would have some mercy on me and take a tie here. The tie would give us both a match point moving into tomorrow and secure the rematch in the morning, one that I would be sure to lose.

Game 1

This game he uses Hex Maniac for the first 4 turns and I struggle to set up behind the disruption and lose the game.

Game 2

This game was a lot more back and forth as he was forced to dig through his deck and set up as he was using his Hex every turn. I was able to use the Baby Volcanion to set up a few Volcanion-EX and simply exchange one shots until I cleared his field of his attackers.

Game 3

I look at my hand and I see Turn 1 220 if he doesn't use Hex Maniac. While his hand also didn't have much going for him, he had the Hex. We sat there for about 4 turns with him using Hex Maniac and slowly setting up while I was Benching anything I could to stay alive and once the game began I was simply one turn too far behind to close out the game. With that game I was handed my first loss of the tournament. (8-1)

Closing out the first day of play as the 2nd seed was something I was incredibly happy with in my book and knew that I would have an easier path to the Top 8 than others the following day. I head to celebrate with my close friends and call it an early night to get some rest for the second day of play.

Day 2

To start off the day I was planning on replacing my sleeves with a brand new pair so I head over to the venue earlier than usual. I was greeted with a ruling that stated that a single copy of my Sky Field had bent abnormally in the corner and I was to replace it and would receive a game loss in my first match. I did as told and began my day of play with a sour taste in my mouth.

Round 10 vs John Kettler (Decidueye/Plume)

Game 1

Game 1 was the game loss I got, so I chose to go first game 2 and was hoping I could take it to a Game 3 and he wouldn't set up.

Game 2

I go off to a roaring start but to my dismay never find the Starmie for my Staryu. The Staryu becomes a sitting duck and I'm left floundering trying to find Energy to set up as John keeps Lysandre’ing different targets on my Bench. John keeps perfectly Feather Arrowing all my threats the turn before I can get anything done and with a single Prize left to take I falter and lose the game. (8-2)

Round 11 vs Alex Schemanske (Toad/Decidueye)

Game 1

This build of Toad/Decidueye was interesting as it was a turbo build that I simply didn't expect. The first game I am keeping pace with Alex and after a timely N that cripples me I was unable to find a Fire Energy for Steam Up to respond to the Seismitoad losing me the first game.

Game 2

Another back-and-forth bout with me having all the Fires I needed to take the KOs and even through Quaking Punch I was able to set up and make the plays that I needed to make. Using Colress under Item-lock and setting up Starmie both proved to be useful as I could cycle my Energy and take Knockouts on his Toads.

Game 3

He went first and man did he have an insane start. His board at the end of the first turn was two Decidueye-GX and a Toad with a DCE attached to it. My start was less than ideal but I was hoping to Power Heater a few times to set up my entire board but couldn't find Energy cards. I was a few Energy short of closing out this game and Alex took an extremely close series (8-3).

At the conclusion of this series my deck was once again collected and I was told that this time all my Fire Energy were bent in a way that was causing them to stack. I was using the new Sun and Moon Energy which had a lighter cardboard causing them to bend easily. I replaced my Fire Energies and continued the rest of the tournament fine. Ironically after losing a series to not finding my Fire Energy I was glad I was alerted that this was happening.

Round 12 vs Steve Guthrie (Vespiquen/Vileplume)

Game 1

The series is pretty unfortunate for Vespiquen as I can simply use the baby Volcanion to take one-shots and power up my big guys. The first game I'm given a turn of Items and I go berserk and Steve cannot keep up with the firepower that is Volcanion.

Game 2

He gets Turn 1 Vileplume and I have absolutely no answer and I concede very quickly.

Game 3

This game was a back-and-forth exchange and I thought I had Steve but he had a Wobb that allowed him to use Items on his own turn which was very smart. I used that Wobb to my advantage too after a Lysandre and blew through my entire deck and set up a myriad of things while taking a KO. After running Steve out of Vespiquen I was able to seal up the series. (9-3)

Round 13 vs Ross Cawthon (Lurantis/Plume)

Game 1

Ross goes first this game and doesn't get the Turn 1 Vileplume. I swiftly set up and begin rolling through his field. After examining all his options Ross realizes this game is a lost cause and we move to the second one.

Game 2

This game was the best I have ever drawn in my entire life. Ross goes through almost his entire deck in getting a Turn 1 Vileplume and 2 Lurantis GX set up on his first turn to my lone baby Volcanion. I attach, Bench a Staryu and swing for 40. Ross goes and uses Flower Supply setting up his Active Lurantis. I topdeck a Keldeo-EX and Rush In, and also attach to the Baby Volcanion. He Flower Supplies again setting up his other Lurantis on the Bench. I draw attach a Fire to the Keldeo and Bench another Baby Volcanion that I have topdecked. Ross then takes the KO on my Keldeo and I promote the Baby Volcanion. I attach from hand and take a quick Knockout on the Lurantis GX. Ross then uses Lurantis to take the Prizes on my Volcanion and I'm left with a Staryu and a naked Baby Volcanion. I draw for the turn and it’s another Fire, I slam down the Volcanion-EX I got off my Prizes, attach a fire and Blacksmith to it and KO the Lurantis. Ross takes the turn to set up again and Lysandres something else. I Lysandre the Plume on his Bench hoping he is out of AZ and Forest so I can use Items for one more turn and seal up the game or Ross decks out. Ross has all the tools to get the Vileplume out of the Active spot and replace it onto his field and uses his GX attack to KO my Volcanion-EX. I'm left with a Volcanion-EX with a single Energy on it and 2 Prizes left to go. I slam the Blacksmith and take the game and series. I could have done the Blacksmith play a turn before but I didn't want to KO the Vileplume and give Ross access to his Items again. (10-3)

Round 14 vs Andrew Wamboldt (Yveltal/Maxie's)

I was hoping to be able to ID into Top 8 at this point in time but to my dismay I'm down paired and put on the official stream game. A double doozy, if you would.

Game 1

The first game goes as I would hope and I set up slowly but surely. I had a relatively dead hand but had 170 from hand with Blacksmith to take out his Gallade and he proceeds to N me, from there I set up and overwhelm him as the matchup should go.

Game 2

I inch down to 2 Prizes and Wamboldt has 4 remaining and I think to myself there's no way I can lose this turn, I just have to KO the Fright Night next turn and he's left with nothing and I win the game. After a series of Shaymin-EX Wamboldt finds Lysandre and Reverse Valley to do exactly 70 to my Keldeo and 60 to Volcanion to seal out the game. I was shocked that he hit all that and was now playing for a tie. There was only one problem, I don't know how to play slow.

Game 3

I go off to a blazing hot start and take 4 Prizes before anything can happen. Wamboldt gets down to a position where he uses N and if he hits one of his three remaining DCE he can Pitch Black Spear for 3 Prize cards that turn. I had been given a Juniper and a Tool Scrapper off my N to 2 so I wasn't worried about closing out the game. Time is called as Wamboldt draws his cards and after examining his hand he concedes the match to me as he had 2 DCE Prized and not knowing the other results I could have bubbled out of Top 8. (11-3)

Top 8 vs Israel Sosa (Yveltal/Maxie's)

My third Top 8 of the season and I was looking at nothing more than taking a close friend down and securing my first trophy.

Game 1

This match was extremely scrappy as Sosa played 2 Silent Lab and a Dowsing Machine so he could always control the Stadium war if I wasn't careful. The first game comes down to me having the game in my hand if I can bump the Silent Lab but the 3rd Sky Field was Prized leaving me to take a hard loss. I compose myself heading into the second game as I start remembering all the losses that I've taken in Top 8s prior to this one.

Game 2

My deck decides that it is time to get the ball rolling and I set up flawlessly and roll through Sosa very quickly. I don't ever miss a beat and he's left on the back foot for a majority of the game.

Game 3

This game was a back and forth game full of adrenaline I'll never forget. He goes first and uses his Ghetsis to put my hand down to a single Fire Energy and a Sky Field. He places his Silent Lab down and says pass. I take a deep breath and draw my top card and it’s a Juniper. I get to have a chance in this game. Sosa plays incredibly aggressively and goes down to a single Prize card while I'm left with 4. I take 2 more while using N to put him to 1 card. Sosa draws and topdecks a dark, slamming it onto the Sableye and using Junk Hunt to grab a Scrapper and a VS Seeker. I have 8 cards left in my deck and 4 of them are Lysandre outs to end the game right there and I don't draw any of them. I sit there thinking about every single way I can lose the game and DCE+Lysandre onto my Starmie is the easiest way I lose right there. I reluctantly attack and let Sosa take his turn. 2 Dark Patches and an attachment later he Night Spears with a Fighting Fury Belt. I realize I won the game right there. I take a moment to compose myself, drop the Sky Field and 3rd Volcanion-EX from my hand. I then Superior Energy Retrieval to get the Energy needed for Steam Up and use all 3 and attach from my hand to take the KO and secure myself a Top 4 finish. I was beyond excited and I've never played a closer game in my life.

Top 4 vs Alex Wilson (Mega Rayquaza)

Game 1

Alex does the same routine of Hex Maniac for a few turns but as we both are at 2 Prizes after a few back and forth exchanges leaves me with a window to take the game, but I realize that I have two Volcanion-EX in the discard so I would be unable to KO the Active Mega Rayquaza and I scoop up my cards. I had all the pieces needed to close the game out BUT the final Volcanion-EX which I had lost two of throughout the game.

Game 2

My hand was 6 Fire Energy and a Baby Volcanion. I draw a Fighting Fury Belt for the turn and attach both the fire and the belt and pass. I look at him and say "make it quick". 5 minutes of Shaymin-EX later I was knocked out of the tournament.


After a long tournament series with a deck I never expected myself to be playing I was proudly holding my first Regionals Trophy representing both The Chaos Gym as well as Team ARG. Heading into Portland I can't tell you what the meta will be like because Expanded is one of those formats where anything and everything will do well. There was 19 different decks in Day 2 of St Louis including 2 Aerodactyl decks so it is anyone's game out there. I hope you guys all have a good time for the rest of the season and good luck to everyone out there playing Portland Regionals coming up. With this finish I'm a little over a 100 CP away from my Worlds invite so I can confidently say I'll be participating. Once I finish up the run with League Cups and a few more Regionals, I can give the good news of me securing my invite. For now that's all and good luck to everyone in the rest of their season!


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