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Rahul Reddy

You're Powered up, Get in There! Anaheim Regional Top 8 Report

Rahul discusses his performance at Anaheim Regionals, and reveals the deck he really likes going into the expanded format tournament of St Louis.

03/02/2017 by Rahul Reddy


Hey guys, it's Rahul again, glad to be writing another article for 60cards! Today we're gonna be taking a look at my Anaheim Regional Championship tournament report and an in-depth analysis into why I played the deck I played and the card choices I made. After I cover all of that, we're gonna jump into a deck I've been testing a lot for expanded and my thoughts on the expanded format heading into St Louis regionals, which is primed to be the biggest regionals so far. If you guys aren't fans of reading, and wanna watch my report that doesn't go as in-depth and skims the surface of my weekend, check it out over here. 

Here's the decklist I used for Anaheim Regionals, and without further ado let's jump right into how we got there, shall we! 

Prologue: Now Entering Anaheim

So my flight was Thursday night, getting me there around midnight PST, and I was pretty excited to make my way out to the west coast for the first time for a regionals. I don't get to see that group of friends except for Nationals and Worlds, so I was super excited to see them all and have a good time. I was flying Frontier, so I had to pack light, and that meant I couldn't bring everything I needed for every deck. I built Vespiquen and Waterbox, my top 2 choices heading into the weekend, and put cards for Mega Rayquaza, Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor, Lurantis/Solgaleo and Speed Darkrai into my backpack, and headed to the airport. 

Leading up to the event I had been testing extensively with Drew Kennett from Some1sPC, Michael Slutsky and Ryan Sabelhaus. The four of us had been hammering out games every single night, trying out everything new to see if we liked anything, when Ahmed Ali brought up Lurantis/Solgaleo to our group. All of us initially dismissed the idea as a joke, but after a weekend had passed we began putting serious time into the deck. I felt like my Waterbox and Vespiquen list were exactly where I wanted them to be so I could spend time working on this deck with these guys. Alex Hill was also working on this with us, and as the event grew closer, we began jumping ship. Alex was the first to go, realizing that the deck can't beat Volcanion or Vespiquen, myself being the second to jump ship because I wasn't going to play a deck that loses to Vespiquen. Drew was the only one who stuck with it and piloted it to a Top 16 finish, and he will have his list up in one of his upcoming articles so be on the lookout for that.

The night before the event came upon us and for some reason California graced us with some rain. Some historic amounts of downpour were occuring, and I despise the rain, so I was inclined to stay in the hotel room and watch whatever was on TV for the evening. After discussing decks with Michael Slutsky, he had decided on Mega Mewtwo, and myself on Vespiquen. I was preparing to head to bed by 1-ish but the arrival of Russell LaParre sparked everyone awake again so we all began discussing decks. With the members of our two rooms settling on decks like Yveltal/Garb and Mewtwo/Garb, I felt more and more confident in my deck choice of Vespiquen. I was debating the Mew-EX the whole night and after having final talks with Azul GG and Ryan Sabelhaus, I decided that the Mew-EX would be a gamble I would take, with the intentions of making my Mewtwo matchup favorable. Ryan settled on Mewtwo after a tough debate with himself, and I knew that switching decks this late was a bad idea, so I unsleeved my Vespiquen and threw it into my deckbox, waiting to buy those coveted DragonShields in the morning. We headed to bed at 4 AM, which was very dumb on all our parts, having to be awake by 6:30 AM the next day. The initial alarm woke me up to shower, still groggy, and it took me awhile to adjust. We headed to breakfast and to the venue. 

I should probably cover some of my card choices huh? Get a sneak peak into the mind of Rahul! 

2-1-1 Vaporeon/Jolteon

The Vaporeon was strictly for the Volcanion matchup, and I originally had a Flareon in the deck, but after seeing the lack of grass decks and a resurgance in Yveltal and Rayquaza, I chose Jolteon over it because no Garb set up means it's a free win and Jolteon also has free retreat. 

1 Mew-EX

The Mew was a last minute addition to deal with Mewtwo--taking 2 prizes before they can set up usually puts you far enough ahead to close out the game. Vespiquen struggles with taking early prizes versus Mega Decks because of their HP, but this is an intermediary solution.

1 Tauros GX

This dude is a massive wall; he just kind of sits there and takes hits and gives you an instant 2 prizes if anyone swings into it, it really helps mirror too cause you can go second and take 2 quick prizes. Most of the time people would pass seeing a Tauros active and that gave me more than enough time to set up and get my OHKOs rolling. 

1 Oranguru

This took the place of the 4th Shaymin because I wanted it to do exactly what it did, late game N buffer. I could get him out and sit him on my bench and feel comfortable all game knowing I would never whiff anything I needed in the late game because I was always down to like a 8 card deck towards the late game.

Chapter 1: Attack Objective A

Doors opened at 8 AM they said and Round 1 would begin at 8:45 AM, but at 8:15 AM we were still outside waiting to get in while there was rain drizzling on our heads and none were too happy. I'll be the first to admit I thought this was going to spell disaster for this tournament, but I was pleasantly surprised that this was really one of the only few gripes I had with the tournament. Upon entering the venue it reminded me of the scene from Lion King where the buffalos stampeded and killed Mufasa as I was heading to the vendor to pick up my sleeves. The entire area was in disarray and there was nothing but chaos to be had. After snagging my sleeves and saying some last minute good lucks with my friends, I headed to my round 1 seat to sit there and sleeve up my deck fully in view of my round 1 opponent, making the snap call in the middle of sleeving to cut the Flareon and throw in a Jolteon, not for the matchup across the table, but for all the Yveltal that showed themselves last minute. After about half an hour of everyone finding their seats the round and the day begins at roughly 9:15 AM, and with that we're off to the races. 

Round 1 vs Volcanion 

My opponent was a very nice dude throughout the whole game, but the scary part was when he told me he watched my videos and that lead him to Volcanion for the weekend, and I thought to myself, "Oh great, a bad matchup right off the bat." 

Game 1

Throughout the course of Game 1 I prized my Vaporeon and my 4th Combee so I was struggling to stay in the game, and in the end I had to N him down to a hand of 2 and hope he didn't hit the Lysandre to seal the game, if he didn't I had 3 prizes left to take but I would eliminate all threats on his board the following turn and he hits the Lysandre off the N and takes a very long Game 1.

Game 2 

This game, I aggressively began discarding resources as my Vaporeon was prized again. I managed to reach 180 damage by my second turn and was taking knockouts at a rapid pace. I was able to take all 6 prizes in probably 10 minutes giving us but a few minutes left for the 3rd game.

Game 3 

This game, I set up near perfectly with the Turn 2 Vaporeon and double Vespiquen, AND get about 10 Pokemon in the discard very early. I pushed aggressively with my Zoroark and take a few early prizes by the time he KOd my Vaporeon. I knew time was getting close, so I employed the strategy from Game 2 and discarded everything to begin taking KOs. One turn I whiffed a DCE when half my 6-card deck was DCEs, so I was set back from winning. Had time been called right there, the game would have ended in a tie, but I was fortunate as it wasn't till my next turn when I pulled my DCE from the deck and take a KO while setting up enough attackers. At that point all I needed to seal the game the following turn was a DCE, my deck was full of hits, and I had an Oranguru on the bench so I totally had it. After a very close and nerve wracking series I headed to greet my friends and take a deep breath because that series could have very easily gone the other way or ended in a tie with just a few less fortunate draws. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor

Game 1

My opponent goes HAM on turn one and forgoes the Trubbish on his bench and I quickly capitalize by setting up a Mew-EX with a Klefki and begin sweeping his board as he realizes he doesn't have an answer. He tried to set a Garb up late into the game but to his dismay it was way too late. 

Game 2 

I get off to a roaring start and once again my opponent forgoes the Garbodor; this leaves me with all control, and he keeps asking how many cards are in my hand so I know he has a Delinquint the entire time. I play around it and I start sweeping his board by Turn 2-3 and he has no answer once again to the Mew-EX I send up and eventually the Vespiquens that are one shotting his entire board. (2-0)

Round 3 vs Chris Collins (Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor)

Game 1 

The first game, Chris doesn't get anything set up--he's missing Spirit Links when he has the Mega, Mega when he has no spirit links and even with an early Garb he can't really set up anything and I take the first game with relatively no effort.

Game 2

The second game, Chris does a bunch of stuff on his first turn but only has a lone Mewtwo and gives me the opportunity to OHKO him on the first turn. I capitalize on this,  recklessly discard everything knowing that if I can pull off this KO or even do sizable enough damage this game and series is simply over. The cards go in my favor as I draw everything I need to take a Turn 1 KO with Mew EX. (3-0)

Round 4 vs Yveltal/Garbodor

Game 1

This game was used more for figuring out what my opponent had in his deck. I had 2 DCE prized this game and needed them to not be my last two prizes, but alas the cards weren't in my favor as I had to discard Special Charge very early and it ended up being my downfall. 

Game 2

The second game, I get off to a blazing start and after not seeing any Garbodor Pieces the first game, I opt to set up a Jolteon. He targets it very quickly, but the damage has already been done and I get too far ahead for him to come back, so he scoops very early into the series. 

Game 3 

This game, he gets his Garb as planned but I also set up my Jolteon and rather than taking an KO on his Oblivion Wing Yveltal, I decide to take the risk and Lysandre/KO the Garbodor so my Jolteon triggers. Rather than KO my lone Vespiquen on the board he chases the Jolteon because he values that threat more and that pretty much seals the game. I had all the pieces for another Vespiquen in my hand with Forest, Revitalizer and a Sycamore to fetch a DCE. Had he taken a knockout on my active and N'd me to 4 there's less chances that I have all of that to answer him. (4-0)

Round 5 vs Phinnegan Lynch (Vespiquen/Zoroark/Doggos)

Game 1 

This game, I go 2nd and get the Turn 1 Forest so I'm at an advantage if I can get the KO, but I miss the DCE and suddenly I'm on the backfoot of a one-prize trading game. When no one benches a Shaymin, the first person to whiff loses. Both of us had an Oranguru out so we weren't whiffing anytime soon. He gets me in the end after a bunch of very close exchanges. 

Game 2

This game went exactly similar to the first one, with me getting ahead this time. Since Phinn didn't play Forest he didn't have the burst potential that I did, and I was able to control the tempo, with him whiffing a crucial KO one turn leading him to concede giving us time for a Game 3.

Game 3

I did exactly what I did Game 1 by setting up insanely fast but I missed a DCE again! That led to the game coming down to 2 to 2 prizes with Phinn having about 4 cards in deck, needing a Revitalizer and Special Charge to stay in the game. He doesn't remember if he has them, and plays Sycamore into a 0 card deck--both are in the deck and that locks up the game for him. No matter what I do the following turn I know he'll have the DCE response so I lose a heartbreakingly close series. (4-1)

Round 6 vs Rishwin Singh (Mega Rayquaza/Jolteon)

Game 1

This matchup is as free as free gets; I set up my Jolteon and Zoroarks and run through him with Klefki, preventing him from doing anything ever.

Game 2

This one his bricks super hard and I do the exact same thing I did Game 1, and run through him, taking 6 prizes in 3 turns due to the weakness typing and the fact that I can set up like crazy under his skyfield and bump my own Shaymins off the field. (5-1)

Round 7 vs Igor Costa (Yveltal/Garb/Tauros)

Game 1

This game I set up my Jolteon and set up as regular trying to bait a good player like Igor into focusing his energy onto it. We both open/look for Tauros and pass with it active for a few turns giving me time to set up. I realize he has two Trubbish prized and Jolteon does work for me that game setting up KO after KO.

Game 2 

This game is extremely close, with me setting up Jolteon again but not using him for anything notable and Igor setting up Garb. We both get down to 2 prize cards and he N's me to 3, hoping I don't hit the DCE for the game. I had an 8 card deck with 2 of them being DCE so I had a pretty good shot at drawing the game right there. I miss the DCE and have a lone Vespiquen on my bench and a Zoroark so I promote the Zoroark and N us both down to 2 again, in my 2 cards I draw Sycamore and N and I'm forced to pass hoping he doesn't find Lysandre and an energy to take my Shaymin EX on the bench. Igor counts my Pokemon and Sycamores, he slams the parallel putting me at 20 less and passes opting not to OHKO my Zoroark giving me exact match to one shot him the following turn. I top deck the DCE and he knows he made the right play, but to his dismay I attach, and Sycamore having the last Forest in my deck to seal the game out. Every series I play vs Igor is extremely close because he's an amazing player and I know it; this one was a hard fought win. (6-1)

Round 8 vs Mega Mewtwo/Garb/Karen

My opponent divulges to me as we sit down that he has Karen in his Mewtwo deck and I instantly chose to offer the ID because I didn't want this to be the reason I don't make Day 2. My opponent, knowing this secures him money and not knowing what I'm playing, takes the ID and we go to relax till the next round knowing that for both of us an ID means we move into the second day of play. (6-1-1)

Round 9 vs Travis Nunlist (Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor/Espeon GX)

I had good enough resistance where I figured out like 6 people at 19 match points would make it into the next day, but I was mentally exhausted and saw a close friend's name paired up with me and I knew neither of us would want to be the reason the other didn't make Day 2 because we got a little greedy. We sit down and talk about the matchup for a bit, trade decks so we get a glance at each other's lists and then we take the tie and go play some Exploding Kittens. (6-1-2)

With this Day 1 comes to a close at 8:30 PM! This is the earliest I've ever been let out at a Regionals and I was shocked. It felt so late because of the time zone adjustment but I knew I had a few hours to spend with everyone till I had to go to bed and be ready for the next day. A full 12 hours till I had to be back in fact! We all head to the packing house in the Packing District which was full of people and awesome food options and I grabbed a bowl of Pho with Jose Marrero and Kian Amini, it really hit the spot after a long day of play. Then I got this ridiculous shaved ice, ice cream, strawberry fruit salad contraption that was delicious and I certainly couldn't finish it on my own.

As the dust settled we headed back to the hotel room around 11 PM and within a matter of minutes everyone was out cold. I was in mid conversation with Ryan and I look up and hear him snoring which I found hilarious. The alarm goes off early in the morning and out of the 9 people staying in our two hotel rooms, 4 of us earned the right to play in the second day which was amazing considering the field was large for a west coast regionals. Ryan was joking around with me in the morning saying that we would finish in the Top 8 easily and that one of us was winning and I was like bro I'd be totally fine with a Top 8 I don't even care. Little did I know his premonition would come true, well kinda. We get into the car and head on over early in the morning getting ready to rock and roll. 

Chapter 2: Escort The Payload

We were all under the impression we had to be there by 8 AM but in reality it was 8:30. Travis, Ryan, and I head to a gas station near by to grab some fuel for the day, because I'll be honest I was pretty tired still. I was hoping I would dodge John Ketter playing his Decidueye/Vileplume shenanigans and Kenny Britton piloting what I assume to be an autoloss, Darkrai/Giratina. I know I have to go either 4-1 or 3-0-2 on the day to be safe or 3-1-1 and hope I bubble in, but starting at the bottom of the tables was gonna prove to be a difficult climb to the top. 

Round 10 vs Rainbow Road

Game 1

The first game, I'm super behind because I prized 3 Combee and I'm sweating because this matchup is favorable and I need to pull the Combees or this game is over. I eventually get the Combees and we're both at 2 prizes, so I N him to 2 with nothing on his field that can threaten me. In about a 30 card deck he needs to find an energy and his one Galvantula left to knockout my Shaymin on the bench and take the game. He draws his two cards and shows me the Galvantula and DCE off the N to 2 and I scoop up my cards very quickly.

Game 2

The second game goes heavily in my favor with the game going exactly as it should. I set up and get way ahead and take out his attackers turn after turn and he can't keep up. He refuses to scoop so when game 2 ends theres very little time left.

Game 3

The third game I go crazy and set up perfectly and I'm one shotting everything, I retreat and announce my attack as time is called leaving me as Turn 0 and 3 prize cards left in the game. My opponent promotes a Joltik and passes, I go ahead and Lysandre a Shaymin EX and take 2 prizes going down to 1 but with no turns left to take my last prize I'm left with a tie to start the second day and a mountain to climb. (6-1-3)

Round 11 vs Jeffrey Cheng (Vespiquen/Zoroark)

Game 1

The games go exact as Vespiquen mirror should, I go second and get a T1 Float Stone and get into a Tauros to take a T1 KO. From there I use Tauros to go up another prize while Jeffrey takes 2 prizes on the Tauros after two shotting it. I then have used barely any resources and I can stay up on the prize trade while setting up with the Oranguru on my bench. Jeffrey misses one crucial turn and scoops instantly

Game 2

This game I open Tauros and kinda pass cause my hand sucks. Jeffrey attacks me with Rattata and I take 10 damage from Bite. He then Kukuis it and Bites me again for 30. I keep whiffing the DCE and after missing it once again I scoop up my cards 3 turns into the game. I have nothing and it doesn't look like I'll draw anything anytime soon.

Game 3

This game goes exactly as the mirror should because he doesn't play a Forest of Giant Plants so I go and dig for my Tauros T1 and KO something on my second turn. He takes a turn where he hits in with Zoroark into my Tauros and hopes I don't have the Lysandre for his Shaymin but I do and I go up 3 prizes very quickly, and by the time he KOs the Tauros I'm suddenly at 2 prizes left and completely set up on the board with Oranguru so he knows I'm really not gonna whiff anything. I manage to just close out the 2 games and it ends with me taking a close series. (7-1-3)

Round 12 vs Travis Nunlist (Mega Mewtwo/Garbodor/Espeon GX) 

Game 1

This Game I go first and set up perfectly and end up using Mew to take early prizes and Travis doesn't get the Garb up and opts to confuse me. I sycamore and have enough damage to take a KO with Vespi but I whiff it so I flip for it. I hit heads and I take the prizes on Espeon GX going down to 2 Prizes and Travis can't really answer what I have set up so I clean it up.

Game 2

This second game I drew digustingly well. I'll be honest this is what a god start must be like, I literally cannot have drawn better. Travis goes first gets an Espeon out, a Trubbish with a Float Stone and retreats into a Mewtwo EX and passes. I go on my first turn pop off and get the Turn one KO with Mew EX on his poor Mewtwo. Travis proceeds to get the Garb out and uses Espeon to Divide GX my Zorua and Combee on the bench and hope that I can't get 8 more Pokemon in the discard during my turn to OHKO his Espeon GX. I look at my, now like 11 card hand because of Unowns and the prizes I drew and just sycamore the whole thing away. I toss like a bunch of resources but I also toss 7 Pokemon. I draw into a couple Acro Bike, an Ultra Ball and a Combee, so off of that I get a Vespiquen and another usless Pokemon, discard the other Pokemon, and I was able to use Forest to evolve into the other Vespi and one-shot his Espeon GX right there. That should never be possible under Garb lock but I pulled it off. Travis promotes the Garb, retreats into a Trubbish and N's me. He mega evolves and ends is turn hoping I don't draw the the Lysandre off my 3 card N, but with about 12 cards left in my deck and only maybe 3-4 dead cards I hit it and seal the deal right there. I knew I drew extremly hot and the matchup should be much closer than it was but sometimes we take those! Incredibly happy Travis still made top 8. (8-1-3)

Round 13 vs Edgar Garcia (Waterbox)

Game 1

Heading into this matchup I was elated; I knew I should win this a majority of the time, I understood he played one Glaceon EX but I had Tauros and Mew both to counter it. He had just beated Connor Finton the round before and he told me the guys played 3 Enhanced hammer so that was something I had to watch out for. Game 1 was very scrappy because I had no choice but to play into Delinquent and he pitched my hand to 0. I had a Tauros active and he refused to swing into it. I top decked a DCE but couldn't do anything because I didn't have enough Pokemon in the discard to OHKO him. I simply passed, my second draw was another DCE. I was frustrated at this point and just attached to Tauros and swung into him for 60. He had lucky helmets so he was doing just fine. He decided to swing into my Tauros for like 50 damage which wasn't enough to take a KO on my end. I then passed and he bit in and swung for 80 with Kukui. I took the mad bull knockout going down to 4 prizes and he had 4 as well. His field was an Articuno and an Oranguru both with Lucky Helmet and the Oranguru had no energy on it. He proceeded to Kukui and take the KO on my Tauros going down to one prize. I brought up Vespi and went for the OHKO on his Articuno. He then did some stuff and energy switched into a Manaphy EX and hit me for 60, I was terrified that he had Shaymin EX+Energy+Energy Switch to KO my Vespi the following turn and I would lose an unlosable game. He had like 8 cards left in his deck and I hadn't seen a Shaymin yet, I learned after that game that he didn't play one. He pushed up Oranguru and hammers off my 2nd DCE, I've already put one back with a special charge so I know this game is over in my favor. He sycamores his entire deck away and says he should have N'd me instead, but statistically me hitting the DCE with cards in deck and an Oranguru on my bench was 100% so it didn't matter at that point anyway.

Game 2

The second game was a lot smoother, I go off early and OHKO his Lapras by my second turn of the game, he pushed up Oranguru to stall while he set up Glaceon and I took the prizes there. He then Crystal Ray's me and hopes I don't have the response. I ultra ball, grab some irrelevant Pokemon to get to the right amount of damage and sycamore my entire hand of resources away hitting the DCE+Ultra Ball for the Mew EX so I can take 2 Prizes benching his lone Glaceon and pushing me to 30 Match Points, effectively securing my Top 8 berth. (9-1-3)

Round 14 vs Igor Costa (Yveltal/Tauros/Garbodor)

I sit across from a familiar face from Day 1 and we both know there's no reason to play this one out and we just take the tie, I know that if I hit anyone in Top 8 that isn't Kenny Britton playing his Darkrai Tina deck I have a good shot at winning this tournament. (9-1-4)

So after waiting around anxiously for standings hoping that myself and Ryan wouldn't get paired up so we could hopefully meet in the finals of this regionals taking a one two punch home, but I go up to standings and its me vs Kenny in what is an almost autoloss. I sit down with everyone including Alex Hill and Sam Chen and talk about what I can do to win that matchup and the answer was to go ham and Mew has to put in a crazy amount of work because he has 120 HP and Giratina can't OHKO that. After all is said and done I realize its like a 30-70 matchup and I go to play.

Top 8 vs Kenny Britton (Darkrai/Dragons)

Game 1 

The first game was super awkward cause he was drawing dead and I had no choice but to try and capitalize by ditching every resource I had in my deck, I get up to an extremely early prize lead and realize my last revitalizer is one of my last two prizes. As I push up my last Vespiquen I KO the Oblivion winger hoping to draw the Revitalizer and I don't see it. I have a Tauros and a bunch of Shaymins so I sky return into the Yveltal setting up for a mad bull the following turn to close the game out. He retreats it into a Giratina EX and slaps a Double Dragon onto it. I have one Shaymin left on my bench and know that if he brings it up I lose, but if I don't put the DCE on Tauros this turn I also lose. I take the gamble and put the DCE down and he shows me the Lysandre and I scoop. This was a winnable game but I got slightly unlucky to sieze my opportunity to steal a game from a very poor matchup.

Game 2

This game again I'm forced to pitch resources but I get a Mew EX and a Vespi set up, he gets the jump on me with a Lysandre Chaos wheel and I'm stuck because I need one more DCE on the board to win the game. I bring up his 2nd Tina that has no DDE on it because he has 3 in play or in the discard. I smack it for 130 and hope he doesn't have it in like a 2 card hand. He throws the DDE down and I know I just lost the game, I take the knockout on the tina going down to 2 prizes left and hope maybe a Lysandre can stick on a Darkrai. I knew he played 3 Rope but I had to try it anyway but he had the Olympia and I scooped my cards because I just needed one more turn. (9-2-4)

Even though I hit a bad matchup in Top 8 I definitely had a chance to take both games given one more turn, but Kenny played those games perfectly and huge props to him for winning the tournament. I wish I could have taken those games but alas the stars didn't align for me that day. Ryan, Travis and Igor were my compatriots in losing in Top 8 so we all got on stage and recieved our prizes together. My flight was at 10 PM that night so I headed to spend some time with everyone for a few hours before I had to leave for the night. I was super happy with the finish regardless and no matter what happened I can't complain because this puts me at 272/500 CP which is in a very comfortable spot heading into the 3rd quarter of league cups while trying for my worlds invite. 

Epilogue: Play of the Game

With the curtains falling on the first Sun-and-Moon-legal tournament, we all set our sights to expanded. The jungle that it is there are so many decks that we can't expect a certain meta. That being said the three strongest decks to counter are Trevenant, Yveltal/Maxies and Turbo Darkrai. My personal two favorite decks leading into this event are Vespiquen/Flareon and Darkrai/Tina. I haven't tested much just yet but here's my current list after a few games, and I'll be testing a lot more hopefully this coming week.

I hope you guys enjoyed my article! Check me out on the Chaos Gym Youtube and thefleeee on snapchat if you wanna follow along at tournaments. I hope you guys have some awesome luck in your tournaments and I'll see everyone in St Louis :D


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