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Rahul Reddy

Old Dog, New Tricks: A Triple-State Recap

Rahul talks about the decks he used at three different State Championships and he gives a report for each one.

04/14/2016 by Rahul Reddy

Hey again 60cards readers, its me Rahul back at it with a triple state recap and report. Before I start talking about how I did and what I used I would like to thank you guys for taking the time to read this and to thank you guys all for your continued support. With that being said lets dive right into it.

So originally I had planned to go to all 4 weekends of states and try to seal up my invite and maybe think about attempting a day 2 invite (I got a bit overzealous I'd say), but the weekend of South Carolina I had some other priorities so I had to sit that one out. I ended up going to Georgia, Florida and Alabama with the same group of guys Michael Canaves, Jose Marrero, Grafton Roll and Franco Takahashi with the addition of Heidi Craig for Alabama. (Huge shoutout to Jose for having a ridiculous states run with a 1st, 2nd and 3rd place finish). 

Table of contents

Week 1 - Georgia States

Leading up to this States I was torn between two really big options, a pet deck that I had been working on for a week or two before States or Jose's Mega Ray/Jolteon. When Jose told me about his deck a couple of days prior to the event I was pretty excited because it sounded really fun. I began to attempt to gather the cards for the deck but in the end failed to get the Jolteon-EX I needed so I fell back onto my pet deck.

So the main idea of this deck was to have Vespiquen be the main attacker and have the Eeveelutions to make Vespiquen whatever type I needed for any matchup, this was mainly because I didn't know what the meta would be going into Week 1 and had zero idea how else to counter it. The secondary attacker in the deck is probably my favorite card from this last set, Zebstrika. Zebstrika does 50+60 if they have Fighting Resistance and a couple of things do have fighting resistance, namely Yveltal, Yveltal-EX, Shaymin-EX, Mega Ray, and Trevenant. Zebstrika's Ability also lets my Lightning Pokémon pierce Jirachi Promo, Aegislash-EX and Assault Vest. Let's talk about some of the choices I made in the decklist that might seem confusing or puzzling. 

2 Flareon/2 Jolteon/1 Vaporeon

You might be thinking why Jolteon when you already have Zebstrika that hits for Weakness? In certain instances I'd like my Vespiquen to have the piercing Ability and I'd have to make Vespiquen into a Lightning type using Jolteon, plus Jolteon has free Retreat so I thought why not. Flareon was for Mega Sceptile and to run the Blacksmith engine that I decided to go with. Vaporeon was more of a safety blanket for random fire decks like Flareon-EX or Entei. 

1 Judge

I believed that Judge is one of the strongest Supporters in this format just because a turn-one Judge can win a game most of the time, but with decks like Night March gaining popularity, they run heavy Shaymin so it’s hard to stifle them with a single Judge. It’s just not the same as an N late game. 

1 Sacred Ash/1 Revitalizer

I debated not playing an Ash and playing two Revitalizers but an Ash in the late game can help me put Shaymin and Unown back in my deck to prevent a Judge from ruining me. The revitalizer was probably one of my favorite cards throughout the course of the weekend because it gave me a fifth Vespiquen without using my Ash in the early and mid-game when having Pokémon in the discard is super important. 

The deck is pretty weird and ridiculous, I know, but it was really fun to play and had I played it again I probably would've included a Bunnelby and a Jirachi Promo to help my Night March matchup because I saw so many Night March decks and other decks overextend and get to two or three cards left in their deck with two to three Prizes left and I had no way to punish that. So let’s jump into the tournament report.

Round 1 vs Trent Dabbs (Greninja) 

This is probably the one matchup I didn't want to play against all day because I had no real answer to a fully set up Greninja deck. Greninja being the threat it is can knockout two of my attackers in one turn and my Zebstrika doesn't really do anything in this matchup either. Luckily for me during Game 1 he doesn't get set up until I've already taken my third Prize card and I can successfully take my last three without him taking all six of his Prizes. It got really close but I was just one turn too far ahead. During the second game he just didn't get set up until I had taken five of my Prize cards and he knew it was over so I took it very cleanly. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Wayne Bucchiet (Turbo Darkrai)

This matchup was pretty weird for me because I assumed it was Yveltal off the bat as I saw his opening of Yveltal-EX so I went aggressive with my Zebras. During the first game he didn't really attack with anything but Yveltal and Yveltal-EX so I swept him with my Zebras in the early game and my Vespiquen in the late game. The second game he was able to set up a super early Darkrai-EX and I couldn't answer to that pressure so I scooped it up pretty early. During the third game I had both of my Zebras Prized so I had to resort to a more kill the Shaymin approach while I had no answer to Darkrai and Yveltal-EX till I got my Zebras out of my Prizes. I was able to take the game because of the non-EX-versus-EX Prize trade and seal this one out. (2-0)

Round 3 vs Daniel Ervin (Night March)

The first game I was able to set up and he wasn't so I took that one quickly. The second game was the opposite so I lost in like two turns. The third game was much more of a real game for him and not so much for me. I opened a Sycamore and three of my four VS seekers which I had to toss to make sure he didn't knock out my lone Basic on his turn and from there I was unable to find my last VS Seeker/Lysandre combo to knock out the Shaymin that were sitting on his board. (2-1)

Round 4 vs Sam Pomar (Mega Manectric/Raikou)

Sam is a great buddy of mine but he knew this matchup was abysmal for him and I knew it was a great one for myself. I was able to start one shotting his whole board on my second turn in both games and I quickly took my six Prizes without much of a struggle from Sam. (3-1)

Round 5 vs Carson Goins (Entei)

The first game was a super close forty-minute drawn out game that I was able to take because Carson Benched two Shaymin and that gave me an out on the very last turn to win the game. Zebstrika and Jolteon ended up paying off in combo because I was able to swing through Assault Vest a couple of times during the match. Unfortunately for myself, Games 2 and 3 ended in about four minutes total with me opening a lone Basic and no way to get another one and passing only to get Knocked Out to lose both times. If either game I had a semi-decent set up the game would've gone to time and I would've picked up the game, but alas due to bad luck I ended up losing out. (3-2)

Round 6 vs Vincent Lanceford (Night March)

The first game was pretty much won because Vincent didn't really know what I was playing and he over-Benched Shaymin which let me win the game pretty easily, but the second and third games he was more cautious with the Benching of Shaymin and his Target Whistle and my lack of one ended up costing me the game. Night March was just a deck I didn't account to be 50% of the field and that ended up costing me two wins that I probably could have secured had I played a Bunny+Jirachi Promo combination but we learn and we move on. (3-3)

At this point in the day I decided the deck was running poorly and I had nothing to gain by continuing the tournament so I decided to drop and go hang out with everyone there and play some Pokkén. I started to think about the next week ahead of me and the first deck that came to my mind was Mega Sceptile. There was so much Greninja and Night March in that room that Mega Sceptile would've dominated Georgia and I felt like the meta wouldn't shift too much to the following weekend. I made a crazy list that was left untested because I had other obligations and couldn't go to Week 2 but it was a Mega Sceptile/Giratina/Zoroark deck that I found super fun and punished all the four-DCE decks running around. 

Week 3

So the results from the previous weeks don't change too much and Night March is still running through States winning close to half of them every weekend and taking up almost 35% of all the space in Top 8's (statistics courtesy of Wamboldt over at the Charizard Lounge). I decided to go ahead and ask my buddy Anthony Desiata for help in picking a deck for the weekend. I had my mind set on Yveltal/Vespiquen/Crobat because of its fantastic Night March matchup but the deck felt super clunky and I could never feel comfortable with it ever. Anthony ended up sending me the list that he and Azul both piloted to Top 4 finishes of Vespiquen/Raichu/Gallade. After playing a couple of games with it on PTCGO I fell in love with the deck. It felt like a Night March deck with all around better matchups and required a lot of weird thinking that I had to do. I almost didn't go to this States because of school obligations but I bit the bullet because it was less than an hour away and decided to go anyway. 

So the idea behind this particular variant of Vespiquen is that the whole deck is an attacker, everything is a threat not just the Vespiquen. Almost everything has free Retreat making the whole deck flexible to whatever strategy you chose to use in any certain situation or any certain matchup. It's just a super fun deck and if you have an LC or something standard coming up soon pick this up and go try it out. 

2 Sycamore/2 Maxie

When this was first sent to me I felt very skeptical of the consistency aspect with only 2 Sycamore in the deck, but after playing a few games I felt like the 2/2 split was really good and I almost always found a way to get to it on my first turn or a Maxie on my first turn. 

1 Forest of Giant Plants

Plain and simple, I just wanted to go aggressive early. The potential to knock out a Night Marcher or anything on my first turn is pretty cool. I could also go turn-one Vespi, Retreat, and bounce a Shaymin off my board. It was just a counter stadium too when I needed it. 

1 Enhanced Hammer

The card was absolutely nuts, like, I cannot begin to describe how many times this card put me ahead of the opponent. It singlehandedly keeps me in the Toad/Tina matchup and makes me feel safe about Lysandre’ing a Shaymin against March because I also get rid of their DCE in the process. 

2 Trainers’ Mail

Now this might be a bit weird because most decks play 3 or more Mail, but in this deck I wasn't using Mail to dig for Supporters I was more digging during the late game for that one of Enhanced Hammer or that one more Puzzle of Time that I needed to grab. I barely used the Mails all day and as you'll see heading into the following week it was one of the first cuts I made in changing the list. 

1 Muscle Band

This was only a one of in the deck but I was able to get to it in almost every matchup that I needed it in, there was a few times I felt like I needed the Muscle Band more than anything else so I made that change for the following week by bumping it up to two. 

1 Target Whistle

Card won me so many games against things like Night March or really any deck that played a Shaymin. No one expected it and I could combo it with Puzzle and set up some ridiculous end-game scenarios to win games. 

Going into Florida States I just wanted to pick up the last few points I needed for my invite and I knew that my teammates were playing Trevenant which is a matchup that I didn't want to run into because I get absolutely thrashed by that. My goal was Top 16 and anything better I would be ok with. I was going through some stuff in my personal life so I was pretty distracted coming into this weekend and just wanted to play some Pokémon and have some fun.

Huge shoutout to Ronae Curry for running an awesome event and her VIP seating experiment was a huge success. I thought the name tags were super cool and the fact that I didn't have to go anywhere in between rounds was a huge plus.

Round 1 vs Grafton Roll (Vespiquen/Zoroark/Zebstrika)

Yeah the very first round in a 126 Masters event I end up hitting my teammate and one of my closest friends. Historically our matches end up going my way because Graf draws poorly and as history would have it the same thing repeated itself. Our first game I was able to stay one step ahead the whole game and that gave me the win going into the late game with Target Whistle and Lysandre. The second game we both had rough hands but he had all of his DCE in his opening hand and I had a Xerosic and an Enhanced Hammer in mine so I was able to continuously get rid of all of his Energy and that pretty much won me the game there. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Parker Greenwald (Mega Groudon)

So this is pretty much one of the best matchups that I could ask for. Both games I have completely dead hands and he opens Wobb and I'm struggling to set up. The moment the Wobb leaves the active spot I'm able to KO two Primal Groudon and the third I Target Whistle and Lysandre before I deck out. The second game I'm also drawing poorly but so is he and he starts with a Groudon active so I capitalize and take a quick two Prizes. With a Groudon in the discard I just Target Whistle Lysandre two consecutive turns to seal up the game. (2-0)

Round 3 vs Daniel Ochoa (YZG)

My opponent was a newer player to the game and was playing a budget Yveltal/Zoroark/Gallade deck that had all the answers to me. Due to my opponent being newer he was taking his time to read all of my cards which he had never seen before. The first game I set up a force of Raichu and swept his board cleanly taking the first game. The second game I was in total command until one turn where he dropped a Shadow Circle and I overextended to find my own stadium with Shaymin. That cost me the game because Daniel had the Lysandre and Fright night play to KO two of my Shaymin losing me what should have been a free win. The third game I get out the gate fast and start taking Prizes early, I get to 4-6 Prize cards and time is called on my turn and I'm now forced to find two Lysandres to kill his completely dead board. Me knowing I don't have the Lysandre for that turn knew the game would end in a tie but played it out, had I a few more seconds the game and match would've been mine but due to my opponent's inexperience and slower pace of play it resulted in a tie. (2-0-1)

Round 4 vs Luke Walsh (Night March)

This game was streamed by The Meta Deck if you wanna check out the actual video of how the game went. But the summary of the game was misplays by my opponent Luke. During the first game I opened a Shaymin and was a step behind the whole game, but during the later phases of the game he mistakenly grabbed a Lampent from his Prize cards instead of a Joltik and had no recovery left. That play left him open to getting Benched which happened to him rather than me having to dig for my Target Whistle and Lysandre play. The second game I went second and got the first turn knockout on his Pumpkaboo and he had to give me a Shaymin knockout or he would lose his second attacker too, I was 3 Prizes ahead on him which in this matchup is a mountain to climb. The second game went swiftly in my favor and I cleaned this one up. (3-0-1)

Round 5 vs Wilfredo de Valle (Toad/Tina)

My man Wilfredo was from Puerto Rico along with a couple of his buddies all chasing their invite. During the first game I got off to a ridiculous turn one, getting like thirteen Pokémon in the discard and a Muscle Band on my Combee and Wilfredo just couldn't do anything while I one-shotted all of his Pokémon-EX. He never once attacked with Giratina-EX during the first game. The second game went much differently. Wilfredo opened a Giratina going first and I opened a Shaymin, so my game plan switched to getting rid of his Energy. I Xerosic/Enhanced Hammered off a DDE and three DCE before I attacked even once. When he missed an Energy attachment I began to develop my board and I quickly started knocking out his entire board and his lack of Energy make it so he didn't have a lack of a response. (4-0-1)

Round 6 vs Brandon Salazar (Night March)

Sally and I usually always have some stellar games but this series was a short lived me drawing dead and Sally not missing a beat. I continuously drew into multiple DCE early and had to discard them and he had the Fury Belt for his Joltik every time and Shaymin bouncing at least once or twice gets me ahead in the game. I lost both relatively quickly and was pretty upset that my deck had chosen to give up on me with one win left to make Top 8. (4-1-1)

Round 7 vs John Cassidy (Greninja)

This is one of the scariest matchups I could see going into the final round of Swiss. Greninja, when set up can sweep my board and I won't have a reliable answer so I had to do everything in my power to get ahead and stay ahead. The first game I was able to take three quick Prizes and chain Hex until I took all of my Prizes. At one part of the game John scared me into thinking he had me was when he dropped his second Muscle Band onto a Greninja. I didn't expect a second Muscle Band and that threw my calculations off for a turn where I had to almost break Hex lock which most likely would have lost me the game. The second game was John making a super risky play on his second turn Retreating a Frogadier into one that had a Splash Energy attached and I was able to Enhanced Hammer it off and take a super swift KO. John from that point on whiffed one thing or another for 2-3 turns and I got back to that position from Game 1 where I could chain Hex Maniacs till I closed off the game. (5-1-1)

At this point I know I got my first Worlds invite so I am pretty happy about it and most of my teammates all made cut so we were all pretty excited. Standings go up and I see that I'm up against Salazar again in Top 8 which is probably a 40-60 matchup for me but one that I can win if he misses a beat and I set up properly.

So we got out for some celebratory Buffalo Wild Wings now that I join my teammates Jose Marrero and Michael Canaves with an invite to the big show over in San Francisco and we all call it a night to get ready for the next morning. We show up bright and early and everyone knows that if Santiago (Twitchy) wins his Top 8 matchup he should be on paper winning this State Championship with Trevenant. 

Top 8 vs Brandon Salazar (Night March)

The first game was going smooth and we were both even until one fatal turn where I chose to get greedy and go for a Shaymin bounce Xerosic play on his Joltik and I Shaymin'd into all of my Energy in the deck and no way to shuffle it back into the deck. That one turn lost me the whole game and the second game went pretty much the same way with me having to discard my whistle and 3 VS seeker on my first turn making it so I pretty much couldn't set up any cute plays for the late game. I got run over because my deck died on me but at least it got me to Top 8 which is more than I could have asked for.


My teammates Jose and Twitchy played in the finals and Twitchy won his first State Championship, super proud of him. With this weekend out of the way I decided right then that I wouldn't worry about the next weekend and decided if I was going or not on Thursday night because I didn't really have a reason to play the following weekend. I do still have two open States/Regionals finishes open and the thought of Top 16 is a fleeting dream unless I can have an amazing Spring Regionals performance. 

Week 4 - Alabama States

I decided to go because I had finished all of the stuff I had ahead of time and thought to myself why not? Let's go and have some fun this weekend I thought and hoped someone would send me something fun to play and was viable but over half of my friends sent me Night March (shame on you). I decided that I was too tired to switch decks when I got there and said "whatever" and played the same deck as the week before with a singular card change: I cut a Trainers’ Mail for a second Muscle band, as I saw lots of Darkness variants and Mega Ray decks in the room prior to registration.

Going into Alabama I just wanted to have fun and fill in one of my two open finishes which would put me close to stipend territory if it remains the same as the previous year. The venue was a middle school so I expected some pretty bad things but I was pleasantly surprised with the venue and how nice it was. The tournament was overall pretty small while I expected it to be a lot bigger than it already was, but because Louisiana was the same day I assume that some of the audience was drawn there. 

Round 1 vs Devon Anderson (Yveltal/Vespiquen/Crobat)

The first game was just me getting set up and not missing a beat while Devon missed quite a few and me having Target Whistle helped out. The second game he got off to a stronger start than I did and I ended up stumbling and lost the game. The third game Devon made a crucial misplay by attaching to a Shaymin and passing on his first turn which let me Enhanced Hammer it off and start clearing his board from there. He was forced to Bench more than one Shaymin which allowed me to Lysandre multiple up and stay well ahead on the Prize exchange. The games were pretty close and him going first meant that he should have the advantage with his bats but he never was able to get the Bat engine rolling as it should have been. (1-0)

Round 2 vs Brandon Salazar (Night March)

Oh joy the same matchup for the third time in a week against the same exact person. At this point we knew each other's lists in and out and we both knew how to tackle this matchup. TeamFishKnuckles took the time to record this match so I'll link it here if you want to watch it rather than have my insight on the game. 

The game itself was a volley and it was a close three games, the first game I had fallen quite a ways behind but put myself in a position where I could Target Whistle two turns in a row to win the game provided that Brandon didn't have his own. Unfortunately for me, he had the combo to steal Game 1 out from under my nose. The second game I set it up the exact same way and Sally decided to try and fill up his Bench so I couldn't do what I was trying to do, but was one Pokémon short, so he used Judge and gave me a double Puzzle of Time and VS Seeker hand, which meant that I would take a KO on Shaymin.

The third game I was able to bound ahead on Prizes and got to two left and my hand consisted of a DCE, VS Seeker and a Target Whistle. My field was triple Pikachu and a Combee, so I needed to draw into a Raichu to win the game right there. After three Unown I was unable to, and I Sycamore’d my hand away knowing that if I filled my Bench or if I Knocked Out his Active he would be under a lot of pressure because he was already so low on resources. I missed the fourth Benched Pokémon I needed to one-shot his Active so I was forced to Bench a Shaymin and had to take the Prize. I knew that if he didn't win that turn I had it the next one, so he started digging through his pretty small deck and his last Dimension Valley happened to be in the deck giving him the game and series. Very close games and an overall strong series, as it goes that handed me my first loss and put me on the ropes for the rest of the day. (1-1)

Round 3 vs Cody Messix (Flareon-EX) 

This deck was the turbo variant of Flareon-EX which on its first turn aims to have Flareon swinging for 110 damage which is a huge amount of pressure to answer early in the game. Luckily for me I only needed to take 3 Knockouts because almost everything in his deck was a Pokémon-EX. I sacrificed some early Pokémon and just took three knockouts to seal up both game 1 and game 2 with relative ease, his only hope was that I end up whiffing DCE or a Vespiquen evolution but I thinned my deck enough that I wouldn't whiff a knockout at a certain point. (2-1)

Round 4 vs Ahmed Ali (YZG)

Going into this game I knew Ahmed was a solid player and it sucked having to face him here knowing that one of us would have a long road to even stand a chance at making top cut. The first game ended quickly with Ahmed draw passing and me having the turn 2 knockout on his lone Zorua. The second game however went long and he got a Gallade out fairly early meaning he was able to set up his KOs much easier than I was able to. I had to overextend with Shaymin and that ended up costing me the game by a turn. The third game Ahmed got out a T1 Gallade and decided that he would put some ridiculous pressure on me with it Turn 1 and hoped I wouldn't be able to respond, luckily I had all the cards to get the knockout but I had to drop 2 Shaymin to do so, and in that whole dig I was unable to find a 2nd Combee. I was able to get one more Combee out on the field but a turn too late so I was one turn behind because I missed that drop and I lost another super close game due to some shitty luck. (2-2)

Round 5 vs Kyle Salzbarger (Toad/Tina)

I was pretty distraught at this point and was exhausted so I wasn't too cheery at this point in the day. Kyle game one only used Toad so I assumed he was some sort of straight Toad deck that I ran through easily because Vespiquen demolishes Toad. The second game I saw the Tina and he didn't see his Double Dragon Energies till it was too late for him. I was able to get off to a super strong start and Kyle's only hope of staying in the game was to hammer off my Energy and hope that I wouldn't have the Double Colorless Energy each turn but I had gone through enough of my deck that I had enough to do so. I won pretty quickly and kept my faint hopes of making it into top cut alive. (3-2)

Round 6 vs James Yates (Trevenant)

This is what we call hitting a brick wall. Not only is this matchup a living nightmare for me but he played multiple Head Ringer and an Eco-Arm. The first game he went first and got a T1 Wally and I had nothing so I picked up my cards relatively quickly and moved onto the second game. The second game I got like 15 Pokémon in the discard with an active Combee but with a follow up sycamore I was unable to hit the Vespiquen that I needed to pretty much win the game on his dead board. From there I was forced to Shaymin cycle while he went through his deck, I countered the first Head ringer with my AZ and the 2nd with my Xerosic but when he used Eco Arm and got the 3rd down I knew I was done for. That pretty much ended my run and I went over to drop from the tournament and thought I had dropped until the next rounds pairings went up. (3-3)

Round 7 vs Josh "Squeaky" Marking (Yveltal/Zoroark)

I thought I was dropped from the system at the start of this round but because I was playing my good pal Squeaky I had to go play it out. He drew the worst hands I've ever seen in two games, like the only Supporter he used was a Xerosic and I just won both games so fast. I can't believe that he drew so badly but it is what it is, we were joking around and having a good time and it was mostly the equivalent of garbage time in football but it was great playing my boy finally. With that the States run came to a close. (4-3)

The weekend was a blast and I really enjoyed the entire States experience from start to finish and was fortunate enough to walk out of it with my invite. I'd like to thank my entire team for making the experience awesome and shoutout everyone who did amazing and won a States, congratulations!

Before we close out on this States chapter, let’s keep in mind that the next Standard tournament is Nationals and during that time we'll have the new set Fates Collide. Looking at the new set I doubt much will change in the format, Night March gets stronger with the addition of the non-EX Mew and the decks that are already doing well will continue to do well in my personal opinion. Going into Nationals Night March will be the deck to beat, while I personally don't think Night March is that big of a problem it still is. The bigger problem with our current standard format is these go first and trainer lock decks that are ruining the game by literally going first getting their trainer lock out and you lose in 2-3 turns based on how good your opening hand is. Looking at the statistics compiled from the Charizard Lounge, Night March was the most dominant deck throughout all 4 weekends of the State Championships but the number of Night March succeeding began to dwindle as the weeks went on. Night March grabbed almost 30% of the overall Championship Points possible during the States season and Night March's supposed counters Trevenant Break, Seismitoad-EX variants, Vespiquen/Vileplume, and Greninja Break all together didn't even accumulate the same amount of points that Night March single handedly did. With that being said Night March is gonna go away for a bit during Expanded because it isn't that good when put under Laser and N pressure together.

Now that we're done with Standard we go back to looking at Expanded and seeing where that takes us. The last Expanded tournament saw successes with the Trevenant deck and Primal Groudon decks dominate the top of the cuts but Yveltal-EX is clearly the best deck when it comes to Expanded. I myself am very excited to get into the Expanded format once again but this month of no tournaments is a well needed break from the game and a break to make sure the rest of my life is going alright. 

I'll be back home in Virginia from May 6th to around June 22nd meaning I'll be making my travels to Spring Regionals from there so nothing set in stone yet but I'm considering Ontario, Georgia, and Massachusetts Regionals as of now, hopefully I'll see you guys there and for those who got to their invites see you at San Francisco, and for those of you close by, you guys got this! Just push through it. That's all I have for this article. Thanks for reading be sure to leave a like and we're out, folks.


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