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A Look At Reprints And Erratas!? Moving Forward into Future Standard.

Kenny Packala goes over cards that may or may not have seen play during the years they were legal and how they could either see a reprint in the near future for Team Up-Darkness Ablaze standard!

07/13/2020 by Kenny Packala

How’s it going everyone?! Its Kenny Packala here and we’re back at it again with yet again another article, except this time it’s going to be a little different. I’m going to be going over some cards that I believe should be reprinted/errata’d for the Standard format! I hoep that this allows you to understand my thoguht process as a deck builder in this format and gives you a unique perspective during this pandemic. Just a quick shoutout, Zach Lesage, Mike Gibbs, and I all went hunting for cards together to see what could comeback or be errata’d for Standard so thanks guys! We’re going to be looking at cards that could either bring older/newer archetypes into an unknown meta, how Stage One/Two decks could be revived from their exile in the format, or to bring consistency to the meta that just isn’t quite there yet. So without further ado, let’s get into it!

Random Receiver

Now let’s not kid ourselves, Pokégear 3.0 (UBO; 233)  sucks if not is just not the most optimal card to play in decks. With decks that need this card however it still is such a risky card to even include in a deck since it has the possibility to miss. Random Receiver (DE; 99)  however does not! This card guarantees a Supporter, while it may not guarantee the one you want, it allows players to build their decks not only differently to hit an exclusive supporter card, but to have an opportunity to actually play the game instead of whiffing a Supporter card and losing from there! Now with the “No turn one Supporter card rule” I feel this card still retains balance with preventing turn one guaranteed Welder shenanigans which I took into consideration while wanting this card back. All in all though, I’d love to see this card back into the game to help decks that struggle with consistency, like Stage Two decks.

Trainers' Mail

Trainer's Mail (ROS; 92)  is one that I’m on the fence about reprinting but can justify a reprint for. While yes, this card could help further the Big Basic Pokemon meta, it could also help Stage Two decks by instead of committing spaces for Jirachi (TM; 99)  could just play this card, if not both to help get the flow of consistency going. Like I stated, the sheer factor this card could help assist Big Basic decks go faster steers me away from a potential reprint, but without the reprint I feel Stage Two decks will just remain suboptimal.

Special Charge

With the printing of some new Special Energy cards, the speed of the format progressing, and decks forcing themselves to be more aggressive to retain the speed, I feel like a Special Charge (STS; 105)  reprint wouldn’t be out of the question. This could help new archetypes like Mad Party or Charizard-VMAX by recycling their crucial energy cards to streamline attacks against Big Basic decks, along with the endless opportunities of what could come out that could make this card worth a reprint!

Level Ball

Ah yes good old Level Ball (ND; 89) , how I miss you so. I feel like we’ve needed a Level Ball reprint shortly after it’s rotation year, with Big Basics ruling the meta with an unparalleled amount of search options, I feel Level Ball could be justified for a reprint to help speed up the decks that rely more on low HP Basic Pokemon to set up making it equally, if not faster paced than the Big Basic decks we already have in the format! You could argue Pokemon Communication (TM; 152)  is enough, but that’s a requirement card that forces you to have a Pokemon in order to get the Pokemon you want which just isn’t enough to make it on its own.

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