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Kevin Clemente

The Wolf, Sword, Star, Mime and a Changed Meta

Limitless qualifier four changed the meta in a way we were not expecting and should have a big effect on the Player's Cup and the meta.

06/05/2020 by Kevin Clemente

This past weekend was the fourth, final, and most massive Qualifier for the Limitless tournament series with 1,303 competitors checking in and playing. Going into the tournament, I was tied for 6th in the ranking for the invitational and needed a Day 2 to guarantee my spot. Due to this, I chose what I considered the safe, consistent play that I knew well and played PikaRom. Unfortunately, the tournament didn't go my way, and I dropped at 7-5. This put me tied for 14th for the invitational and just missing out on the top 12 cut. I do not regret the PikaRom play, but if I could go back, I probably would have played Spiritomb. In the end, this quote from my last article turned out to be accurate; "Spiritomb Ultra Beasts is the last piece of maybe I'll play this that I'll leave you with. In the end, I'll probably test a lot and not play it and go for a more established archetype". We'll get more to Spiritomb later, though. Let's move on to the results and how this will change things!


Combo Zacian

Many top-level players had spoken of the power of Combo Zacian before Qualifier three, and many, including myself, refused to listen. After watching some of the best players in the gameplay Combo Zacian for Q3 and fail to make Day 2, I thought the deck was overhyped and more of a theoretical build than a consistent one. Then I built it, tested it, and thought the same thing as before. As it turned out, some combination of misplaying the deck and making the deck incorrectly had occurred. After watching the power of the Jirachi Prism star combo with arguably the best card in the game currently, Zacian V, I do believe this is the most reliable deck in the format and one you either need to learn to play or learn to beat.


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