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Gabriel Smart

Wish Upon A Star

Gabriel Smart shares his thoughts on Jirachi based decks as we approach the Limitless Q3 events.

05/13/2020 by Gabriel Smart

Hey Everyone!  I’m excited to be writing my first article for 60cards. Today I am going to be covering my thoughts on the meta going into the Limitless Qualifiers week 3. I will also be talking about the decks that I think have great potential to take the win. The 2nd Limitless qualifiers saw FireBox with an inclusion of Blacephalon GX and a 2nd Heatran GX take the win. Now a new set has fallen upon us which has drastically changed this meta. With new threats like Dragapult Vmax, Toxicity VMAX, Boltund V, and much more, it is important for some older decks to make the necessary changes to be successful in this new format. With all the hype around Dragapult it will be incredibly important to play a deck that beats it. I think there are 2 older decks that with some new tricks can stand up to the meta fairly well. Those decks are Baby Blacephalon and Turbo Zacian with the inclusion of Jirachi Prism Star. 

Now let's get into these  newly revamped decks

Turbo Zacian

Pokemon 17

4 Zacian V

2 Dedenne GX

3 Jirachi (TEU)

2 Oranguru (SWSH)

1 Mr Mime (DP)

1 Jirachi Prism 

1 Tapu Fini

1 Mew 

1 Galarian Meowth (RC)

1 Galarian Perrserker (SWSH)

Trainers 33

3 Professor Research 

3 Marnie

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Wish Upon A Star

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