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Gabriel Smart

Wish Upon A Star

Gabriel Smart shares his thoughts on Jirachi based decks as we approach the Limitless Q3 events.

05/13/2020 by Gabriel Smart

Hey Everyone!  I’m excited to be writing my first article for 60cards. Today I am going to be covering my thoughts on the meta going into the Limitless Qualifiers week 3. I will also be talking about the decks that I think have great potential to take the win. The 2nd Limitless qualifiers saw FireBox with an inclusion of Blacephalon GX and a 2nd Heatran GX take the win. Now a new set has fallen upon us which has drastically changed this meta. With new threats like Dragapult Vmax, Toxicity VMAX, Boltund V, and much more, it is important for some older decks to make the necessary changes to be successful in this new format. With all the hype around Dragapult it will be incredibly important to play a deck that beats it. I think there are 2 older decks that with some new tricks can stand up to the meta fairly well. Those decks are Baby Blacephalon and Turbo Zacian with the inclusion of Jirachi Prism Star. 

Now let's get into these  newly revamped decks

Turbo Zacian

Pokemon 17

4 Zacian V

2 Dedenne GX

3 Jirachi (TEU)

2 Oranguru (SWSH)

1 Mr Mime (DP)

1 Jirachi Prism 

1 Tapu Fini

1 Mew 

1 Galarian Meowth (RC)

1 Galarian Perrserker (SWSH)

Trainers 33

3 Professor Research 

3 Marnie

1 Boss Orders 

4 Quick Ball

4 Metal Saucer

4 Scoop Up Net

4 Switch

2 Great Catcher

2 Acro Bike

1 Escape Board

1 Metal Frying Pan

1 Tool Scraper

1 Ordinary Rod

1 Vitality Band

1 Friend Ball

Energy 10

10 Metal Energy

Key Card Choices

These are some of the most important cards in the deck.

Jirachi Prism Engine

Zacian has taken a new form in this format. Gone is ADP, and a Jirachi Prism engine is injected into the list. Jirachi prism if taken from the prizes gives you one extra prize card. The Jirachi Prism combo is pretty simple. Use Oranguru to put Jirachi Prism from the hand onto the top of the deck, then use Mr. Mimes ability which switches the top card of the deck with a prize card. Gone is having to spend 2 turns having to charge up an ADP and now you can take 3-4 prizes out of nowhere.

Scoop Up Net

Scoop Up Net is what truly makes this deck work. It creates space on the bench, allowing multiple Stellar Wishes in the same turn. And opens up the potential to use the Jirachi Prism Combo a second time. The ability of this card to open up so many plays is what makes this card so broken. It is looking to become a 4 of in almost every deck.

Galarian Meowth and Perrserker

From the new set Rebel Clash, there was a new Meowth that came out. The new Meowth lets you search out Perrserker by discarding 2 cards from your hand. This ability is great! This means you won’t need to play Pokemon Communication or Evolution incense to search out the Perrserker. Evolution Roar also combos well with metal saucer. By discarding energy from your hand this opens up metal saucer plays which can make it even easier to quickly power up a Zacian. Perrserker also opens up plays where you can knock out a Pikrom with a Vitality Band. Just being able to 1 shot Pikarom and take 3-4 prizes swings that matchup into a heavy Favorable for Turbo Zacian.

1 Boss’s Orders and 2 Great Catcher

Currently in this meta I think Boss’s Orders is an incredibly overrated card. So many games in this meta come down to an opponent having to dig very deep to find winning cards. If a deck has to do that, that often means that they need to use a draw supporter as well as a Dedenne GX to be able to find those multiple pieces. Back in the day when Lysandre was a staple in the format, the game was much more evolution-based and the game was simply just slower. The luxury of being able to spend a turn to Boss Orders is not often available for this deck. This is a combo deck which means oftentimes it needs to find multiple pieces to close out games. With this deck being so aggressive, I found it simply easier to play a heavier Great Catcher line. It just simply is easier and means I can still play Marnie or Professor Research on the same turn. 1 Boss’s Orders is still there because it simply is just a very strong card. It can be cut in favor of a 3rd Great Catcher or another draw supporter.


Dragapult VMAX  (Favored)

With all the hype around Dragapult VMAX, it is essential to play a deck that can beat it. This deck does a great job at doing that. The aggression this deck plays with easily can overwhelm Dragapult. The ideal strategy is to knock out 1 Dragapult VMAX  and 1 Dedenne GX. The power to steal an extra prize vs the Dragapult deck by turn two or three is what separates this deck from the ADP Variant. That deck needs 1-2 more turns to be able to achieve what this Zacian build does, which ends up being a big difference-maker. Originally there was 1 Zamazenta V in the deck but I found it not being necessary for this matchup. 

ADP Zacian (Even) 

This matchup is really just a race to see who can take 6 prizes first in 3-4 turns. If ADP Zacian can get the turn 1 altered it can become very hard, but if Turbo Zacian is able to take the first knockout it is favorable. It’s really who takes the first knockout that wins.

Pikarom (Favored)

Pikarom currently is one of the most hyped decks. With its additions of Boss’s Orders and Boltund, it is taken to another level. It has good matchups vs many of the top decks and with people cutting Mew from most decks, its Tag Bolt GX attack can shine. With that being said this is one of Turbo Zacians best matchups. WIth Galarian Perrserker, and Vitality Band, it is possible to 1 shot a Pikarom. Once that has been achieved (with the help of Jirachi Prism), all that is needed is a Great Catcher or Boss Orders on a Dedenne Gx or Zeraora GX to seal the game. Make sure to save Tool Scrappe, as this will be crucial if they are able to get Big Charm onto a Pikarom. Mew also prevents Tag Bolt which is very important,  sometimes Pikarom can cheese you with a 5 prize turn with Tag Bolt. Mew is a good safety net. Overall, a strong matchup that should not be worried about much.

Baby Blacephalon (Slightly Unfavored)

This matchup can be tough. If Zacian can stream Zacian, Tapu Fini, then another Zacian the matchup is fine. The issue is that it puts a ton of pressure on you to be able to set that up. Ideally, it is best to knock out a Blacephalon with a Zacian Jirachi Prism play. Secondly, follow up with Tapu Fini ko to go down to three prizes. Lastly, Great Catcher or Boss Orders up a Dedenne GX, Oricorio GX, or Zacian V paired with Jirachi Prism to take the final three prizes of the game. It is almost impossible for them not to bench one of those three two prizers so one should be on the bench. Make sure to save Ordinary Rod. A smart Baby Blacephalon player may use Cramarant V to try and Snipe knockout  Mr. Mime or Oranguru on the bench. It is important to try and protect Mime, Oranguru, and Jirachi Prism with scoop up nets. 

Boltund V (Favored)

This is another of Turbo Zacians better matchups. Boltund normally does not play Reset Stamp or Marnie which means there is no worry of hand disruption affecting the game. Jirachi Prism paired up with Brave Blade makes it a three to two prize trade which makes this matchup dependent on if Zacian draws well enough, which it normally does to easily win. Overall, one of the matchups to be one of the least worried for Turbo Zacian.

Toxtricity VMAX (Favored)

This is another one of the decks' easier matchups. Take four prizes on a VMAX and knockout a Zeraora GX or Dedenne GX. Toxtricity is an evolution deck which means you have an extra turn at least to set up, compared to Pikarom which can threaten a turn 1 ko. Not much to worry about in this matchup.

FireBox (Slightly Favored)

This matchup can look scary on paper but it really is not. It sort of is similar to the Boltund matchup. Trade two prizes and in return take three. What can become scary is Ninetales targeting bench Pokemon early in the game. If Firebox goes first, and turn two can knock out a Zacian from the bench, the matchup becomes very hard. If not, the matchup swings back into slightly Zacians favor. This matchup is heavily reliant on the first turn or two of the game.


Overall this is one of my top choices for the event. It's fast, consistent, and is one of the most aggressive decks in this meta. Expect there to be a good amount of this deck in the Limitless Quarter 3 Qualifiers. Next, let's look at a deck that also has a ton of potential in this meta, with the inclusion of jirachi Prism Star.

Baby Blacephalon 

Pokemon 17

3 Blacephalon (UNB) 

3 Jirachi

2 Dedenne GX

1 Oricorio GX

1 Blacephalon GX

2 Oranguru (SWSH)

1 Mr. Mime (DP)

1 Jirachi Prism

1 Victini Prism 

1 Cramarant V

1 Mewtwo

Trainers 30  

4 Welder

4 Quick Ball

4  Fiery Flint

4 Fire Crystal

4 Scoop Up Net

3 Switch

1 Great Catcher

1 Lucky Egg

1 Escape Board

1 Ordinary Rod

1 Pal Pad

1 Ultra Space

1 Heat Factory

Energy 13

13  Fire Energy

Key Card Choices

These are some of the most important cards in the deck

Jirachi Prism Engine

Baby Blacephalon is another deck that gains a huge boost with this combo. The addition of Oranguru is a huge inclusion to the deck. It means you can better prepare for Marnie, by putting a good card at the top of the deck, and it adds general consistency to a deck that struggles with it at times. Scoop up nets also work well for this deck. With Absol still running around, you are essentially adding four extra switches to the deck to maneuver around it. The engine just makes sense for the deck and it will allow for huge prize turns.

2 Dedenne GX, 0 Zacian V

From putting heavy hours into testing this deck, I can confidently say that 2 Dedenne GX is superior. In a format with tons of Marnie, it drastically hurts Zacian V’s ability. To build up a hand early. In a format where decks are becoming more and more aggressive, it is crucially important to keep up to speed. Missing just one knockout can cost you the game vs many decks, which makes a heavier draw engine simply better in this format. Consistency is King.

Victini Prism

I decided to keep Victini Prism in the list for a few reasons. For starters, if Mill shows up for this event, Victini Prism swings can swing that matchup heavily. Likely the more important reason is its ability to keep resources in the deck versus very important matchups. In the mirror match, it is possible for you to run very low on fires, to where Victini becomes a more efficient attacker to replenish fires back into the deck. Lastly, against decks like Zacian Melemetal, and the new Copperjah VMAX, their way of beating Blacephalon is being able to run it out of resources. Victini Prism says a hard NO to that and is able to dismantle that strategy. It can be cut but personally I would like to see it still played in the deck just to be cautious.


Pikarom (Heavily Favored)

This is one of the deck's best matchups. The majority of Pikaroms do not play Marnie which means there is less worry of starting poorly. The deck trades 1 prize for 2-4 prizes anytime, with the addition of Jirachi Prism. Pikarom does play stamp. It is important to be careful of that, but other than that, this is one of the deck's easiest matchups.

ADP Zacian (Favored)

This matchup on paper seems free. But, Marnie paired up with Absol in the past has, and still is a very scary turn one or two to deal with. Luckily with the addition of Scoop Up Net, Absol is much weaker versus the deck. Best case scenario is to try and knockout the ADP before they Altered. But, if they Altered, and it is then knocked out, it is normally smooth sailing from there on.

Boltund V (Heavily Favored)

This matchup is a near auto win. Boltund normally plays zero Marnie and zero Reset Stamp, which means your hand won't be getting affected at all. The power of Jirachi Prism to trade 1 prize for three makes it one of Baby Blacephalons best matchups. 

Dragapult VMAX (Slightly Favored)

This is one of the deck's more scary matchups. If Dragapult plays Marnie it can become rough. It all comes down to if Baby Blowns can take that big one shot on a Dragapult VMax, if that can be done there is no problem with it. But, needing 7 energy directly off a Marnie can become rough at times, it can still be done. Scoop up net becomes huge in this matchup. Originally I was not playing scoop up net in the deck, and I was getting punished by losing my small Pokemon like Jirachi being easily killed. Scoop up net fixes these issues and makes it hard for them to have big knockout turns which is how Dragapult beats Blacephalon.

Turbo Zacian (Slightly Favorable)

I explained this matchup above, but really it is a race for knockouts. If Zacian is setting up a game winning 3 prize turn I suggest trying to use Cramarant V to try and Snipe one of their combo pieces. I suggest going second because there's a chance you can donk them, or take a knockout on a Zacian turn 1.


These are some of its most important matchups to look out for. There are obviously others but pretty much all the other ones like Intelion VMAX, MewMew variants, Firebox, Spiritomb and more are favorable matchups and very straightforward. Most of these decks matchups just come down to if you can draw well and I think this list does a great job at doing that. Normally if you set up, you win. 


Both decks above have great potential in this meta and seem like solid choices for the third week of the Limitless Qualifiers. The best advice that I could give is to play something you are comfortable with for this event and be ready for rogue stuff to pop up. With Rebel Clash recently launching there are new threats and new rogue ideas yet to be discovered, so it is best to try and play a deck that is solid versus the majority of the metagame. Thank you everyone for reading my first article on 60 Cards. I look forward to writing again and I hope everyone is staying safe in these times of uncertainty.


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