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Ondrej Skubal

Preparation for Bochum

Ondrej showcases some of his top picks heading into Bochum, Germany Regionals.

01/07/2020 by Ondrej Skubal

Hello and welcome to my second article, this time I'll be focusing on my preparation for the upcoming German Regionals in Bochum. 

We don't have a lot of big tournaments in Europe, so after the Sao Paulo Internats, I was thrown into a hiatus of no Regionals or Special Events whatsoever until January. So it was cups and challenges for me. I decided I'd try my best this quarter to get some money of of the Berlin Stipend quarter, so I had a lot of work to do, even though there were no bigger events. 

I didn't want to play the Doll Stall deck at the first cups after Sao Paulo as I thought people would simply tech against me. Well I didn't like any other deck choice, so I just stuck with the flower dudes and it brought me another 40 points. Next day I faced 2 ADP with Customs in first two rounds, so I didn't do well. 

As already mentioned in the previous article, Doll Stall doesn't really have a good time against both ADP and Pidgeotto and as I could expect some of those around me, I just couldn't play the deck anymore. So I started looking around for some alternatives. 

After the 2 Regionals in the States (Daytona, San Diego) I really liked the Tinachomp deck as it was something new and very powerful but during my testing it felt like the deck is tactically too strange for me to invest the little bit of time I had just for league cups and league challenges. So further down in the San Diego results I found another interesting deck - Persian Checkmate. 

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