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Drew Cate

Kaleidostorm in Daytona, 1st Place Report

Drew Cate took down Daytona Regionals with Gardevoir Sylveon - check out how here

12/06/2019 by Drew Cate


Hello 60 cards readers! My name is Drew Cate and I'm very excited to be writing this article about one of my favorite decks, Gardevior & Sylveon-GX (Gardeon). This past weekend I won the Daytona Regionals using the Gardeon deck. I will be going over why I decided on this deck and the list, as well as Gardeon's matchups, how my rounds went, and my thoughts moving forward.

Going Into Daytona


When testing Gardeon initially I was amazed at how many matchups that the Omastar actually solved. Successfully preventing your opponent from playing items, or forcing them to play around Omastar's Fossil Bind ability can really force your opponent into a rough spot, and in some cases just win you the game. The Omastar package fits well into the deck with the Green's Exploration engine allowing you to search out the parts. Even with the thin line of Omastar I figured that I could afford to have a bit greedier of a list going into the best of 3 format. I was ecstatic to discover this potential as Green's Exploration engine decks are currently my favorite to play in the standard format. I love being able to play out of the resources in my deck and plan turns in advance, rather than hoping I hit what I need to. I felt like if I could make Gardeon work and tried to even out my matchup spread It would be an unexpected threat for the event. I worked with my friends on the list to round out some of Gardeon's harder matchups, putting in tech cards that we saw fit for the more expected decks. When we finally got the list down I was feeling really confident going into the tournament.

The List



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