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Hop, Skip and Jump On?

Alec goes over Lost March - a one hit wonder bringing itself back with the release of Rebel Clash.

04/20/2020 by Alec Geissler

How's It Going?

How's it going everyone? I'm glad to be back and bringing you yet another pretty "out there" deck concept bringing itself back with the release of Rebel Clash. If you aren't subscribed, I highly recommend you go ahead and subscribe to read it. I'm going to be coming out with a lot of more content and you get access to all of our other content here on the website which is definitely worth. I've been really focused on the "out there" decks mainly due to the variety of content we bring on the site that I like being the one to bring the change in the "normal" decks. Enough for the introduction, let's go right ahead and get into it. Today's article: Lost March.


Why Lost March?

If you haven't read the set list for Rebel Clash and V-Max Rising, you probably question why Lost March is relevant again? The answer to that question is a card called Twin Energy which is basically the same thing as Double Colorless Energy. The whole reason why Lost March was able to succeed/see play in the past was due to Double Colorless Energy. In addition to Twin Energy, we get the benefit of Boss's Order to sort of revive the Guzma effect that we once had. Lost March was a one and done sort of deck with the peak performance at Roanoke regionals in 2018. We saw Charlie Lockyer explode through day 1 finishing off with a flawless 9-0 performance leading him to a Top 8 finish. Noel Totomoch and Connor Finton also played the deck bringing in a Top 32 and a Top 64 finish. Even though we saw the deck get a few Top 4's at SPE's and another Top 64 finish at Harrogate regionals, we haven't saw the deck win an event or perform as well as Charlie did. I think the deck has a lot of potential to be a powerhouse again, so let's hop into the rest of the article.


Lost March

4 Hoppip LOT 12

4 Skiploom LOT 13

4 Jumpluff LOT 14

4 Trumbeak LOT 165

3 Emolga TEU 46

2 Cottonee CEC 147

2 Natu LOT 87

2 Oranguru SSH 148

4 Lost Blender

4 Pokémon Communication

4 Professor Elm's Lecture

4 Professor's Research 

4 Quick Ball

2 Boss’s Order

2 Evolution Incense

2 Net Ball

1 Ordinary Rod 

1 Tool Scrapper

4 Twin Energy

3 Grass Energy

I haven't played too many games with this list to have the correct counts fully, but I believe that the Elm/Research combo is correct compared to the Cynthia/Research. Setting up with Elm's is very good and having Research to back up on is better than shuffle drawing the same dead hand with Cynthia to risk drawing it again. Let's jump ahead and go over a couple card inclusions I added.

Card Inclusions

2 Oranguru SWSH

I originally started with one Oranguru just because I didn't see the neccessity in two and the more I run hands and games with the deck (this info was while playing Cynthia over Elm), I may switch back to one but two has been needed in situations where I would Primate Wisdom into the draw supporter, but then off the draw supporter I would hit a Jumpluff and couldn't Floral Path to the Skies. While we do have Ordinary Rod so discarding Jumpluff isn't too bad, we only play one and need to use it to it's max potential.


I'm not fully convinced on which set of supporter's I'm sold on. The only supporter I can convince myself to play as a given is 4 Professor Research because it's the best supporter in the game right now. Cynthia is a decent draw supporter, but I think the setup in Professor Elm's Lecture is neccessary. This is a personal preference if I would play more games, but I would start with the list above and change from there. The other supporter I wouldn't change is the Boss's Order count. I think 2 is perfect and you don't need any more or any less. 

Tool Scrapper

Big Charm in ADP Zacian is a huge problem for the deck because Zacian has 280 HP essentially if you're attacking with a Jumpluff and it has a Big Charm on it. If you don't attack with a Jumpluff, you only need 11 pokemon in the Lost Zone if they don't have Big Charm which is way easier to hit than 14 to OHKO with Jumpluff. I could consider seeing myself adding a second Tool Scrapper, but as of right now I think one is satisfical.

Great Catcher

I don't have Great Catcher in the current list, but I think it may be worthy of a spot to try and hit the turn 2 KO on an ADP. You realistically can get 7 pokemon lost zoned by turn 2, but usually you need to do it with a supporter so it's really hard to do without Great Catcher. Sure, there are those games you draw the heat and hit turn 2 280 on an ADP with Boss's Order as your supporter, but I'm not relying myself to draw like that every game. Just doesn't seem realistic enough. I don't know what I would cut fully, I'd have to run games and see what feels clunky to me.

Pal Pad

I go over why I want Pal Pad a bit more in detail below, but essentially in specific matchups I want more than 2 gust out of Boss's Order and Pal Pad would fix that solution. It also puts by gusts if I need to Research my hand away and I can't use Guru to Wisdom them back to the deck. Having access to 4 total gusts over 2 is a very crucial part to the deck, but I haven't fully needed 4 when I've been playing with the deck. Now that we talked about the list and some inclusions I made/some inclusions I wanted, let's jump into what matchups I plan to expect for the future format and how I think the deck fairs across the whole field.


ADP Zacian - Favorable

I think this matchup is better than I originally thought of it to be. With the release of Twin Energy, that made Cottonnee a matchup swinger in favor of us. The only thing that scares me is the resistance on Zacian, but if they go straight Zacian they aren't Altered Creation'ing, we win the prize trade everytime which makes the matchup decent. It's a very game based matchup and it depends on how you draw to tell how the matchup goes. To me, if you can KO the ADP turn 2, the game should be over. If they don't bench an ADP and go straight Zacian, you should win given you don't draw poorly.

Dragapault VMax - Unfavorable

I think this matchup is absolutely horrible unless we teched Sky Pillar's. The fact that they can do 130-spread 5 damage anywhere is too much for us to try and trade when we can't easily OHKO them and they can Mallow & Lana, reset 130- spread 5. I thought Galarian Rime was a cool answer to the spread, but I didn't realize you had to have energy attached to the Pokemon for them to not be affected. Sky Pillar would be a cool addition, but doesn't do anything outside of this matchup I fear to make it a worthy addition. This would probably be the deck I'd take the L to if I had to pick something to lose to.

Malamar - Varies

It depends on the variant of Malamar you're playing against. If it's Spell Tag Malamar, the matchup is way worse than it would be if it was Mewtwo Malamar. Natu hitting for weakness on Mewtwo is very good and even if they have Jirachi-GX, we can just Boss's Order and kill it since they typically don't run Ordinary Rod. Malamar was typically a bad matchup for Lost March, but there is one way you can beat it. If you stagger your Skiploom's properly so that the Spell Tag's essentially do nothing, you can make it so they don't do any damage. I don't really know how the matchup runs, but if it's anything like it was from before, it's very controversial. Not a lot of lists are playing Ultra Necrozma-GX so we're in the clear for now.

PikaRom - Favorable

PikaRom should be a good matchup for us even with them having access to Tag Bolt since we don't have any two prize Pokemon for them to snipe. 12 Lost Marchers isn't even that hard to hit either assuming they don't play Big Charm and if they do, you just Tool Scrapper it off and call it a day. I had Mew in my first ever draft of the deck, but figured that Pika is decent enough of a matchup to where I think we could win without having that extra assurance. Another card I contemplated adding was Wobbuffet LOT to try and slow down their board by stopping Koko Prism, but it was a bench spot being committed for one slight step in the game and was a dead card pretty much everywhere else.

Mill - Unfavorable

I think Mill is a bad matchup because we only play 2 Lysandre with no Pal Pad. If we were played Pal Pad, the matchup would change drastically and I think we could win. I don't think Mill will be as prominent as it is in the current standard format because of the release of Boss's Order and Dragapault, but the deck always has a way of coming back so it's too early to speak on the success of it. I think if we had a way to get the 4 gusts off and not use too many cards to get to that extent, we should be able to win but with the list in the current state, we lose. I don't plan on adding a Pal Pad for the matchup, but it's a solid addition nonetheless.


In conclusion, I think Lost March has good potential if someone gives it the time it needs and tweaks the list correctly. I do plan on working on the deck more to "perfect" the list, but I want to keep pumping out content for you guys on the weird ideas I've been working on and testing. I have a lot more content coming out for you guys and it's gonna be just as rogue as this deck, if not more. I want to say thank you to everyone who made it to this point in the article. You guys are a huge support and I appreciate everyone who reads my content/our site's content. You help everyone on the site and we can't thank you all enough. If you guys like my content, feel free to hit the donation button at the bottom of the site. Any and all donations are appreciated and welcome. You guys are awesome and until next time, peace.

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