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Mewtwo's impact in Expanded

Igor covers some safe deck choices going into Roanoake regionals and explains common matchup plans. Check this out if you are trying to figure out what to play.

11/01/2019 by Igor Costa

Hey, 60 cards readers, I’m back with another article. This time I'll be taking a look at expanded.
For you guys going to Richmond Virginia, There's a couple decks you should make sure you can consistently beat such as Speed Dark. That is sure to be very popular, because not only is it easy to play and doesn't have a lot of room for mistakes, it's also super fast and can hit high numbers early on.

Here's what I have for a list right now

The deck's main goal is to attach enough energies turn one and two for the necessary damage to get a knock out. Usually, try to use Guzma after you've set up those energies on your board to start taking important knockouts.

It has a very simple strategy, but this deck gets a lot better if you know what to do in each matchup.

So the first matchup I'm going to talk about is Pikarom.
This matchup can go both ways because both decks are pretty fast, and both can one hit ko each other. That's the main reason I included the Mew UNB, so that Pikarom doesn't get an advantage by being able to Tag Bolt for multiple knock outs.
Apart from that, you can also use the other Mew to take some of your knock outs, forcing your opponent to have Guzma. Another way to knock them out without giving up a Tag Team would be by using Darkrai GX's Gx attack with Malamar EX ability, putting them to sleep so you can get the knock out. This is very good in the early game, especially as the first attack in the game. Your opponent will be looking to get that easy knock out going into 4 prizes, and that's not ideal. We can follow up with the ability to get the energy back. We can keep energies on board to have the follow up damage to knock out another Tag Team Pokemon. In the late game we can make use of our Sky Field and Field Blower to fill our bench up, making it so when the Field Blower is played, we can discard enough Pokemon to leave ourselves with no Tag Team in play. (This works if your opponent has 3 prizes and a way to knock out Greninja&Zoroark Gx.) Then we can use Darkrai Gx as our attacker, because he is able to one shot anything with his Gx attack combined with Malamar's ability.
That is pretty much it for the matchup. There's not too much to say about this matchup. Just try to avoid giving your opponent 3 prizes and force them to have Guzma. You can always over bench with Sky Field and dump what you don't want after using Blower.

Moving on, we have Archie Stoise. That deck just got a lot better and they have a lot of tools to work with. It's probably just a unfavorable matchup if they get Archies turn 1 with a Mew3 doing anything they would like.
There's a few things Dark Players can do. Using Marshadow going first is great to avoid that Archies turn one. If that doesn't work, they'll have to be smart about their bench, avoiding CrossDivision Gx for multiple Prizes. Then again, this can be done with Sky Field and Field Blower if the start isn't ideal, discarding damaged Pokemon or low Hp ones.
Mew can pack a punch because it's a 1 prizer that can take down Mew3 for a great prize trade. Mew only having 60 Hp makes it very vulnerable to Cross Division for multiple prizes, so I would try to use Fury Belt on Mew to make it harder to kill with that Cross Division. It's great if your opponent just attacks into your mew because they'll be taking a single prize.


Now, a quick look at the Zoroark matchup. There are so many variants of Zoroark, but the way to go about it is always the same: set up energies on board, don't over extend on items played. If you do this, it's pretty easy to start dealing 210 damage.
Avoid getting Quaking Punch locked by putting your important supporters in hand with Vs Seeker before you end your turn.
If the Speed Dark player goes first, they can look to Marshadow the Zoroark player making it harder to set up. After that, try to use Guzma to knock out every Zoroark/Zorua, making it harder and harder for them to set up.

One of the most hyped decks for expanded that isn't particularly new but got a lot stronger is Archies Stoise.


The main reason why this deck gained a lot of hype is that you can now use Kingdra Gx without having to get Kingdra Gx out. This makes it so you have a way to one hit knock out anything, especially those Tag Team Pokemon that were so hard to knock out before. Not only that, but Mew3 can use all these other attackers that other wise you would have to bench and power up with energies. If it weren't for this ability, or you wouldn't even play those attackers in the deck. Not needing to have energies to set up that last attacker makes the deck a lot more stable because Mew3 is now our first and last attacker.
I am using the same list that Azul Garcia used to Win a League Cup with some minor changes.

I was thinking about adding Latios Gx to help with the mirror match. I definitely expect this deck to be very popular.
This deck doesn't have clear cut matchups. Sometimes you don't get to use Archie's, and the game is just over before you ever get set up. I recommend practicing matchups with this deck. I also recommend trying to just see how your turn one would go in a solitary game. See how many times you can get that turn one Archie's. Apart from that, the more times you try to do it, the better you'll get at it. I would consider doing a second turn as well, because a lot of the times you can use Archies later in the game and still be okay, as long as you put yourself in a position to use that Archie's.

Rather than going over some matchups, I'll just explain the strategy of the deck. That will help you understand a lot of the matchups.
Our main attacker, Mew&Mewtwo Gx, allows us to use any of the following Pokemon for very different and specific situations: Naganadel Gx, Espeon&Deoxys GX, Kingdra GX, Shaymin EX, and Lele EX. Naganadel Gx is usually used to snipe whatever our opponent is trying to set up. This could be a Pokemon with energies or one that they are trying to evolve, such as Blastoise, Trubbish, Groudon Ex, Ditto Prism, etc. It's also a good attack to use if your goal is to get rid of some energies that are stuck on Mew3. Espeon&Deoxys have a similar function, disrupting whatever your opponent is trying to set up. This card can also be used take multiple prizes with Cross Division to take "unexpected wins". Kingdra Gx is our big hitter and can one hit knock out anything. That's what we're looking to use against Tag Team decks and other high Hp EX/GX Pokemon. Hydro Pump is usually your main attack. You can get creative because Kingdra GX's attacks are all pretty good. You can use Maelstorm GX as a sort of replacement for Espeon&Deoxys, dealing 40 to everything. This lets you set up plays to knock out multiple Pokemon at once. Doing this avoids cards like Reset Stamp, N, Beast ring, Surge, Teammates, etc.

Now for the deck, I've been wanting to share. For a while, the most popular Mew3Box list I encountered while playing online was JW's list that plays lots of Giratina and uses MegaGardevoir to discard them all and then repeat the process. This adds 20-80 damage with just abilities on the opposing bench. I like the concept, but it seemed inconsistent and not really able to finish the game that well. Despite that flaw, it's a strong deck and certainly one to look out for.

I've tried many Mew3 decks in Expanded, including: the item lock one, the one that tries to remove your opponent's hand, one with elixirs, and I even tried something with Welder. This one seemed the most consistent and teched for the current meta. Here's the list:

(card missing Marowak GX)

The reason I play less Special Energies in this list is because playing too many makes it impossible to accelerate attachments and causes you to easily fall behind, be predictable, and easily locked. For that reason, I had to decide what type of attackers I would rather play. Psychic definitely seemed the best for this meta. It gives you a way to spread damage to take multiple Prizes. You have Toad to lock your opponent when you're in a tough situation or at the beginning of the game, putting your opponent in an awkward spot.

I feel like there's a way to deal with every matchup. This deck can also afford to fall behind because Seismitoad EX allows you to lock heavy Pokemon in the active long enough to power up your Mew3 for a big Cross Division. If their deck can't one hit knockout Mew3 GX then it should be an auto win. (Use MegaGardy's Despair Ray to clean the bench of any easy prizes and then just Mewtwo's Ex Damage Change to heal back any damage done to Mew3 GX).

The engine of this deck is similar to night march because you want to discard most of your deck. You want to discard not only the Pokemon. but also some energies so you can Turbo Strike them onto another Mew3. There's also a high number of Shaymin/Dedenne because you can always discard them with Despair Ray. Apart from that, the deck has options for a lot of situations, making it hard to play, but well worth it if played correctly. Being able to Turbo strike and Quaking Punch consistently turn 1 is insanely good.

I tried cards like Jolteon EX, Glaceon EX, Noivern GX, and other disruptive attackers, but they didn't seem that good because my opponents always had ways to work around that.

A few changes I can see would be cutting Necrozma GX and Espeon EX.
- Cards worth trying:
Fighting Fury Belt
Scramble Switch
Mega Audino EX
For Zoroark we have a couple different versions

All of the above heavily rely on setting up Zoruas to get Zoroark out. If you're new to Zoroark, I would not recommend playing without knowing the deck backward and forward.

That's going to be it for now. Good luck at VA Regionals, I will be there as well.

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