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Igor Costa

Mewtwo's impact in Expanded

Igor covers some safe deck choices going into Roanoake regionals and explains common matchup plans. Check this out if you are trying to figure out what to play.

11/01/2019 by Igor Costa

Hey, 60 cards readers, I’m back with another article. This time I'll be taking a look at expanded.
For you guys going to Richmond Virginia, There's a couple decks you should make sure you can consistently beat such as Speed Dark. That is sure to be very popular, because not only is it easy to play and doesn't have a lot of room for mistakes, it's also super fast and can hit high numbers early on.

Here's what I have for a list right now

The deck's main goal is to attach enough energies turn one and two for the necessary damage to get a knock out. Usually, try to use Guzma after you've set up those energies on your board to start taking important knockouts.

It has a very simple strategy, but this deck gets a lot better if you know what to do in each matchup.

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Mewtwo's impact in Expanded

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