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Pikachu's Hideout #1

Let's take a look at current metagame and predictions!

04/09/2015 by Pikachu's Hideout

Hello everyone and welcome to

Pikachu's Hideout #1! (March 7th, 2015)


Hello 60cards readers! My name is Brandon Smiley, and this is a new weekly series called Pikachu's Hideout. I, along with my teammate Will McEowen will post these every Thursday during a competitive month and we'll look over results from the previous weekend across North America and Europe. 

Last weekend was the 3rd week of States, but due to it being Easter weekend, there weren't too many tournaments that took place. Will and I drove up to Iowa for their State Championships, and ended up placing 12th and 6th respectively. 


Let's take a look at the results!


North America

Here's a table showing the performances of various decks from the past week. 

Meta Share is the percentage of Top 8 these decks occupied. Weighted Meta Share is corrected to show which decks performed better in Top 8. In this statistic, a higher placement counts for more than a lower one.


Results by tournament


1. David Haussecher - Fairy Toolbox
2. Justin Young - Yveltal/Seismitoad
3. Malik Zaihan - Yveltal/Seismitoad/Garbodor
4. Curtis Lyon - Seismitoad/Garbodor
5. Kevin Lee - Flareon
6. Rob Davies - Primal Groudon
7. Peter Ma - Plasma Lugia
8. Zach Lesage - Donphan/Primal Groudon

1. Russell LaParre -Seismitoad/Manectric/Bats
2. Patrick Van Story - Donphan/Primal Groudon
3. Lucas Nesslerodt - Night March
4. Sam VerNooy - Bronzong
5. Henry Ross-Clunis - Virizion/Genesect
6. Chris Nugent - Seismitoad/Crobat
7. Brent Siebenkittel - Virizion/Genesect
8. David Lopez - Seismitoad/Crobat

1. Nick Chimento - Night March/Cobalion-EX
2. Justin Bokhari - Aromatisse/Tool Box
3. Frank Diaz - Yveltal
4. Tristan Macek - Yveltal
5. Nick Falcone - Seismitoad/Crobat
6. Anthony Smith - Gardevoir/Aromatisse
7. Sam Chen - Fighting/Crobat
8. Andrew Menza - Night March

1. Ryan Grant - Exeggutor/Dragalge/Empoleon
2. Kyle Haverland - Yveltal/Seismitoad
3. Charlie Stray - Donphan/P Groudon EX
4. Rith Ke - Seismitoad/Slurpuff
5. Caleb Gedemer - Exeggutor/Dragalge/Empoleon
6. Brandon Smiley - Bronzong
7. Shawn Bernaky - Fighting/Crobat
8. Treynor Wolfe - Night March/Empoleon

1. Tamao Cameron - Manectric/Seismitoad/Garbodor
2. Luke Sabin - Exeggutor
3. Jamie Serhan - Yveltal/Seismitoad
4. Charles Barton - Virizion/Genesect/Mew
5. Christopher Dubeltski - Exeggutor
6. Samuel Mclewee - Seismitoad/Slurpuff
7. Alex Dao - Exeggutor
8. Nicholas Pearce - Seismitoad/Slurpuff



Let's look at the Tier list


It's hard to make a definitive tier list this format; so many decks can perform really well in provided they miss their "bad" matchups. However, if we look at this past week's performances, this is what a tier list would look like:

S Tier:

Yveltal EX
Seismitoad EX

Tier 1

Night March
Aromatisse XY

Tier 2

Donphan PLS/Primal Groudon EX

Tier 3

Bronzong PHF
Landorus EX/Crobat PHF
Virizion EX/ Genesect EX

Tier 4

Primal Groudon EX
Flareon PLF

note: this tier list is based solely on the results of the past week and may not be a full representation of the format.

NA Top Deck: Yveltal

EU Top Deck: Exeggutor


Seismitoad has been the clear king since we started States/Provincials. However, Yveltal seems to be giving the ugly amphibian a run for its money as far as most-winningest deck goes. In addition, Exeggutor PLF seems to be taking Seismitoad's place in all of our hearts; this dumb tree has taken the United Kingdom by storm, and will likely be showing up in full force come this weekend. Don't underestimate the eggs. 


(credit: Ian Arel; Virbank City)

There's also a cute new way to play everybody's favorite ancient mythical beast. The strange new version of Primal Groudon EX that Rob Davies and his son debuted in Ontario has been turning a lot of heads; had he not been DQd in T8, it's very possible Ontario's results would look quite different. Don't be too surprised if your opponent flips over a Wailord EX come this saturday.

Opinions of others: 

Jose Marrero: Not really sure what THE PLAY is since so many decks right now can perform well enough to take home a victory. Most decks if not all have bad matchups, so no matter what deck you play you still have to run good and hope to hit good matchups. But if I had to choose a week 4 deck in which I think is the best play then I probably would say Aromatisse/Seismitoad. Mainly because it's great in our format right now. It's gotten a few good finishes and even a win in the past few States.


Michael Slutsky (2015 WI State Champion)I'm in the apparent minority, but I actually really dislike this format. A lot of people talk about this large variety of decks, but it seems like variations on the same thing: ridiculously overpowered locks (be it with any of the million Toad variants, Garb, or the "newly discovered" Eggs). Because of this, it seems like each new week has people going into a tournament blind, which makes the tournament results largely useless - everything has a bad match, so there's a lot of luck involved.

That being said, if I had to pick something going into week 4, I'd choose Fairy Box. The deck has been good to me all season, and I think if properly built, it has the best chance at taking a tournament. It's a very versatile deck that can be tech'd accordingly, especially if you know what your local meta will be.


Daniel Altavilla (9th place Worlds 2014): With the outcome of week 3 not giving much info about what to expect for week 4, we must keep our choices generally strong against the meta and hope for the best as far as matchups. I expect Yveltal/Seismitoad to be one of the strongest decks, as usual, with a decent showing of P Kyogre, Metal, and lock decks such as Exeggutor and Seismitoad/Slurpuff. There also is bound to be a couple Virizion/Genesect that cut, but not too many.


Squeaky Marking (Team Fish Knuckles): This weekend I expect a rise in P Groudon/Dusknoir FLF because it did great in Ontario and I posted the list on my YouTube channel. Exeggutor won another states last weekend so I expect more people to try and play the deck but not do so hot with it. Also, Seismitoad has been a big threat in this format and will always be a great play. The counter to most of these decks is Virizion/Genesect which makes it seem like a good play for this weekend. You can also include Raichu in the deck like Andrew Estrada did to counter Yveltal decks.


Our personal opinion:

Smiley: The current meta is extremely open, and I think it's best to choose a deck that you feel comfortable with. I personally plan on playing Exeggutor, mainly because I think it's fun and one of the best decks in the format. I feel like Metal may also be a strong deck to play again, and if I decide to change decks, it'll definitely be to Metal. Below is the list I used to make Top 8 in Iowa (credit to Paul Johnston for the list).

Will: With the crazy high level of "diversity" in the field, it will probably be really difficult to determine what matchups other than a couple of Yveltal or Seismitoad you are likely going to face. Therefore, one of the biggest things you should focus on is a deck that will consistently set up in every single game, regardless of the matchup. I will probably be playing Toad/Puff or Exeggutor for week 4 because of how consistently those decks set up for me. My very close third choice, however, is a Virizion Genesect variant that, with the help of M Manectric and some healing, actually stands a chance against Night March and Bronzong. (The Yveltal matchup ain't bad either!) This list courtesy of Andrew Zavala.


Looking Forward

Overall, I think this weekend will continue to have a plethora of different decks perform well, similar to the other weekends. I think that the Primal based decks will make a slight comeback this weekend, due partly to the new P-Groudon/Dusknoir deck that popped up in Ontario. If you're playing in a tournament this weekend, I wish you luck, and see you next week!

[+6] okko


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