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Nico Alabas

Finding the play for EUIC

Nico talks about his top picks for the European International Championships in Berlin, Germany.

04/24/2019 by Nico Alabas

What’s up guys, this is Nico and today I will talk to you about my Top5 plays for the upcoming 
European International Championships in Berlin, Germany. Most of those picks won’t come as much of a surprise because we’ve been playing in the same format ever since the Oceanian International Championships in Melbourne, Australia, so everyone is very used to the metagame by now which leads to a pretty fixed metagame. I will talk about why I chose to put the deck at a certain placement, as well as important card choices that may differ from the norm. 

No. 5 Blacephalon GX/Naganadel 

Most people thought that  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) would disappear after the release of Team Up because all the new decks from that set looked like they would have a pretty easy time to deal with Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) . Even dedicated  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) players like Zach Lesage weren’t confident in the deck’s future. And for the beginning of the metagame it looked like people were right. Only two Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) / Naganadel (LT; 108) decks made it into the second Day of OCIC, where both of them ended in the bottom five placements for that Day. The rest of Top 64 didn’t include any more  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) decks, so it really looked like the deck was about to disappear, just like Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109) / Vikavolt (SUM; 52) did when  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) was released in Lost Thunder. The weekend after however proved that  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) still had a place in the metagame when Zach Lesage won the Regional Championships in Collinsville. Only three more  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) decks made it into the 99-people Day 2 of Collinsville, but it was safe to say that the deck would stick around. Up to this day Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) / Naganadel (LT; 108) is still a frequent candidate for Regional or SPE top cuts, so I don’t think that anyone would be surprised to see it in the Top 8 for EUIC, especially if the amount of Zoroark GX players keeps increasing like it is right now, because that’s the top deck that  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) can deal the easiest with. Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) / Naganadel (LT; 108) is also able to use  Alolan Muk (SUM; 58) very efficiently due to it already playing Mysterious Treasure which makes it a lot easier to deal with the  Zapdos (TM; 40) matchup. The matchup is still not in  Blacephalon GX (SM8) (JP; null) favor, but playing  Alolan Muk (SUM; 58) at least gives it a fighting chance. 

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