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Draydon Davis

PikaRom and its Limitless Potential

Draydon briefly goes over his double Top 8 finish at online events this past weekend with Pikachu & Zekrom-GX, talking about the deck list in depth and why you should play it for Limitless Qualifier #3.

05/15/2020 by Draydon Davis

Hey, 60 Cards Readers! I am Draydon Davis, it has been a while since my first article on but I have finally returned, mostly because I am very passionate about how good this deck, and deck list is in this format. I don’t have the specific stats, but I definitely think that I have been one of the most active players in keeping up with online events, I’ve been playing a minimum of around four online tournaments a week and believe I have a pretty firm grasp on the online metagame. 

I’ve done a lot of testing with Rebel Clash, I’ve tried almost every possibly viable deck and this past weekend I piloted Pikachu & Zekrom-GX to two Top 8 finishes, one in a 42 player event and the other in a 92 player event. In this article I’m going to do a short tournament report on my matchups from those events, then I’m going to talk about how to play some of the most important matchups in the format and why I think this deck is the best play for the third Limitless Qualifier this weekend.

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