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Draydon Davis

Locking Down Dallas Regionals

Draydon Davis discusses in detail his top four finish at Dallas Regionals with Zoroark-GX/Garbodor.

02/06/2019 by Draydon Davis

Hey, 60 Cards Readers! I am Draydon Davis, and this is my first article for 60 Cards. I've been playing for seven years, and now am a second-year master. This past weekend decided to fly to Dallas Regionals, my first event outside of Ontario, Canada. After all, was said and done, I came out of the event with a top four finish. 

I knew from the start of my testing that I would be playing Zoroark-GX. Zoroark-GX is a card I have played a lot this season, and I knew that because of Sky Field in the Expanded format, there were almost no decks that Zoroark-GX couldn't trade with.

I chose to play the deck with Garbodor because the combination of Garbooxin, Red Card, and Delinquent (or using Guzma to pressure down threats), while hitting for a one hit knockout every turn, allows you to stream your attacks much more consistently than your opponent.  


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