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Mega Rayquaza EX and Mega Mewtwo EX strike back!

Marc Lutz talks about Mega Rayquaza EX and Mega Mewtwo EX ...

23. 09. 2016 by Marc Lutz

With Night March out of the format two decks have lost their major weakness. Marc Lutz talks about Mega Rayquaza EX and Mega Mewtwo EX - two of the best decks for the upcoming standard format!

Hello fellow 60cards readers, it is me again – Marc Lutz. This time around I'm bringing you an article about the brand new Standard format. With this year's rotation, a couple of the most important cards that have shaped the format of the past years have finally been removed from Standard. This includes Battle Compressor, most viable item lock opportunities and of course Night March. With those cards out of the format, the game seems to be somewhat slower and much more explorable. Night March and Seismitoad EX kept most 'interesting' decks in check because it was just so tough to beat them. Now we can take a look at a large variety of decks for the upcoming tournament cycle and I'm super excited about that! In this article I'll guide you through some of the Mega Evolution focused decks which were viable last format, but had a super terrible match up against Night March and therefore were a gamble if you would bring them to a tournament. I will mostly talk about Mega Mewtwo EX and Mega Rayquaza EX decks and how to possibly counter those because I think those will be the most popular ones. Without further ado let's jump right into the article!

Mega Rayquaza EX Variants

First we will take a look at Mega Rayquaza EX. Since the most crucial parts of the deck were released in Roaring Skies and the only semi important card which has been cut from the deck is probably Battle Compressor apart from some tech supporter and item choices. So what makes this deck so good in standard? Its most oppressive matchup had been removed from the format. With Joltik no longer being able to pick up cheap prizes against Rayquaza EX, it is actually difficult to compete with it since it sets up so fast. 220 HP is enough to stay out of range of almost every attack except for Mega Mewtwo EX and of course the mirror match. Also there seem to be only a few viable Lightning type attackers, because Manectric EX also left the format. Rayquaza's weakness isn't that much of a drawback anymore. Worst case you can still include a thin line of Altaria in your deck if you're really worried of that Lightning weakness.

This deck still plays out the same as it did before. You use Sky Field to increase your bench to 8 slots which allows Emerald Break to hit for up to 240 damage. This strategy is amplified by Shaymin EX which is usually a liability as long as it sits on your bench, but in this deck it actually benefits you. Other than Shaymin EX you also have Hoopa EX which you can even run mutliple copies of in this deck due to its ability to not only search your deck for Shaymin EX, but also both of your Rayquaza EX. Once you're done drawing through your deck and filling your bench you can evolve into Mega Rayquaza EX on your first turn even because of that Delta Evolution ability. With the combination of Double Colorless Energy and Mega Turbo, this allows you to attack on your first turn if you're going second leading to a quick prize lead most of the time.

Due to the nature of this deck you have a ton of room for fancy tech cards. Mega Rayquaza EX only requires colorless energy to attack and with 8 slots on your bench you can easily sneak in some odd card to help you in unfavorable match ups. Let's take a look at the list I theorycrafted last week.

It is a fairly standard and straightforward because we don't know how the metagame will shape from now on. The concept however is still very powerful as your deck consists of only Basic Pokémon which you can easily get everything in play on turn 1 and start the pressure from there. The good thing here is that you don't necessarily need Pokémon Ranger to play around either Jolteon EX or Glaceon EX which might be played in some sort of Vileplume toolbox deck because you have Mega Rayquaza EX as an evolved attacker. If you really need it you can attack with your tech basic EX cards against your opponent's Glaceon EX.

This list I built uses Metal Energy along with Magearna EX as a tech card. While it is in play all of your Pokémon with metal energies attached to them are immune to effects of your opponent's attacks. This might be useful against some decks and since you don't need a specific type for Mega Rayquaza EX anyways I felt it was worth a try. You can also play Lightning Energy along with Jolteon EX if you want. Other than that you're just going for maximum consistency. 4 Shaymin EX, 2 Hoopa EX and a ton of fast item cards like Trainers' Mail help you to set up a Mega Rayquaza EX as fast as possible. Super Rod is actually really important in this deck because you need it to shuffle some Pokémon back in order to have your bench filled up at any time to get those one shots.

I do like the double Hex Maniac in this deck because there is really no room for Garbodor here in my opinion, but you still want to be able to shut off abilities at your own will. For example if you're going first and play down your Hoopas and Shaymins you can't attack at the end of the sequence. However if you manage to play down a couple of those and then finish your turn with a Hex Maniac it really slows down your opponent during their next turn which makes the upcoming pressure from your Emerald Break attacks much more impactful and you might even win the game off of that Hex Maniac on turn 1. Let's also take a look at another Mega Rayquaza deck right here!

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