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A Closer Look at "Night March"

Ryan takes a closer look into the fun rogue deck known as "Night March"

12/12/2014 by Ryan Sabelhaus

Hello 60cards readers! With City Championships underway and Phantom Forces becoming a big part of the current format, many new decks are showing up with some pretty solid performances. Metal decks have been channeling their "inner" Eelektrik with Bronzong's new ability, Gengar-EX and Donphan are both doing well with some shields to help, and Manectric-EX is trying to get around all the fighting Pokémon. With all these competitive new decks out, it’s always good to take a look at one of the more fun decks in the format, especially an option with some potential behind it. The deck that I'd like to take a look at is none other than… Night March! 


In case you didn't know how the deck works, Night March is an attack that is found on 3 Pokémon so far in the current format. These Pokémon are Joltik PHF, Pumpkaboo PHF, and Lampent PHF. The attack does 20x times the amount of Pokémon in the discard pile with the attack "Night March." With the possibility of having 11 Night March Pokémon in the discard pile for a whopping 220 damage, this deck can certainly pack a punch. 


There's plenty of different ways to play the deck, with the most popular version being the "speed" version. Everyone seems to like this variant more due to the speed that it can explode with, but it also comes with slightly worse matchups. Here is the list that I'm currently testing with: 




Let's go over some of choices in this deck, along with my reasoning behind playing them.


3 Mew-EX LTR

-As he is going to be your main attacker for the deck, playing 3 Mew-EX will allow you to hopefully start with him. Although starting with Joltik/Pumpkaboo won't be the end of the world, as long as you have a decently quick setup. 


1 Mr. Mime PLF

Since Joltik has only 30 HP, the little guy needs some help so that it won't get stomped on by a Landorus-EX using Hammerhead or Darkrai-EX using Night Spear. Prolonging the game a couple of turns by denying double KO's can decide a win/loss for this deck. 


4 Bicycle / 3 Roller Skates

Since this deck is all about speed and getting off attacks fast, it makes perfect sense to play plenty of trainer cards that can assist us in drawing into our Battle Compressors. Fast attacks mean quick prizes; early pressure means opponents can't take advantage of the weaknesses that come with this deck. 


4 Ultra Ball / 4 Battle Compressor

Helps to discard more Night March Pokémon, lowers hand size for bikes, helps to thin the deck out for vital resources, and just helps the deck get going. Makes perfect sense to max these useful trainers out. 


2 Muscle Band / 1 Silver Bangle

I originally went with 3 Muscle Band, but realized that I usually end up attacking with Joltik more than I would have expected. Attaching a Silver Bangle to a Joltik can help him hit that 170 damage and start knocking out some EX Pokémon just a little bit faster. 


2 Fighting / 2 Lighting Energy

With no reason for Psychic energy in the deck, aside from copying random psychic Pokémon attacks, I decided to go with fighting energy and lightning energy to copy useful attacks from opponent's decks. Fighting is to help against Donphan, which can allow Mew-EX to KO Robo Substitutes and move safely to the bench. Although this may not be game-breaking, it can help prolong EX KO's long enough to get some Lysandre's going with repeated use from VS Seekers. Lightning energy is to copy Manectric-EX's attack, which will only really come in use if there is a struggle to get setup. The other option was darkness energy, but I chose not to play that because Joltik can take care of Yveltal-EX pretty easily with the lightning weakness.  


As stated before, this deck is mainly just a fun deck to play around with and probably won't win a large-scale tournament unless absolutely no one is prepared for the deck. It can setup quickly and drop down big damage, along with having some pretty decent matchups against some popular decks (such as Virizion/Genesect and Manectric-EX/Black Kyurem-EX). I would say that the main reason this deck will not be able to pull off any upset tournament wins are some of the glaring weaknesses of the deck:

-Lysandre's Trump Card can single-handedly set the deck back a couple of turns, which is almost game-breaking for this deck. 

-Seismitoad-EX prevents vital trainers from being played, which can cause zero Night March Pokémon to get into the discard pile in the early game. Without any damage behind these attacks, Night March just can't compete with the popular decks found in the current meta. 

-Garbodor seems to be a pretty annoying weakness for the deck, as it stops Mew-EX from attacking. This is very annoying to have to constantly attack with tiny-HP Joltiks and Pumpkaboos in order to take prizes, which also diminishes the Night March attack. Not only is Garbodor a nuisance to the deck, but it is also usually played with Seismitoad-EX. 

-Enhanced Hammer isn't necessarily going to decide whether Night March can win/lose a game, but it certainly does play a big role in the matchups I've tested. Losing crucial DCE's during the middle of the game is very painful to play through and has lost me some matches. 


Regardless of the reason that you decide to try the deck out, I can guarantee that it will be a fun deck to play with friends. It might not be worth the money to play in the large-scale tournaments, but I wouldn't be that shocked if a Night March Deck wins a city sometime soon and gets posted online. With enough power to attack for 180 damage on the first turn with an ideal setup, this deck certainly won't hold back given the opportunity.


I hope you enjoyed this short article on Night March, and feel free to message me with any comments or questions. Good luck to everyone at City Championships! ​

- Ryan Sabelhaus <3

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