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A New Dimension: Teaching an Old Card New Tricks in Expanded

Frank invites you to explore the exciting world of the expanded format and a spicy play for your expanded events

12/19/2018 by Frank Percic

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The Deck 





Hello again 60cards readers and welcome to another article by yours truly. Today, I am going to be diving in to the exciting world of the expanded format with the Anaheim Regional Championships just completed and Dallas just around the corner. It seems like every tournament as of late has just been preparing for new and exciting things, as Anaheim was just the first time Lost Thunder  was legal for a large scale expanded event. Again the success of any expanded event is going to ride on whoever can bring the most skillfully crafted deck.

With many expanded League Cups and League Challenges leading up to the event, there seems to be a meta slowly forming. Popular decks seem to be Trevenant, Zoroark variants, Archie’s Blastoise, and Buzzwole variants. A strong contender definitely seemded to be Archie’s Blastoise, and I fully expected it to be the most played deck of the tournament. My main goal was  finding ways to beat it, and Trevenant. Without further ado, here’s what my testing has yielded.

The Deck

The first idea that really piqued my interest was Mega Gardevoir-EX. In a format with lost/night march lurking around as well as Exeggcute so heavily played, using the new Giratina to spread damage on to low-HP bench Pokémon, seemed like a great place to start work. Mega Gardevoir EX, in the past, has shown some promise in expanded because of its ability to beat Zoroark-GX through healing and easily decimate Buzzwole due to weakness. With this new tool, Mega Gardevoir seems even better of a contender in this unexplored format. Through testing and ideation, I have come up with the following list:

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