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Take 5 - Master of Malmo

Mark Goes Over the Big Take Aways from the Recent Regional in Malmo

03/12/2020 by Mark Dizon

A King was crowned this past weekend in Malmo with Tord Reklev again winning another regional in Europe. While he was a proponent of the Mewtwo & Mew GX w4deck that ended up taking down OCIC and retaining its King of the Hill status. However, Tord became King with another deck, this time he brought the Sword Doggo that everyone was excited about and it took down the whole event. Seen as the new end-boss of the format Zacian V, showed what a consistent build could do and slashed its way through the tournament.


Here are the biggest take-aways from Malmo


Zacian V is King – Is it undisputed

Of the 32 players who made day 2, Zacian V took up 1/3 of the room. Of the players who made the elimination rounds, it took up 50%, in the finals it took up 100%. We don’t have all the data but I bet if you extrapolate to top 16 its even more. 5 out of the top 8 decks ran the card. Some were not even a Zacian V deck. It seems that every set is slowly having an archetype that is pushed. Zacian V is everything from card advantage to a big beefy attacker, it can set the game up and it close the game out. In the mid game it finds you even more cards. Zoroark GX never hit this hard. Mewtwo & Mew GX needs support Pokemon, this card does it on its own.

ADP – Support not Starter

It was only one set ago that Arceus Dialga Palkia GX & Keldeo GX was a deck, with the main focus on Arceus Dialga Palkia GX setting up Keldeo GX. Arceus Dialga Palkia has now become extremely important in the Zacian V decks as a way for Zacian V’s already powerful number of 230 to get closer to the 270 it needs to hit to one shot tag teams. It seems that an Arceus Dialga Palkia as the lead allows Zacian V to take over the game completely. If an altered creation isn’t immediately answered, the ensuing ultimate ray provides too much of a raw advantage for most decks to come back from. If your Zacian V opponent is able to set up one Zacian V through an ultimate ray and another Zacian V from attachments + metal patch, it is generally so much raw card advantage for a deck to come back from. I know that most players were complaining about welder, however who could have seen this coming.


Pokemon’s favourite mascot continued its lifetime in standard by achieving another top 8. While this deck did not make the elimination rounds in Melbourne, it found its way back to the top here in Malmo. The biggest innovation in the deck is the addition of cards like big charm and chaotic swell to prevent the Zacian V decks from placing too much damage to take one shots on the Pikachu Zekrom GX. The free retreat on Tapu Koko V has also provided a deck another pivot. It’s interesting to see that in Magnus’ list that they have shaved the number of Jirachi down. The switch for Professor’s Research over Cynthia has also provided major changes to the deck in the number of sheer cards it can see in a turn. Sometimes you just want to see a bevy of Electropowers to take the big knockouts. Compared to most decks, the pure consistency provided by trainers such as electro magnetic radar make me wonder why the deck isn’t played more. I think we will see more of this deck come up as people love to go back to comfort picks and this is one of them.


Send in the Blowns

Baby Blacephalon was able to win the last standard format regional of last format. It has gone through many iterations, with a Pidgey Engine and with a Green’s Engine. Melbourne saw four Baby Blowns decks make the second day, and this tournament saw two make the elimination rounds. Stephane Ivanoff deck is a masterpiece. The ability for the deck to attack on multiple different angles allows it to be a force in the coming metagame. Being able to use cards such as Beastbringer and Cramorant V to create checkmate situations allows the deck to be played in different ways, than the all in game plans it had in the past. Cramorant V plus Blacephalon GX’s Burst GX attack put numbers in the deck that sometimes all you need to do is take two knockouts. The deck allows you to play a patient waiting game, allowing your opponent to take knockouts, and you to close the game out quickly. The numbers in the decklist , make it so that every card accomplishes a goal. Though this deck has a propensity to brick, it might just be the best to try to take down a whole tournament with it.


TORD’s Majesty

Are we even surprised to hear he has won the tournament. NAIC 2017, EUIC 2017, OCIC 18, SPE Prague 18, Cologne 2019, Malmo 2020. These are all the firsts over the past few years, not counting really the year he took slowly that resulted in fourth at the world championships. Tord’s pedigree is unmatched. The way he sees the game, the way he thinks, the way he plays. We have seen the year of Tord before, is he heating up to go on another run.


We have Toronto Regionals this weekend, it is the regional in my back yard. The corona virus has effected the world in a way that we haven’t seen mass hysteria in a long time. I urge everyone to practice safe hygiene and focus on taking care of themselves. This is a serious matter and not something to be looked down on. Make sure to keep in touch with your loved ones, and self distance yourself when you feel ready.

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