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Take 5 - Day 1 Stream Notes

Missed the day 1 Stream? Mark recaps all that you missed

02/21/2020 by Mark Dizon

The first day of OCIC is in the books, and if you were like me, you would have been glued to the stream. We had amazing matches every round as we saw the reveal of the first event of the new Sword and Shield Format. The commentators were amazing, the players were great and the format is just showing the pinnacle of what the new set has to offer for us.

We have had some questions answered but we have had even more questions presented to us as we wait for how the second day will unfold.


If you weren’t able to tune in, here are some of the high-level takeaways from the stream on the first day of play.


Round 1 : Preston Ellis (Shedninja Control) vs Michael Pramawat ( Straight Malamar)

Right from the first round, we had two heavyweights of the game versus each other. Preston Ellis is known for creating alternate decks, and Michael Pramawat, one of the most coveted players in the game. Preston brought a deck we haven’t heard about since Worlds, with Shedninja control looping to prevent your opponent from taking prizes, while Michael Pramwat and a group of Americans came out with a straight Malamar deck with the focus on using clear vision to prevent ADP from using the GX Attack. Preston needed a little more time to force a draw, however, both games showed how good mew’s psypower was on taking NIncada. 

Winner : Pramawat


Round 2: Ian Robb ( Zacian) vs Naomi Muri ( Zacian)
This round we had the first of Zacian Mirrors we would see on the day. Ian Robb is known as an innovative deck tuner and Naomi Muri was shown as local fierce competitor. This matchup highlighted the importance in the mirror of being able to altered creation first, as that, the prize trade just becomes so insurmountable once the extra prizes come into play. A notable tech in Ian’s version was giant charm, which would prevent ADP from being knocked out by a big 300 damage attack from flare blitz.


Winner : Robb


Round 3: Gustavo Wada (Firebox) vs Yusuki Handa ( Stall )
The hits just keep on coming with International Champion – Gustavo Wada and Yusuki Handa making the trip to Australia to keep in our region. Yusuki Handa’s deck had it all. Magcargo, Mill Supporters, and my favourite combo of Mareep and Slumbering Forest, which in tandem can lock out a Pokemon in the active. Gustavo played the matchup masterly using his Ninetales to dodge the Lillie’s Poke dolls. Yusuki actually missed the ability to force a draw with his reset stamp in game two. The use of Victini Prism star and its ability to shuffle all the fire energy in, seems to give fire an even better matchup against the deck out strategy.

Winner : Wada



Round 4: Clifton Goh (ADP) bs Jon Eng (Pikarom)

A matchup of consistency. Clifton Goh and Jon Eng are some of the most consistent players in their region. Jon showed us the power of full blitz and how good it is if you are able to get it turn one.  ADP won another one on stream, however, with Pikarom showing some consistency issues and Intrepid Sword just being able to give the advantage. The power of the ADP GX attack to swing prize trades vs Tag Team decks is because of Zacian’s damage output.

Winner : Goh

Round 5 : Jordan Palmer (Zacian Clay) vs Bert Wolters ( Zacian)

Our second Zacian mirror of the day. Again an Aussie on stream. Bert Wolters is able to fully powerup a Zacian on his turn twice to swing the matchup. Jordan had some horrible draws and we saw how once and ADP attack goes off in the mirror, you should not be benching another ADP. 

Winner : Bert

Round 6 : Tord Reklev (Mewtwo Welder) vs Kaiwen Cababbe (Zacian)

A matchup of two titans. Tord Reklev needs no introduction. Kaiwen Cababbe has been on a tear of SPE’s in the APAC region. Another Zacian deck but Tord brought a deck I had been waiting for all day, Mewtwo. Tord showed the consistency of his deck and how to play the Zacian matchup. Kaiwen did not draw optimally either game and Tord buried him with advantage. Tord’s deck featured double stealthy hood and double weakness guard energy and four switches. The consistency showed that welder Mewtwo is no dead and Tord would finish second on the day. Even better was Tord pulling out the win after a stamp to one.

Winner : Tord


Round 7 : Henry Brand ( Ultimate Mewtwo) vs Kenneth Tam (Pikarom)

Reigning World Champion and Hometown Hopeful Henry Brand took his innovative Mewtwo deck against Kenneth Tam. Viewers were on the edge of their seats as they watched Henry use Solburst GX to set up multiple energies. Off a tough start, Henry looked to be taking control of the game, however, in one swift turn, Kenneth was able to find what he needed off drawing cards with Dedenne and Professor’s Research. Game two was swift and painful as Henry went Dedenne pass and Kenneth once again drew everything he needed being able to take a knockout with Zapdos and three electro power.

Winner Kenneth

Round 8: James William (Cinccino Mill) vs Louis Chi (Zacian )

Another Zacian deck and the first time we saw the Cinccino Mill deck. It ended in a draw but we saw that these new mill decks are not like Sylveon or Zoroark Control. They look to aggressively put you on the back foot and apply pressure.


Round 9: Brent Tonnisson (Zacian) vs Daniel Altavilla (Malamar)

What a nail biter. Daniel winning in the last turn of turns was exhilarating. We saw a Malamar deck with extra single prize attackers. Having Mimikyu and Espurr allows the deck to close the game out quickly and change the prize trade. An important thing to learn in this match is knowing when to concede. Daniel took a quick concession in game two when he realized it would take to much to get back into the game. Had Daniel not conceded at that point, the matchup might have ended a draw, and Daniel would not be into day 2. The match was close for Brent, however, the pure efficiency of Danny’s Pokemon was too much to overcome.

Winner : Daniel


As we go into the day two stream, there are a lot of things to watch out for. Our very own Zach Lesage is in day two with Fire Energy. Andrea Chiasson is into day 2 with Pikarom. There are 13 zacian decks in day two. We have had so many great matches on stream and I know this will continue into tomorrow.

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