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Take Five - Burning up in Brazil

Daytona is this weekend. Take in the big points from Brazil to make an informed decision for the event.

11/29/2019 by Mark Dizon

Hey 60 cards readers!

What an event in Brazil to lead us into a new standard format. The closing of the Ultra Prism to Unified Minds format and the opening of the Ultra Prism to Cosmic Eclipse format has brought upon a new slew of decks and also reinvigorated and provided new tools to a bevy of previous archetypes. The tournament was just as hot as the weather and we look to see the main points as we go into Daytona Regionals this weekend.

Welder still reigns supreme

When we look at metagames we generally look at the king of the hill. As formats generally rotate we see these kings cycle through.

Atlantic City was won by Mewtwo
Campinas was win by Green's Zard
Santiago was won by Green's Zard
Knoxville was win by Mewtwo
Paris was win by Pikarom

Other than an outlier in Paris. Every major standard event pre-Laic was taken down by a attach two fire energy, draw three cards. The velocity of welder decks were just hard to watch. If you look at Daniel Altavilla who top 8d Atlantic city with Pikarom, he pivoted to Mewtwo for Knoxville and took it down.

Welder was also the defining peice in both the World Champion Master deck and World Champion Senior deck. Robin Schulz eventually took down Bryan De Vries in Sao Paolo with his Firebox deck taking down Mewtwo in a battle of the Welder decks.

Firebox was seen as a major contender after worlds, even though Mewtwo won the event. The post world's league cup Meta saw this deck as the defacto cup deck through pure consistency and power, even if some games you just drew a ton of Fire energy.

As the cup season went on the deck evolved to sometimes even cut Reshizard and focus mostly on one prize attackers and the strength of being able to continuously gust a Pokemon you wanted to knockout. As the season progresses though, PikaJudge and Mewtwo began to take up more and more top cuts and the Meta followed ensuit.

Ability-Zard win shows again what happens when you put a consistent deck that has opportunities to win many matches in the hands of a strong player who knows how to pilot it. Many players opted for inherently newer or more powerful decks but something tried and true took down an unknown Meta.

Adp -contender or imposter

Out of the 88 players who made day 2, 18 played Arceus Dialga Palkia Tag Team or ADP. Adp was the darling of the new set and has become polarizing as the event has finished.

In a Vacuum the card joins Mewtwo as inherently powerful than most other things you can be doing allowing you to take extra prizes or be able to sweep through one prize decks and only take three prizes versus six puts the deck on a different axis on what it's doing. As with most decks there are flaws, such as the speed of the deck leading into an attack.

It's as easy as 1-2-3. Turn one attach, turn two attach and altered creation GX, turn three ultimate Ray and profit. Seems like a good way to go through a match, until you realize that your Adp could be flare blitzed on turn two ending the game plan swiftly.

The jury is still out on this deck as players have not decided whether it is real or not despite the top 8 placements at LAIC. Speed Adp, Green's Adp, slow adp are all distinct archetypes attempting different paths to the same game plan. The non greens version allowing the deck to play Keldeo GX also turns the other GX decks strategies on its head. Allowing that Adp deck to try to switch things up.

The concesus with the player population is the deck still hasn't been fully formed or broken as people would say. With Daytona, will we see this deck get broken?

Mewtwo = Zoroark

Last year we saw zoroark continue its reign as the toolbox deck. Acting as a swiss army knife that can switch to figure out how to adapt to the Meta. With all the new GXs that have been released it allows Mewtwo to be able to grow stronger. With the release of Cosmic Eclipse, Mewtwo received a new card with Mega Lopunny and Jiggly puff. This swung the mirror match as well as showing on stream the power of the deck.

There were six mewtwo decks in the top 32 with a significant difference from the second place list to the Australian list to the American list. The question is whether the tag call engine is better than the perfection velocity engine with acro bike, pokegear.

Many players still state the claim that Mewtwo is the best deck in the format. Daytona will tell if this holds true.

Of Birds, Dolls and Rings

Pidgey was seen as a front runner for Laic and saw very little play when it came to the control variant. Ondrej Skubal made the top 8 with the newest deck to put you to sleep at the table. Doll stall utilizes multiple coin flip abilities to recycle trainers, Lillie's Pokedoll to deny knockouts. Stall decks how have a quick way to close out the game by recycling Bellelba & Brycenman to quickly mill out your opponent.

This deck will surely see play by players that like these sort of decks and they keep other decks in the format in check. I don't have the mental strength to play them but if you do, it might just win the tournament.

Another deck that might just win the tournament is the combo deck created by DDG. The deck missed top 8 however had a pilot in top 16. If you get good matchups and can just ignore what your opponent is doing. It could be smooth sailing.

Blowns of all variety

The last archetype to talk about going into Daytona are the variants of the premier Ultra Beast in the Game. Baby Blowns showed a surge in League Cup play after LAIC. The decks ability to take big knockouts by discarding three energy and being stamp proof due to Pidgeotto. The deck is very redundant and when it sets up it puts pressure on your opponent. Lillie's Pokedoll as an innovation also gives you some free turns as your opponent cannot great ca

With the amount of Tag Team decks slated at this tournament too. Blacephalon GX seems well positioned to take on these big three prize basics. The issue however has been as it always has, consistency. Beast ring has always been able to enable big turns with the deck and Ultra Conversion allows you to power through. However, sometimes you just cannot setup.

I always preach playing what you know going into a tournament or play something that people won't know what to do versus. LAIC brought the heat and I'm sure Daytona will do the same as we look at San Diego next week.

Good luck at Daytona and your cups this weekend!

Till next week,


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