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League Cup Learnings

When looking at your local league cups and determining how to choose a deck to metagame. Should you play something differently for best of one and best of three, absolutely! ....

10/08/2018 by Mark Dizon

We are looking at your local league cups and determining how to choose a deck to metagame. Should you play something differently for best of one and best of three, absolutely! Learn my thoughts and musing in this format coming off a top 64 finish at Oaks, PA Regionals.

Event Recaps

I won a league challenge with Metagross / Solgaleo Gx from a list that Zach Lesage had shared with me. It was consistent at the time and it was really good at setting up. I was able to go 5-0, beating Rayquaza (my list in the Ray of Light Article), Zoroark / Gardevoir, Buzzwole / Shrine, Gardevoir, Zoroark / Golisopod. The deck was able to hit two really good matchups, and Ultra road was an amazing ability in a format without Float Stone. Being able to hit turn 2 Rare Candy and then using Algorithm Gx or Sol Burst GX really allowed you to set up further turns. You were able to build a lead that most decks were not able to match. The reason I didn’t play it my first league cup was I was afraid that I had used most of my “run-good” at the league challenge. There was a really good chance I would not have Rare Candy and the Pokémon throughout another full day.

I started the league cup season in the SUM Format by reverting to my safe pick, Zoroark / Lycanroc. My friend Malik from Malaysia sent me a really cool list that had Body Building Dumbbells. The idea in this deck was that your Zoroark-Gx would need to be three shot in most cases, and by using Acerola you would be able to create enough advantage through tempo that your opponent would always be trying to catch up.

We ended up having two league cups on the weekend before Philadelphia Regionals.
So it turned out that I went 2-2 drop at the 65 person cup. Round 1, I lost to Rayquaza / Vikavolt due to missing an energy attachment on my Rockruff. Round 2, I proceeded to beat another Zoroark Deck. Round 3, I beat a Metagross deck that was not as consistent as the version that I had built and I just used Blood-Thirsty Eyes and Guzma to attack and snipe out all the Beldums. If they are never able to set up a Metagross, their win percentage goes way down. In Round 4, I ended up making a huge misplay versus Tapu Bulu / Vikavolt. I miscalculated my Dangerous Rogue damage, which I needed to take a huge knockout to turn the game. I ended up dropping to go play Moltres day in Pokémon Go.

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