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Martin Janouš

Top 16 at Latin Intercontinental with Rayquaza/Volcanion

Martin talks in this short article about his journey to the biggest Intercontinental tournament until now, where he took an amazing 15th place with Mega Rayquaza!

11. 05. 2017 by Martin Janouš


Today I would like to talk to you about my tournament experience from the Latin Intercontinental in Brazil (where I placed an amazing 15th place). The venue and location were really nice and I was excited that I played at this tournament. Attendence was the highest at an Intercontinental (626 masters) and it means that players had to have a record of 6-1-2 minimum to have a chance for playing in day 2. I also had issues while paying my registration and I would like to say "Thank you" to Gabriel Pino Semedo and Ruimar Otávio for helping because after my payment was registration closed in 2 hours. My deck choice was Mega Rayquaza/Volcanion deck with some spicy techs like Salamence-EX and Jirachi promo.


I thought that Mega Rayquaza would be the best pick for Brazil. I knew that Volcanion was the most-hyped deck and that Darkrai had his spot in the metagame as well. My friend Gabriel Pino Semedo from Brazil said to me that Mega Gardevoir is also popular in Brazil. I felt comfortable with the deck and didn't have many bad match-ups. The worst match-up was something with Raichu or Zebstrika, but I didn't expect so much Vespiqueens or Eeveelutions decks. I tried to build my list as consistent as can be because I prefer the "golden rule" in a big tournament and that is "consistency is first and foremost." I tested Gumshoos-GX in Rayquaza a lot. It was really good and match-ups like Mewtwo or Giratina were much easier. On the other hand, it was sometimes difficult to get Gumshoos-GX, especially after discarding it to Sycamore in early game. That was the main reason that I cut the 1-1 Gumshoos line and added Salamence-Ex and Jirachi promo. That gave me one more basic pokemon for Emerald Break and the deck was more consistent.

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