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Zach Lesage

Centiskorch VMAX for Atlas POG

Zach shares his personal list, strategy, and matchups for the upcoming Atlas POG event.

08/20/2020 by Zach Lesage


Whats poppin’ peeps? This weekend is the upcoming Atlas POG Championships and that event is more or less functioning as our unofficial World Championships. The format is is Ultra Prism - Darkness Ablaze which makes for a unique one-weekend-only format. I have been tirelessly testing this format since Atlas POG was announced and I am truly vibin’ with Centiskorch VMAX. This article will explain the deck, showcase where it shines, and provide valuable information for this upcoming event. I don’t want to waste any time so we are jumping right into it.

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Centiskorch VMAX List

This deck is largely based on my extensive testing that I did for the 2020 Oceania International Championships where I was able to finish second overall. The biggest strength of Centiskorch VMAX is that as a new concept, it can crawl into the shell of the finalist list easily, and adapt to our format half a year later. 

Pokémon - 18

3 Centiskorch VMAX DAA

4 Centiskorch V DAA

4 Jirachi TEU

2 Dedenne-GX UNB

2 Volcanion UNB

1 Heatran-GX UNM

1 Eldegoss V RCL

1 Marshadow UNB

Trainer Cards - 29

1 Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star

1 Heat Factory Prism Star

2 Giant Hearth 

4 Welder

2 Professor’s Research

2 Boss's Orders

4 Pokegear 3.0

4 Quick Ball

4 Switch

3 Pokemon Communication

2 Escape Board  

Energy - 13

13 Fire Energy

Total Cards - 60 

The strategy of this deck is to go second because Volc and Welder work much better going second than first. After loading up Energy with Volc and Welder on Centiskorch V, you can start using G Max Centiferno to plan your KOs. There are some sneaky cards, such as Wondrous Labyrinth, but I can explain that in a bit. Overall, this deck has a relatively low skill cap to learn, but it is incredibly wicked if you master it.

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