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Zach Lesage

Early Findings for the Atlas POG 2020 Event

Zach shares some of his early findings in the UPR - DAA format.

07/29/2020 by Zach Lesage

A New Event!

Yooo, what’s poppin’ peeps! Our community has been blessed with a major event announcement, the Atlas Collectables 2020 POG Championships! The event is more or less acting as our unofficial World Championships and will be played in our Ultra Prism - Darkness Ablaze format. Originally, I was taken back by this format since I have been testing Team Up - Darkness Ablaze for around 2 months now, but we gotta play with what we are offered! That being said, this article will serve as my floating thoughts as of right now. I have been testing a bunch of UPR-DAA on Tabletop Simulator and I am quickly discovering many interesting things with this format. The idea behind this article is to let you peep into my mind and see the format from my view. This should be great for your early testing heading into the Atlas POG! Anyways, let’s jump into it! 

Rock - Paper - Scissors Time

These words hurt as my fingers type on my iPhone (yeah, I can type faster on my iPhone than a keyboard), but this format seems to be filled with decks that are great, other decks that are great, and uhhhhh, more decks that are great. Deck A will beat Decks B and C, but it loses to Decks D and E. Rock - Paper - Scissors - RPS. So you might be thinkin’ that’s great knowledge right? Well, kinda. It still doesn’t go over what exists in the metagame - remember, I’m tryna help y’all succeed during the Atlas POG event! Let’s look at the metagame and some of the early matchups.

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