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Darkness Ablaze Buy List

Zach drops this freebie article that showcases his well tested Darkness Ablaze buy list.

07/01/2020 by Zach Lesage

What’s up 60Cards readers? Since this week is filled with holidays around the world, notably Independence Day in the United States, I wanted to share a freebie article that will help you when picking up Darkness Ablaze cards. I know some stores have already been starting their preorder process and I have been testing this format for over a month now with my testing group. What does that mean? You get free access to a well tested buy list which will hopefully save you some money! Let’s get this bread!

Our Darkness Ablaze English Equivalent Consists Of

Eruption Walker (S2A): Eruption Walker Pokebeach Translations

Infinity Zone (S3): Infinity Zone Pokebeach Translations

Charizard / Grimmsnarl Decks (SC): Charizard / Grimmsnarl Decks Pokebeach Translations

Starter Decks (SD): Starter Decks Pokebeach Translations

Shoutout to Pokebeach and their Japanese translation team for providing our community with all of the translations! 

Must Haves

3-4 Centiskorch V S2A 016/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Centiskorch VMAX S2A 017/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Vikavolt V S2A 025/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Dartrix S3 007/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Decidueye S3 008/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Crobat V S3 053/100 (Infinity Zone)

1-4 Hoopa S3 061/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Eternatus V S3 064/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Eternatus VMAX S3 065/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Turbo Patch S3 090/100 (Infinity Zone)

2-4 Toughness Cape 092/100 (Infinity Zone)

Very Close to Being a Must Have

2-4 Heat Fire Energy S2A 070/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Salamence V S3 080/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Salamence VMAX S3 081/100 (Infinity Zone)

2-4 Piers S3 095/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Spikemuth S3 097/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Hide Darkness Energy S3 099/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Powerful Colorless Energy S3 100/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Rotom Phone SC 011/020 (Grimmsnarl Deck)

1-2 Galarian Slowbro V SD 059/127 (Starter Decks)

Possibly Worthwhile

2-4 Wimpod S2A 009/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Golisopod S2A 010/070 (Eruption Walker

4 Galarian Mr. Rime S2A 019/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Gardevoir V S2A 030/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Gardevoir VMAX S2A 031/070 (Eruption Walker)

4 Dedenne S2A 033/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Sinistea S2A 036/070 (Eruption Walker)

4 Polteageist S2A 037/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-3 Galarian Stunfisk V S2A 055/070 (Eruption Walker)

4 Bunnelby S2A 058/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Dubious Canned Goods S2A 063/070 (Eruption Walker)

4 Lookalike Bell S2A 064/070 (Eruption Walker)

2 Big Parasol S2A 066/070 (Eruption Walker)

3-4 Kabu S2A 067/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Pokémon Breeder’s Nurturing S2A 068/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Glimwood Tangle S2A 069/070 (Eruption Walker)

2-4 Relicanth S3 017/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Drednaw V S3 026/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Drednaw VMAX S3 027/100 (Infinity Zone)

2 Dracovish S3 028/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Arctozolt S3 034/100 (Infinity Zone)

1 Mimikyu S3 042/100 (Infinity Zone)

2 Galarian Cursola V S3 043/100 (Infinity Zone)

2-4 Spinarak S3 051/100 (Infinity Zone)

2-4 Araidos S3 052/100 (Infinity Zone)

2 Scizor V S3 066/100 (Infinity Zone)

2 Scizor VMAX S3 067/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Dunsparce S3 075/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Skwovet S3 087/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Greedent S3 088/100 (Infinity Zone)

1-2 Cheer Yell Horn S3 089/100 (Infinity Zone)

4 Rare Fossil S3 091/100 (Infinity Zone)

2-4 Rose S3 096/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Rose Tower S3 098/100 (Infinity Zone)

3-4 Charizard V SC 001/021 (Charizard Deck)

3-4 Charizard VMAX SC 002/021 (Charizard Deck)

2-4 Deino SC 002/020 (Grimmsnarl Deck)

1 Zweilous SC 003/020 (Grimmsnarl Deck)

2-3 Hydreigon SC 004/020 (Grimmsnarl Deck)

3-4 Wailord V SD 024/127 (Starter Decks)

2-4 Altaria SD 079/127 (Starter Decks)

Hopefully this makes it easier for you when picking up Darkness Ablaze cards or even navigating our yet-to-be-released English set list. If there are any cards on here that make you scratch your head on why I included them or if there are any cards that you think I missed, hit me up in my Twitter DMs. I am more than willing to talk to any reader about this set because it has rekindled my passion for this game. Thats a wrap for today, but, if y’all wanna follow me on any of my Socials, feel free to peep the following links. Zach out *drops mic*

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