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The Good Puppers - Boltund V

Zach showcases his Boltund V list, one of his top picks for Limitless Q3, behind the paywall.

05/14/2020 by Zach Lesage

The New Dog on the Block

After the release of Rebel Clash on PTCGO, I have been devoting my time to discover as many new decks as possible because that is where I have been finding Pokémon exciting nowadays. Within that, I have found that Boltund V is an absolute beast! It might be a good dog for me, but this thing will absolutely bite you in the butt if you aren’t prepared for it. This article will showcase my current list, the decks strategy, some card explanations, and some discussions on its matchups. Let’s jump right into it shall we? And away we goooo....

Turbo Boltund V Deck

Playing this deck gives me the same kinda vibes when Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109)  was released back in Celestial Storm. This deck focuses on attaching Energy everywhere and can hit some astonishingly high numbers too! With all of this power, and it is a dog (let’s go), you’ll wanna play this deck!

Pokémon - 14

4 Boltund V RCL 67

3 Dedenne-GX UNB 57

2 Rayquaza-GX CES 109

2 Zeraora-GX LOT 86

2 Shuckle LOT 16

1 Tapu Koko Prism Star TEU 51

Trainer Cards - 31

4 Professor's Research

4 Boss’s Orders

2 Hapu 

4 Electromagnetic Radar

4 Electropower

4 Quick Ball 

4 Acro Bike

3 Energy Switch

2 Electrocharger

Energy - 15

11 Lightning Energy

4 Speed Lightning Energy 

With all of this power, it needs to be controlled wisely - let’s check out the strategy so I can share some ideal playing tips.

The Strategy

The idea of this deck is simple, yet very effective. You want to use Zeraora GX (LT; 201)  to get a bunch of Energy in play during your first turn to build up a large amount of damage with Bolt Storm. Even though Boltund V has Electrify as an Energy accelerating attack, you rarely want to use this attack because Full Voltage GX can get a lot more Energy in play. In order to get Energy into the Discard Pile, there are plenty of copies of Electromagnetic Radar (UBO; 230) , Acro Bike (CLS; 123) , Viridian Forest (TM; 156) , Dedenne GX (UBO; 57) , Professor's Research - Professor Magnolia (S&S; 178) , and Shuckle (LT; 16) . With all of those ways to get Energy in the Discard Pile, using Full Voltage GX to its full potential is relatively easy. In most cases you want to go second because you wanna use Full Voltage GX on your first turn. If you don’t start with Zeraora-GX, you can easily attack with it by attaching to your Active and using either Energy Switch (S&S; 162)  or Tapu Koko Prism Star (TM; 51) . Once you get enough Energy in play (usually eight or nine by turn two), you really just want to pound (pun intended) into your opponents Pokémon. Between them having powerful Pokémon in their Active Spot and Boss’s Orders, you should be able to Knock Out whatever you want. If you are still looking to do more damage, Electropower (LT; 232)  will totally allow you to scale everything to your liking! All for this combined together makes for a vicious combo that makes this deck very strong! 

Card Inclusions

This section of the article will go over most of the cards in the deck and how they are used in different situations. If a card isn’t listed here, it is merely a consistency card or a generally used card.

Boltund V

This is our main Pokémon and usually the only attacker in our deck. While it has Electrify that can power up Energy in a pinch, you usually don’t want to use that attack because it is much quicker to use Full Voltage GX on Zeraora-GX. That means we are only using Boltund V for Bolt Storm because it is the only “attacking Pokémon” in our deck. You want to get as many Energy as you can into play to do as much damage as possible. Remember to spread your Energy around to allow your damage to be stable even if one of your Pokémon were Knocked Out.


This is a consistency card that is searchable with Electromagnetic Radar and Quick Ball. You can use Dedechange to discard Energy from your hand to get back with Tapu Koko Prism Star and Zeraora-GX. This is a deck where you can attack with Dedenne-GX so don’t be afraid to use Tingly Return GX in a pinch or use Static Shock to win a game quickly.


Sometimes you need to hit a Pokémon for an additional 30 damage and Stormy Winds is one of the few Energy accelerators that would work in this kind of deck. You need to be incredibly careful with this Ability because you can discard other crucial cards in the process or you might even miss an Energy. I’m not one who typically likes gambling, so I make it my mission to have an Energy in my Discard Pile before using Stormy Winds.


This is likely the most crucial card in the deck because Full Voltage GX is the attack that you want to use on your first turn (going second) each game. Get five to seven Energy in your discard pile and get those into play! If you don’t start with Zeraora-GX, you can attach to your Active Pokémon, Retreat it for free with Thunderclap Zone, and use Energy Switch to get the Energy on Zeraora-GX. You can also use Tapu Koko Prism Star or Thunder Mountain to allow yourself to attack with Zeraora-GX. Remember that if you use Tapu Koko Prism Star that you will be taking Energy out of your Discard Pile so you will need to add more to get up to the ideal count of five to use Full Voltage GX. Beyond using its GX attack, it gives your Pokémon with Lightning Energy free Retreat and it can be a powerful backup attacker with Plasma Fists!

Tapu Koko Prism Star

The use for Koko is incredibly simple here - you use Dance of the Ancients to power up more Lightning Energy when necessary. Be careful not to use it before Zeraora-GX because Full Voltage GX will likely not nab you five Energy.


This deck revolves around discarding Energy to accelerate it back into play and Shuckle is a great crutch! You can use Fresh Squeezed to send Energy to the Discard Pile to get back with Full Voltage GX, Dance of the Ancients, and / or Stormy Winds. I typically attach a few Energy to Shuckle during the game which takes my opponents eyes off of my Boltund V. It’s not always effective, but they might set themselves behind if they decide to take out a Shuckle instead of a Pokémon worth two Prize Cards

Professor’s Research

While this card is mostly self explanatory, don’t be afraid to toss cards from your hand in search of completing your mission. If you need a certain card, this deck plays multiple copies of each card in the deck so you are able to find another copy to use relatively quickly. Don’t use this as an excuse to be wasteful, but you will need to discard plenty of cards to get where you want to go with this specific deck!

Boss’s Orders

The reason why this deck is so successful is because you get to bring up whichever Pokémon you want when you want to. In a game with Tag Team GX and VMAX Pokémon, we can easily end games in very few turns! 


Hapu doesn’t see much play and that is mostly for the reason that it is an entirely wasteful card. It rips resources to shreds at the cost of gaining very few cards, uh, hm, two in fact! In this deck, it almost functions as a fifth and sixth copy of Professor’s Research and can easily discard some Energy that are still sticking to the bones of this deck. In the process, we can grab other important cards like Speed Lightning Energy and Boss’s Orders! It kinda works now, but these are also my flex spots. 

Electromagnetic Radar

This card is crucial because it ups the consistency factor by allowing us to grab Dedenne-GX with relative ease. It can also grab Zeraora-GX for the whole T1 Full Voltage GX combo to get into gear for T2. It also has the discard element to it which allows us to discard more Lightning Energy into our Discard Pile!


Electropower is the icing on top of this puppers-themed cake because it can turn your attack from a two shot into an OHKO. On turn one (going second), I usually attach an Energy to Zeraora-GX, use Full Voltage GX, and I have six Energy in play heading into my second turn. In this scenario, let’s say we are playing against Dragapult VMAX and we need to hit for 320 damage to OHKO heading into our next turn. 10 damage + (30 x 6 energy) = 190. We still have another turn though so stay with me here... We can attach for our turn, which brings us to 220, Koko Prism brings us another two Energy so 280 which means we are slightly short. Between Rayquaza-GX using Stormy Winds and a single copy of Electropower, we can achieve an OHKO. You can use as many Electropower as necessary to fill in the gaps to get those Knock Outs.

Quick Ball 

This gives us an out to any Pokémon in the deck, an out to discarding Energy, and is a general consistency card. You can always reach for a Dedenne-GX if your hand isn’t hot or you can grab a Boltund V to attack with! Think about each situation carefully because this is a valuable card in this list!

Acro Bike

This deck needs to discard a bunch of Lightning Energy and Acro Bike helps chip away at our deck! We might lose some important pieces in the process, but this is a consistency crutch that allows this deck to draw what it wants relatively quickly. 

Energy Switch

This might end up becoming Switch, but the idea is still the same. I want to go second, get a bunch of Energy in the Discard Pile, and use Full Voltage GX to power up my Pokémon. With Thunderclap Zone providing free Retreat, we can attach a Lightning Energy to any of our Active Pokémon, Retreat it for free, and Energy Switch that Energy onto Zeraora-GX to attack with. It isn’t always plausible, but it does get the job done most of the time. Switch would be one less combo piece (you wouldn’t need a Lightning Energy), but it doesn’t get much secondary usage. If you have Zeraora-GX in play, your Pokémon will likely have free Retreat for the entirety of the game so Switch isn’t useful late game. However, Energy Switch allows you to jump into a fresh attacker by moving Energy around. Let’s be clear, they are both achieving the same point, I am liking Energy Switch slightly more right now.


In some of the games I have tested, this deck has struggled with hitting OHKOs or hitting OHKOs later on in the game when you use up most of your Electropower. Electrocharger basically solves this by giving you an opportunity, albeit with a couple of flips, to do even more damage! While it isn’t useful in every game, Electrocharger has come in clutch in a handful of close games. This is a card I might want to increase going forward to make it more impactful.

Speed Lightning Energy

One of the best cards in Rebel Clash, Speed Lightning Energy adds an extra layer of consistency to this deck. Remember that it only works on Lightning-type Pokémon, if you wanna draw cards that is, and that you can’t get it back ever. You can’t Energy Switch it. Koko isn’t an option... While the card is overwhelmingly positive in this deck, you need to be careful because it can also be a double edged sword.

The Matchups

Boltund V feels almost like a fake deck when it comes to matchups because it sets up more often than other decks. This is likely due to the sheer amount of consistency cards in the deck, ease of strategy, and not having to worry about what your opponent does. Say that again? “Not having to worry about what your opponent does!?!” Yeah, you heard that right. In most games you want to look at the value of Prize Cards before necessarily considering the board state. Don’t take that the wrong way, you should still pay attention to your opponents game, it just isn’t as important as other matchups. In most games you wanna focus on Pokémon worth the most Prizes Cards to close out games quickly. Once you know the cap of HP for each opposing deck, you can accurately plan you strategy and prepare to win the game. Let’s look at some of the top decks in our current, and unfortunately undefined, Rebel Clash metagame.

Dragapult VMAX - Slightly Positive

You are either hitting for enough damage or not. How much damage? Well, Dragapult VMAX has 320 HP so let’s start counting. 10 Energy / Electropower + 10 base = 310 so you will need a combination of 11 Energy and Electropower to get the job done. That might sound tough, but it is certainly doable. Following the going second strategy into a Full Voltage GX, you can scale damage like this:

First Turn (Going Second)

Attach an Energy (1)

Full Voltage GX (5)

Total: 6

Second Turn

Attach an Energy (1)

Tapu Koko Prism Star (2)

Rayquaza-GX (1)

Electropower (1)

Total: 5

Overall Total: 11

You can change Energy with Electropower or use a second Stormy Winds if necessary, but they have no response if you take a turn two OHKO. If you don’t, you can still win, but it strictly depends on their setup. Watch out for Giant Bomb, Horror Psychic Energy, and focus on Knock Out Dragapult VMAX. If you are unable to take an OHKO on a VMAX, shift your focus on OHKOing a two Prizer instead. 

Baby Blowns - Negative

If you don’t out-speed them, you likely lose. The only issue is that they are taking OHKOs with single Prize Card Pokemon and you are taking OHKOs as a two Prize Card Pokemon. Try and focus on their extra Pokémon, like Oricorio-GX, while trying to keep up. It is recommended to try and attack as early as turn one with Boltund V instead of using Zeraora-GX because you don’t need as many Energy as other matchups. This matchup makes me want to play three, yes three, Tapu Fini. It’s not great peeps!

PikaRom - Neutral / Slightly Positive

Similar to Dragapult VMAX, you wanna focus on Knocking Out two Tag Team Pokemon because that allows you to win the game quickly. The biggest plus is that their Pokémon have less HP than Dragapult VMAX so you don’t need to worry that match! You can OHKO a PikaRom for eight Energy (nine if they have a Big Charm) and you can Knock Out Raichu & Alolan Raichu for nine Energy (ten if they have Big Charm). You need to watch out for random Tag Bolt GXs that can draw four Prizes, but if you get setup, you are likely good to go! 

Zacian / Jirachi Prism - Neutral / Slightly Positive 

As you can probably tell, most matchups are fairly similar as long as you aren’t playing against a single Prize Card deck. Zacian has 220 HP so that means seven Energy gets an OHKO (eight if they have a Metal Frying Pan). It’s basically a race between Boltund V KOing three V / GX Pokémon versus them Knocking Out two (and using Jirachi Prism twice). It isn’t an exciting match, it either is or isn’t. The one thing going in our favor is that they can miss the Jirachi Prism once to lose the game. 

Fire Toolbox - Slightly Positive

Fire Toolbox doesn’t necessarily do well against decks that can constantly take OHKOs and Boltund V does that. So we basically can get most OHKOs for six or seven Energy, but it should be noted that you need to be careful with how your spread your Energy! They can always use Ninetales to gust up a Pokémon with plenty of Energy so try and spread a little thinner than usual. Focus on their V / GX Pokémon and you should be fine. My hot tip is to always have a backup Zeraora instead of discarding it because they can gust up a Rayquaza and leave it stranded. That wouldn’t be an issue if you switch out Energy Switch with Switch.

Zacian / ADP - Slightly Positive 

This is a deck that I suspect will become Zacian / Jirachi Prism, but it might take a bit to get there or I’m wrong. Either way, you want to focus on the typical going second first turn Full Voltage GX to power up a bunch of Energy. You want to OHKO ADP quickly and that is going to require nine Energy (ten with a Big Charm). If you can OHKO ADP before they use Altered Creation or if they don’t have the opportunity to use Ultimate Ray, they almost always lose. 

Boltund V Mirror - Neutral

This matchup is similar to Baby Blowns except it is the two Prize Card version. You don’t necessarily want to go second and you likely don’t want to use Full Voltage GX. Just keep on attacking with Boltund V, focus on their Energy, and strive for Victory.

Other - Varies

Following the above guidelines, you can carefully piece together a strategy against most matchups. If it is a GX / V / VMAX / Tag Team matchup, you are likely going to be positive (at least neutral) against those decks. Quickly determine the cap of damage you need to hit and aim for that number! If you find yourself playing against a single Prize Card deck, focus on any two Prizers they play and take Knock Outs quickly. If you find yourself playing against a Control deck, save Boss’s Orders to take crucial OHKOs and use Zeraora-GX to gather back discarded Energy. Overall, try and identify win conditions and strive towards victory. 

Next Stop - Limitless Q3

That’s a wrap peeps! While I am still unsure which deck I am playing for the Limitless event this weekend, this is one is certainly one of my top picks. Between its consistency, ease of play, and it’s level of fun - I truly want to play this deck. Other top considerations include Fire Toolbox (my precious pet deck), PikaRom (tried and true), and Dustox / Cryogonal (spooky lock deck). My goal is to talk to my brother Jay Lesage on Friday, work out the metagame with him, and make a unified choice heading into Saturday. It has been my pleasure to provide you all with some written entertainment during this pandemic and I truly appreciate you all for reading this article! Creating content is my livelihood and I wouldn’t be where I am without the support of all of you. Whether you are playing in the Limitless event or not, have yourself a great weekend, and I’ll catch you next time. Peace out y’all!

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