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My Play for Limitless Q2

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05/01/2020 by Zach Lesage

This is super late, but I hope it shows that I have been crafting this deck up until the last moment...

Pokemon - 18

4 Jirachi TEU

3 Dedenne-GX UNB

2 Ninetales TEU

2 Vulpix SWH

1 Victini Prism Star DRM

1 Cramorant V SSH

1 Heatran-GX UMI

1 Turtonator DRM

1 Volcanion UNB

1 Tapu Fini UMI

1 Victini V SWH

Trainers - 24

2 Giant Hearth

1 Heat Factory Prism Star

4 Welder

4 Quick Ball

4 Switch

3 Pokémon Communication

2 Escape Board

2 Fiery Flint

1 Ordinary Rod

1 Pal Pad

Energy - 18

18 Fire Energy

Well, thats a wrap for today! I only have a few hours before the start of Rd 1, but I did say i was gonna post this. I played a simialr list to make Top 4 of a fairly large online event and I had some poor draws G3 to knock me out of it. I'm not too worried about how I do tomorrow because i just wanna have some fun and support our community. I'm gonna livestream it all so peep out my channel below. Best of luck peeps.


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