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Zach opens up his knowledge vault to pass on some information to grow as a player.

04/30/2020 by Zach Lesage

Thinking a Bunch

What’s up 60 Cards readers? Do you ever just sit around at your desk and say dream about becoming better? Do you want to know a little known secret that often doesn’t get shared in the Pokémon community? Uhhh, YES PLEASE!!! Well, I have written a quick piece that should allow you to understand exactly where I am coming from and get more on the same wave length that other top players are on. The article today is all about improving your lines of play and thinking about micro misplays differently. Maybe you will read this article and agree with me, maybe you will already know everything, but it is my hope that you will learn something that you can apply to your game. With the tournament structure having major tournaments all around the world almost weekly, now is the time to step up your game.

Neural Evolution 

So I recently stumbled across a video on YouTube the other day, yeah, I know boooorrrring, but it gets better. The video is about a computer program learning how to play Super Mario World for the Super Nintendo and how it grew to learn. At the beginning of the video, the program would have Mario sit there and do absolutely nothing, but that didn’t complete the level did it? Obviously not! After going from knowing nothing to wading through the level, the computer program was able to pick up tricks along the way to beat the level. About a minute into the video, the program creator explains how the program was able to showcase its brain, or neural network, which showed a series of lines connected to possible actions. The program, which is likely a bunch of complicated formulas, looks simple because it is a bunch of possible commands and black and white imagery. The program has the opportunity to make decisions, sees its available options, and to learn. Eventually the program grew to play through the level, understand its flow, and play it like an expert. You can check out the video here for reference:

So how does this apply to playing the Pokémon TCG? Well, I think it is a fairly exaggerated way to look at the many options that you have in the game. When I first started playing Pokemon,

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