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Cincinno Mill with Energy Denial

Zach goes over everything about Cincinno Mill in approximately 7000 words.

04/14/2020 by Zach Lesage

Chillin’ at Home

Yoooo what’s up my socially distanced peeps? I’m back with another article for y’all and today it’s going to be about  Cinccino (S&S; 147) Mill with Energy Denial. This is the same deck that I was going to play for Toronto and it’s the same deck that I plan on playing for the first two Limitless Online Qualifiers. The deck is extremely vicious and hasn’t received much talk beyond what I have posted on my Twitter. The goal of this article is to share this knowledge with you and provide some solid content in this article. Let’s jump into it.

Cincinno Mill & Energy Denial (UPR-SWH)

This is the exact deck list that I was playing during the original Q1 Limitless Online Event and it’s what I’m planning on playing for the postponed event too. It has a similar game plan for many matchups, it is a relatively easy control deck to play, and I enjoy the play style of this list. Let’s look at the list before I explain the strategy.

Pokémon - 17

4 Cinccino PR-SW 09

4 Minccino SSH 145

3 Zacian V SSH 138

2 Oranguru UPR 114

1 Mewtwo & Mew-GX PR-SM 191

1 Ditto Prism Star LOT 154

1 Magcargo-GX LOT 44

1 Girafarig LOT 94

Trainer Cards - 40

4 Bellelba & Brycen-Man

4 Team Yell Grunt

3 Cynthia & Caitlin

2 Lt. Surge's Strategy

1 Faba

4 Crushing Hammer

4 Lillie's Poké Doll

4 Quick Ball

4 Great Ball

2 Pokémon Communication

2 Ordinary Rod

2 Air Balloon

2 Tag Call

2 Pal Pad 

Energy - 3

2 Fire Energy

1 Recycle Energy

As you can see, I have tried to make this deck as consistent as possible while having the added benefit of Energy denial cards. As long as this deck can lift off the ground in the first few turns, it should be fine against most decks. The biggest issue is if it crashes and burns during the first few turns - that can make matchups sticky. 

Deck Strategy

The strategy of the deck can vary by matchup, but the unified goal is to achieve a win condition via decking out your opponent. You can use a combination of cards between Lt. Surge's Strategy (UBO; 178) , Bellelba & Brycen-Man (CoE; 186) , and  Magcargo GX (LT; 44) to discard up to 11 cards from your opponents deck at once. B&B is a double-edged sword - you can’t baselessly discard cards from your deck without establishing some sort of risk / reward assessment. That being said, keeping your options open, identifying important cards, and understanding your resources will allow you to make thoughtful decisions when piloting this deck. The best time to use B&B is when you have zero cards left in your deck because it only becomes an advantage at that point in the game. During the early game, you need to make sure you can get setup for success before you do anything else. That includes using Quick Ball (S&S; 179) , Great Ball (S&S; 164) , and  Pokemon Communication (TM; 152) to get out  Minccino (S&S; 145) and Zacian V (S&S; 138) . This deck typically wants to go first due to the lack of strong draw Supporters and that decision will allow you to Evolve into Cinccino (S&S; 147)  quicker. Beyond trying to deck your opponent out and drawing cards, you need to get back resources too (assuming you discard cards from B&B and Make Do) - that’s where the deck gets tricky. You need to balance Pal Pad (S&S; 172) , Ordinary Rod (S&S; 171) , and Oranguru (UPR; 114)  to avoid decking out, flooding your deck with unnecessary resources, avoiding Prize Cards, and identifying win conditions. It’s easier said than done, but the main goal is to survive long enough to deck out your opponent. If you need a few more turns of breathing room, Lillie Poke Doll doesn’t offer up and Prize Cards and you can always remove your opponents Energy from play. Between Team Yell Grunt (S&S; 184) , Crushing Hammer (S&S; 159) , and Faba (LT; 173) , you can bounce Energy off your opponents Pokémon to give yourself the necessary time needed. All together, this deck functions as control deck hidden under the cloak of a “lesser” mill deck.

Deck Out Strategy

This strategy is going to be your end goal each game because it is the only way you can actually win the game. Beyond using a baseless B&B, you need to think about a few things. Do you have the capability of getting back lost resources? Is it worth it? Do you know what’s in your deck? I usually wall with Doll because they off my opponent zero Prizes while I draw through my deck with Make Do. When you are discarding cards with Make Do, identify cards that don’t particularly matter in that matchup (Yell Grunt against Pikachu & Zekrom GX (TM; 33)  for example). I try an hold off on B&B until I know I can gain access to an Energy, Pad, and Guru - otherwise I try and hold off. My goal is to discard the minimal amount of cards from my deck so I either deck myself out first or have less valued cards in my deck before I decide to B&B. Once I have used many resources, I then use Guru to get back Pads and Rods because those cards can get back multiple resources. This method gives up minimal Prizes, conserves resources, and discards many cards from your opponents deck. My last turn almost always consists of me using Surge, double B&B, Mewtwo & Mew GX (UB; 71) , and copying Magcargo for the win. The key thing to do is ask yourself meaningful questions about the board state each turn and identify what is going on with your opponents board. Can you deck them out? How many cards are left? Can I discard this? How many cards do I have left? What is the correct order of operations for this turn? The more critical thinking that you do the better this deck will perform. 

Energy Denial Strategy

While it was created to stop ADP in its tracks, it might find other uses against a slew of random decks. The goal is to deny your opponent the opportunity to attack or progress into game ending moves. This can be done with Grunt, Crushing, or Faba. As long as you can take away their attachment for a turn, you are actively buying time in the game to remove all of their important Energy from play. Each turn when you stop their Energy attachment, you want to thin through your deck with Make Do, Intrepid Sword, and any card that speeds through your deck. Once you get to the bottom (less than five or whatever you can draw per turn), you can use Resource Management to get back Crushing, Crushing, and either a third Crushing or Pal Pad. This means you have the odds of math on your side to remove many Energy from your opponents board state per game. You want to continuously stop your opponent from having Energy if you can do so and eventually take away all their options to attack. At this point, you can actively try and deck out your opponent. 

Get Lost Strategy

Similar to Energy Denial, this strategy is meant for only a few matchups. If you find yourself playing against Control / Mill mirror matches, there is a good chance that they only run three or four Energy total. That being said, you can use Hammer to get basic Energy in their Discard and you can use Girafarig (LT; 94)  to remove them to the Lost Zone. If they play one or two Special Energy, like Recycle Energy, you can use Faba to get rid of those. Once you have Lost Zoned all of their Energy, they won’t be able to use Guru to get back their resources at all. You can keep your deck above a certain threshold of cards (11 to avoid Surge, double B&B, and Burning Magma GX) to eventually win the game via deck out. Similarly, Girafarig offers a win condition against decks that put important cards in the Discard. Mewtwo & Mew can drop a Naganadel GX (FLI; 56) , Naganadel GX (UB; 160) , Alolan Raticate GX (CLS; 85)  (attacks for free / if you deny Energy), and even their own Magcargo. Malamar (FLI; 51)  might have Giratina (LT; 97)  or Energy in the Discard, other decks might have some other kind of spice. I guess what I’m trying to say is that Get Lost is live in more games than you likely have realized, keep your eyes peeled. 

If you don’t understand the strategies above, here is a video of me playing a similar deck.

I will also go into more depth for each card below!

Card Explanations

This section of the article will go over each card included into the deck in as much detail as possible. 

Cincinno, Mincinno, and Zacian V

These are the cards that allow us to draw through our deck to get the disruption cards we need. We play the 70 HP Mincinno because it can withstand the most damage from attacks and Cincinno is there for Make Do. You want to setup three Cincinno most games to maximize your efforts of drawing cards, but you don’t need more than that. Try to use Make Do before evolving into your others to give yourself more options - even if it isn’t the best card to discard, keep it in your hand so you have the opportunity to make that decision. There is a proper order each turn with Make Do, try to identify what you want to draw into each turn. Zacian is there to draw cards each turn as your ending move. Don’t draw too many cards and put yourself in jeopardy of decking out yourself and realize that it is worth two Prizes. The end goal is getting to your resources to get closer to your win condition.

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