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Playable Cards from Rebel Clash

Zach shares his early buy list / playable cards list from Rebel Clash

03/16/2020 by Zach Lesage

Hey everyone, it’s me Zach, and I’m back with another article. This article features my buy list / playable cards list from the upcoming set, Rebel Clash. It might seem slightly premature considering we haven’t fully explored our new Sword and Shield format, but that format has unfortunately been cancelled. Our next event, at the bare minimum, should be Standard Ultra Prism - Rebel Clash. I will have an article that fleshes these cards put coming out soon! Let’s look at my first impressions!

Shoutouts to Limitless TCG for having early access to these translations! On a side note, if I am missing anything on this list, it is possible that I overlooked cards that are likely to be released.

SP1 Zacian & Zamazenta Box

Translations: Zacian & Zamazenta Box

4 Galarian Meowth SP1 1

S1A VMAX Rising

Translations: VMAX Rising

2 Appletun S1A 11

2 Galarian Mr. Mime S1A 18

2 Galarian Mr. Rime S1A 19

1 Boltund V S1A 31

4 Galarian Corsola S1A 36

4 Galarian Cursola S1A 37

1 Dubwool V S1A 62

4 Full Bucket S1A 63

4 Burning Scarf S1A 64

4 Sonia S1A 65

4 Turffield Stadium S1A 68

4 Training Court S1A 69

4 Twin Energy S1A 70

S2 Rebel Clash

Translations: Rebel Clash

2 Eldegoss V S2 10

4 Applin S2 11

4 Flapple S2 12

2 Ninetales V S2 13

4 Eiscue S2 28

2 Sigilyph S2 41

4 Hatenna S2 44

2 Hattrem S2 45

4 Hatterne S2 46

3 Dragapult V S2 49

2 Dragapult VMAX S2 50

4 Galarian Yamask S2 56

4 Galarian Runerigus S2 57

2 Rolycoly S2 58

1 Carkol S2 59

2 Coalossal S2 60

2 Galarian Weezing S2 64

2 Trubbish S2 66

2 Garbodor S2 67

3 Malamar V S2 70

2 Malamar VMAX S2 71

3 Copperajah V S2 75

2 Copperajah VMAX S2 76

1 Chatot S2 78

4 Scoop Up Net S2 86

4 Nugget S2 87

4 Cursed Shovel S2 89

2 Oleana S2 90

4 Boss’ Command S2 92

4 Galar Mine S2 93

4 Speed Lightning Energy S2 94

4 Horror Psychic Energy S2 95

4 Capture Energy S2 96

That’s all I have for today folks! Like I said, I will look at the best of these cards and do a write up on them fairly soon (read as this week or next week). On top of that, I will start trickling Rebel Clash content as soon as possible considering our Sword and Shield Standard and Expanded format is technically over. I hope that my early findings will make it easier to cope with the pandemic in general. If you are looking for coaching or if you wanna follow me on Social Media, check out these links! 

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