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Zach Lesage

Floating Thoughts Before Toronto

Zach goes over a handful of important topics before Toronto and includes two lists after the paywalls

03/11/2020 by Zach Lesage


Hey everyone, it’s me Zach, and I wanted to let you know what’s on my mind before Toronto! I’m not planning on a certain length of words for this article, but I will cover my thoughts on the metagame, the community, and some more! I’m not sure how big Toronto Regionals will reach due to the COVID-19 global pandemic, but I think we will still hit enough for a Day Two in Masters. Anyways, I’ll try to go over each topic and address them the best I can! Thanks in advance for reading and I appreciate the opportunity to write about my thoughts!


This is not a subject that I like talking about, but it hasn’t recently been brought up by many members of our community so I wanted to add my thoughts to it. Global pandemics are not to be taken lightly and the situation is going to be different for many people. Some members of our community have elderly parents that they live with, they might be forced to work at their food service job, or they might have the freedom to work from home.

As a community, we don’t  have the right to shame organizers, players, or judges for making one decision or the other. I have seen countless posts and tweets that are shaming members - that isn’t cool with me. As the situation gets more severe with the spread of the virus, I am sure the decision will be made for most of us (read as future event cancellations) and I wish everyone the best of health in this difficult time!

The Toronto Metagame

This is something that a lot of people have talked about behind closed doors and that is how does the virus change the metagame for Toronto? If you don’t understand, lemme explain. Many players are cancelling their travel plans, including many of the best players in the game, which means Toronto will have a more diluted field. That’s not to say that Toronto doesn’t have a plethora of talented locals, we totally do, but the lack of many professional players at this event will be felt. The tournament will likely mimic local Toronto events, high amounts of ZADP and Baby Blowns, and a splash of everything else. That information might cause the few players travelling to this event to drastically change their deck for the event which means the metagame might suffer. My strategy is to go in woth a deck that I am comfortable, but I will not accept an auto loss to ZADP. Here are some of my top plays for the event...

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