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Zach Lesage

ADP / Zacian for OIC

Zach shares his ADP / Zacian list, thoughts on the metagame, and matchup spread in this article.

02/06/2020 by Zach Lesage


What’s up everyone? It’s Zach Lesage here and I am back with another article for you today! I wanna go over a deck that is super hyped up, Zacian / ADP, showcase my list, and share some quick thoughts on the deck. This week should have a few shorter articles from me and next week will be more in depth. As I prepare for Oceania Internationals in Australia, I will be sharing my exact lists as I update them. I’m going to try and cover the most important lists that are paving way in our new SwSh Standard format. Anyways, let’s talk about Zacian / ADP! 

Zacian / ADP

Zacian / ADP is a newer concept of a deck that is coming out upon the release of SwSh in the TCG. It mostly takes the existing shell of Keldeo / ADP and adds in Zacian because it is a better partner overall. This is because cards like Metal Saucer allow for the deck to expedite Zacian into attacking or you can Energy Switch to ADP to use Altered Creation GX earlier than before. With Zacian hitting for an already hefty 230 damage, Altered Creation brings that up to 260, Vitality Band brings that up to 270, and Shrine can hit for even more! Magnolia and Marnie make this deck as consistent as ever and don’t forget about the Ability on Zacian either. Having this whole combo wrapped up in a Jirachi engine allows this deck to thrive going first and that is huge in this format. Most other decks will be forced to go 2nd due to the new Supporter rule change because they don’t have as consistent of a backing. If you are new to this format or if you are struggling to find a deck for your next SwSh Standard event, this is a great list to play around with. Let’s check it out!

The List

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