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Zach Lesage

Turbo Dark for Dallas

Zach shares his Turbo Dark deck behind the paywall as he prepares for Dallas

01/15/2020 by Zach Lesage

What’s up 60 Cards readers? It’s been an active week for me in terms of writing articles, but I want to make sure that I am able to get you as much up-to-date content as possible. Don’t worry too much about me, these articles are shorter than usual, but they pack great information. Whether it is a solid list or a discussion about the metagame, I would highly recommend picking up a subscription. This article will showcase my Turbo Dark list behind the paywall and explain my thought process on this deck. Anyways, let’s jump into it:

This deck is the most played Expanded deck, based on Cup results since December, and it certainly packs a punch! ZoroNinja is a powerhouse of a Pokémon that can quickly do damage based on the amount of Dark Energy in play. You can quickly accurate Energy in play with Patches, Elixirs, and Darkrai-GX too! This deck is relatively easy to play so if you are a newcomer to Expanded or a fan of beat down decks, this would be a great pick for Dallas.

I’m gonna start off by saying I’m likely not playing this deck for Dallas because I am currently favoring HitmonWobb and GardEon, but this is likely the best deck in the format. You might be wondering why I don’t want to play the BDIF and that is valid question to ask. I am merely worried about the inconsistent mirror match and that this deck will be countered in Dallas. There are a few cool new cards in the deck, like Guzz and Great Catcher, but I don’t want to be at the mercy of TOM pairings each round. I truly believe this list above can win Dallas because it is extra consistent and relatively easy to play. I know this article isn’t much, but I wanted to share this list, explain my quick thoughts on it, and that’s it! I hope you enjoyed it and maybe you even gained a list out of it! Before Dallas, I’m likely going to release one more quick article going over UNecroGarb so that you can all have access to a solid list for that new archetype. After Dallas, I’ll provide some light on some Sword and Shield decks as I prepare for the 2020 Oceania International Championships in Melbourne, Australia. Anyways, if you see me in Dallas, be sure to say what’s up! I love meeting new people and I love connecting with our community! If you are looking to follow me on my adventure, here are the links to my Social Media / sponsors:

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Let’s go have some fun,

Zach Lesage

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