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A Quick Look at Expanded GardEon

Zach goes over his thoughts on the Expanded metagame and shares his GardEon list behind the paywall

01/13/2020 by Zach Lesage

What’s up 60 Cards readers? It’s me, Zach Lesage, and I am back with a quick article that showcases one of my emerging picks for Dallas. I have previously talked about HitmonWobb and I have created content on RowEggs, but I am possibly switching to GardEon. After looking over the top decks from our Expanded metagame, it seems like a better play each passing day. This article is merely a glimpse at my list and my strategy, but every bit counts right? Let’s jump into it...

Actually, just one more thing... Before I showcase my list, here are the top 10 decks heading into Dallas based on League Cups observed from December 26 to January 12. I added all the CP together, tracked results, and here is the list starting with the most played deck:

Turbo Dark 







Shock Lock


Night March

Turbo Dark has been the deck that has been performing the best at Cups overall and is the deck that most players will default to. Mewtwo has particularly performed well in Texas at Cups and it likely has the the ability to be the best deck. With Expanded being an underrepresented format, I don’t think many players will have a perfected list. The deck is surely is a strong contender and I would take its metagame position seriously. ZoroGarb is the default deck for most players in Expanded and I don’t see that changing much going forward. Lists gained new techs such as LoPuff, but the deck is mainly the same as before. It is coming off a win at the last Expanded major event and we might see players gravitate towards it for this event. GardEon has this middle of the road position that is appealing. It has healing, it is consistent, it is tanky, and it is disruptive. I’ll write a bit more about to below, but it is rapidly rising in the League Cup ranks over the past week or so. UNecroGarb is the new deck on the block and therefore might be better than a lot of players think it is. With Wobb on the rise as a tech, UNecroGarb can get around some poor matchups and squeeze through the cracks if necessary. Lucario or Fighting-type decks in general have the appeal of beating Turbo Dark and ZoroGarb, but can ultimately fail to other strong decks such as Mewtwo. If you are lost in the format or if you feel slightly lucky, these are a great pick if you hit Fighting-weak decks. RowEggs is likely the last big deck on the list, but the metagame seems to be unofficially countering it with new techs emerging. Many lists are now featuring Wobb and even decks like Hitmonchan contain oppressive techs such as Primal Groudon. As much as it was once of my top picks a week ago, I’m gonna pass on the deck for now. There has been some talk of control decks popping up, but nothing beyond Robo Dolls / Shock Lock have been doing well at Cups. I’m sure players have been cooking up toxic decks behind the scene, but nothing has been publicized otherwise. Every other deck can exist within the Expanded metagame, but are going to be fringe decks. Anyways, I don’t want to talk too much here, I really want to showcase my GardEon list here. Let’s go! 

The list focuses on using Plant and Lab to slow down your opponent while you can eventually get GardEon to use Kaliedostorm. If your opponent attacks you, you can use Aromatisse and [insert a healing card here] to make sure you get another turn. It’s an easy strategy, but it has been working incredibly well. Turbo Dark struggles with OHKOs and Dead End GX doesn’t go through Wonder Energy. Mewtwo can’t use Perfection because of Plant / Lab and it is difficult to one shot a 300HP beast of a Pokémon. ZoroGarb can struggle to take OHKOs and it can be a casualty of LoPuff. UNecro can’t discard the Wonder Energy because it blocks that and the damage cap means Aromatisse can loop healing. RowEgg can be stopped because of Guzma on Item-lock Plume and Stealthy Hood can go through Basic-lock Plume. Overall the deck seems like a step contender for Expanded and I’m going to test it this entire week to determine if I’m going to play it.

I know this article was a bit short, but I want to make more content in the moment. This content was written in a period of an hour after a few testing sessions with my friends. I am publishing this content the same day I wrote it, Monday late night, to get you the freshest I formation available. I still want to write about Turbo Dark and UNecroGarb this week so stay tuned for those! I have been super busy traveling lately and I’m off to Dallas early Friday morning, so no promises on the content, but trust me when I say that I’m trying my hardest! Anyways, if you see me in Dallas, be sure to say what’s up! I love meeting new people and I love connecting with our community! If you are looking to follow me on my adventure, here are the links to my Social Media / sponsors:

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Reach out to me if you are interested in coaching or any other business opportunity. 

Let’s go have some fun,

Zach Lesage 

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