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Sword and Shield Buy List

Zach shares his personal Sword and Shield buy list in this freebie article!

12/17/2019 by Zach Lesage

While the rest of the world focuses on Cosmic Eclipse and Expanded events, maybe you wanna know what cards are going to shape the future of this game. This brief article showcases my buy list for Sword and Shield. Enjoy!


These cards are worthwhile pickups and will likely see play right away! If they don’t see play right away, they are stronger cards that will grow with time! 

4x Lapras V

4x Lapras VMAX

4x Snom

4x Frosmoth

1x Tapu Koko V

4x Morpeko V

1x Morpeko VMAX

4x Galarian Zigzagoon

2x Galarian Linoone

4x Galarian Obstagoon

4x Zacian V

2x Zamazenta V

4x Mincinno “Tail Whap”

4x Mincinno “Glance”

4x Cincinno

2x Oranguru 

4x Snorlax V

4x Snorlax VMAX

4x Air Balloon

4x Evolution Incense

2x Fishing Rod

4x Marnie

4x Metal Saucer

4x Professor’s Research

4x Quick Ball

4x Aurora Energy

Fringe Cards

These cards can be strong, but they are missing something or are not expected to become Tier 1 cards. Pick these cards up if you wanna build a pet deck or if you have high hopes for the future. 

2x Blipbug

2x Orbeetle

4x Grookey “Fury Swipes”

2x Thwackey “Taunt”

4x Rillaboom “Voltage Beat”

3x Vulpix (solid Vulpix)

4x Skorbunny “Ember”

3x Raboot “Flame Charge”

4x Cinderace “Libero”

4x Sobble “Water Gun”

4x Drizzile “Shady Business”

4x Intellion “Shady Dealings”

1x Keldeo V

1x Wobbuffet V

4x Sinistea

4x Polteageist

2x Galarian Ponyta

2x Galarian Rapidash

2x Gastly 

2x Gengar

4x Indeedee V

1x Regirock V

4x Stonjourner V

4x Stonjourner VMAX

3x Sableye V

4x Galarian Meowth

4x Galarian Perrserker

2x Galarian Stunfisk

2x Hoothoot

2x Noctowl

1x Cramorant V

4x Bede

4x Fine Band

4x Giant Charm

4x Hyper Potion

4x Lum Berry

4x Poké Kid

4x Rotom Bike

4x Sitrus Berry

4x Team Yell Grunt

Well, hopefully this gets you amped up for the next set! I will have plenty more articles coming out over the holidays. Considering this article is a freebie, you might want to peep into our premium articles! I know it costs money, but those articles do help our writers attend events and perform to the best of their ability. Also, if you didn’t know, I offer coaching to help players improve their play, mindset, and their outlook on the game. If you are interested, feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter. 

Happy Holidays,


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