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Improving Your Mental State in Pokémon

Zach goes over some tips to improve on your mental state in this free article

12/15/2019 by Zach Lesage

What’s up everyone? I’m back with a quick article to go over some hot tips that will allow you to improve your mental state when playing Pokémon. I am by no means a specialist, but I have been playing Pokémon for well over a decade, so I feel like I am qualified enough to at least share some tips. Shoutout to Justinn_31 on Twitter for suggesting this article and feel free to approach me with any other ideas you have as a reader! 

Pre-Event Nerves

We all get them! Maybe you settled on a new deck or maybe you see that you are paired against one of the best players in the game. Regardless, it doesn’t matter how you got them, it matters how you deal with them. As someone who struggles with their mental health on the daily, I find comfort in knowing hard facts. I know that this game isn’t decided by 100% skill and that most decks can actually take on most players. I know that there are finite options in a game for me to choose and all players are human. Usually those handful of reminders will allow me to at least calm down. I also try to put myself in a comfort element. In my normal day-to-day grind, I coach players, write articles, and create videos in my home office. When I am in my home office, I am usually wearing a hat, have a water bottle, and I have a Venti Iced Americana every day from Starbucks. When I am at a tournament, I can’t bring my gaming chair, but I can bring a water bottle, wear a hat,  and get myself a decent caffeinated drink. Those items bring me comfort and I likely play better when I am comfortable. 

Become Human

Also, I know a lot of Pokémon players can be awkward because we come from varying walks of life, but we also share a passion for this franchise. We all traveled to get to an event, whether we took our car to a League Cup or took a five hour plane ride to a Regional Championships. Life is less stressful with a conversational tone so use your passion for Pokémon to have a better time. 

Talk About It

Sometimes we have bad days and that can include your mental state too. I know that I have opened up about my mental health to friends over the past year or so and that has helped me gain an army of help whenever I need it. Sometimes my bad days are unbearable if I don’t have my friends to support me - you should do the same if you need help. It could be as easy as helping a friend after a tough loss in Pokémon or getting them a water bottle if their card isn’t working. It can grow into taking your friend from a mentally scary place to a safe place to showcase value in their life. Everyone is always dealing with something, you just don’t know about it. When our community speaks to each other, we can get past anything. 

Stop Toxicity

I hate how toxic our community can be at times and I try to block out members who breed hatred on the daily. I’m not one for exclusion, but there are Twitter accounts and Facebook groups that exist to bully specific members of the community. There are members of the community that want to ridicule players for asking questions, being a specific gender, or at random. These are the types of people that I try to avoid online and in real life. I have decided to leave all negative groups and have blocked key members who spread hate so that I could experience peace. There will still be negativity in our community, but staying away from it definitely helps.

What You Can Control

You can’t control the matchups you hit or if you get a poor hand and sometimes you need to vibe check yourself to feel a bit better about it. It is a great exercise to right notes after each round to determine why the outcome happened the way it did. Maybe you made a brilliant play that you will forget by the time you make it back to your place or maybe you proceeded to dead draw for the first five turns of the game. Not every aspect of Pokémon is going to be in your control, but remember that there are some aspects that you can control. You can keep your emotions calm, you can call a judge, and you can work through any issues you are experiencing outside of the game. The more you enable yourself, the more success you will receive. 

While I am sure there are more aspects to improve your mental state in the game, the article above is what stood out to me as an introduction to this subject. If I have an itch to write about the subject again, I will link this article within that article to have a more complete thought. Hopefully this article helps you improve as a player and that it will give you the opportunity to grow within the game. Considering this article is a freebie, you might want to peep into our premium articles! I know it costs money, but those articles do help our writers get to events and perform to the best of their ability. Also, if you didn’t know, I offer coaching to help players improve their play, mindset, and their outlook on the game. If you are interested, feel free to message me on Facebook or Twitter. 

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