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Double Loop - Florges Dolls in Standard GX

Zach goes over the pesky Doll Stall deck heading into LAIC. Check it out!

11/27/2019 by Zach Lesage

No Breaks

What’s up everyone? I am back today with an article that goes over one of the new decks from LAIC, Florges (FLI; 86)  / Lillie's Poke Doll (CoE; 197) . This deck made Top Eight at LAIC, was able to survive the gauntlet of a blind metagame, and I think it is an amazing concept going forward. I have been grinding this deck nonstop after coming back from São Paulo and I wouldn’t mind playing it at a major event really soon. Whether that is Daytona Beach or San Diego Regionals, I’m not sure, but this deck seems like the real deal to me! The goal of this article is to showcase my deck list, explain the strategy of this deck, and go over some of the matchups on the metagame. I will be experimenting with shorter articles more frequently going forward so feel free to leave any constructive feedback you like. Enjoy! 

Florges Dolls Deck

This deck is heavily based on the list that made Top Eight at LAIC. Ondrej Skubal provided the community with a solid list to work with heading forward.


Pokémon - 18

4 Florges FLI 86

4 Flabébé FLI 84

4 Jirachi PR-SM 161

2 Munchlax UNM 173

2 Mew PR-SM 215

1 Latios-GX UNM 78

1 Spiritomb UNB 112


Trainer Cards - 41

2 Sky Pillar

4 Professor Elm's Lecture

4 Steven's Resolve

3 Lusamine 

2 Bellelba & Brycen-Man

1 Tate & Liza

1 Faba

4 Lillie's Poké Doll

4 Stealthy Hood

4 Pokégear 3.0

4 Acro Bike

3 Pokémon Communication 

3 Rare Candy

2 Escape Board


Energy - 1

1 Rainbow Energy


Let's check out the strategy of the deck.


The goal of this deck is to take advantage of the lack of gust cards in format by shoving Lillie's Poke Doll (CoE; 197)  in the Active position on repeat. The only gusting cards that are popular in the format are Custom Catcher (LT; 171) , Ninetales (TM; 16) , and in a pseudo-way Phione (CoE; 57) . Stealthy Hood (UBO; 186)  blocks 'Tales, Customs are rarely played outside of Green's Exploration (UBO; 175)  decks, and Phione (CoE; 57)  can be countered by playing two Dolls down at once. This deck works by initiating a double loop. In this section of the article I will showcase both loops and share some individual card strategies.

Loop 1 - Dolls

This is the typical setup of the deck. You want to setup two Florges (FLI; 86) , one Munchlax (UB; 173) , and loop your Dolls with Wondrous Gift. In matchups that can’t snipe / isolate your Jirachi (TM; 99) , you can use Stellar Wish in between Doll Knock Outs to keep your loop tighter. In some cases you will be forced to use a Latios GX (UB; 78)  to stop  Espeon & Deoxys GX (UB; 72) or use Mew (UBO; 76)  to stop Naganadel GX (UB; 160)  from sniping your Bench. In any case, you can use Professor Elm's Lecture (LT; 188)  to grab two Flabébé (FLI; 84)  and ‘Lax to get the game started. Sometimes you will start off with an awkward hand and be forced to use Steven's Resolve (CLS; 145)  - that is fine. Just remember to throw out sacrifices to your opponent that you can actually sacrifice if things start to go wrong. As long as you haven’t given up too many Prizes before you get to the originally stated board state, you should be able to win soon.

Loop 2 - Lusamine

At some point when your deck is breathing above water, you need to establish your deck out condition on your opponent. This is as simple as using Bellelba & Brycen-Man (CoE; 186) , getting it back with Lusamine, and looping. Looping here consists of grabbing Lusamine (CIN; 96)  and Brycen-Man, playing a Brycen-Man, and repeating. Don’t be afraid to loop a Steven or Sky Pillar (CLS; 144)  if necessary, but realize that decking your opponent out is your win condition. You can incorporate ‘Lax in the loop too which can give you a 50% chance of expediting your loop by a turn (instantly grabbing Brycen-Man) with Snack Search.

Individual Cards

Some cards in the deck might need a little explainin’ because I went through the strategy section quickly. Let’s look at those cards.


One of the most important cards in the deck. It is only played for Snack Search, but don’t forget that you can grab back any card with this Ability. This can get you back your Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  or Rainbow Energy (CLS; 151) . It can get back discarded Flower pieces. It can get back anything. Also, even though this ‘Lax looks thick, it has free Retreat. I know, I was surprised too.


This card is to take down opposing threats that likely can’t be put back into play. These include Cryogonal (UB; 46)  and Victini Prism Star (DM; 7)  - both which function differently as threats to this deck. Cry is gonna try and stop our Doll Loop by stopping the use of our Item Cards. If we Knock Out Cry, their deck likely will fail to continue to stop the Doll Loop. Vic stops our opponent from decking out because they can always shuffle their Energy back in. If we just Knock Out Vic, they will eventually deck out. Only use ‘Tomb against the peskiest of Pokémon.


This card can stop EspXys from spreading around our board or Naganadel GX (FLI; 56)  from using Stinger GX.


This card can stop Nag from sniping our Flowers.

Stealthy Hood

This card stops ‘Tales from using Nine Temptation on our Flowers.

As you can see, this deck requires a bit of brain power, but it can get the job done. It was played for a single event so far and already has a Top Eight at an International Championships. With Daytona Beach Regionals coming later this week, I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw one go decently far (or even win) the whole event.


I will include the relevant matchups that are likely to see decent play at upcoming major events.

ADP - Very Good to Very Bad

This all depends if they play more than one copy of Cry or not. Your strategy remains typical, except you need to use ‘Tomb to take care of Cry and / or Girafarig (LT; 94) . If you can get past those two threats, you should be great, otherwise you won’t be able to play Dolls over and over again. In that case, you lose. Arceus & Dialga & Palkia Tag Team GX (CoE; 156)  lists are all over the place right now so it is weird to prepare for. This matchup is likely the biggest hold back from me instantly jumping into the deck for Daytona Beach, but it is still very tempting.

Mewtwo - Fine

If you use Latios to bop their EspXys from using Cross Division, you don’t need to worry about them sniping your board with Nag. SO the gameplay is to use Clear Vision GX with a Mew on your Bench, still get setup as per the normal Doll Loop, and proceed to play, If you can get past their Cross Division / Venom Shot strategy, you are likely fine.

AbilityZard - Fine

Doll Stall plays four Hoods for this matchup and hopefully it shows. You need to make sure that everything important on your Bench (two Flowers and one ‘Lax) has a Hood on it the turn you play it down. Otherwise they are gonna get gobbled up by Nine Temptations really easily. If you can do that, you get the Doll Loop setup and you are good to go. If they try to attack with Vic, you can power up a ‘Tomb with a Hood on it to Knock it Out. Then proceed to deck them out.

Pidgeotto - Awful

They have a guaranteed loop and they aren’t planning on attacking you - they plan on decking you out. Considering they can discard cards from your deck faster than you can draw them, you should lose this. If you get lucky with your Flower / ‘Lax flips, you might be able to get this game to a tie, but it seems like it would be a dreadful use of your time. Alternatively, you can use a well timed Brycen-Man to deck out your opponent if they are forgetful.

GardEon - Very Good

This deck plays no Customs and has no sniping attacks. You can use the Doll Loop and easily win this game.

NagaGuzz - Very Good

This deck plays no Customs and has no sniping attacks. You can use the Doll Loop and easily win this game. Watch out for Chaotic Order GX.

Malamar - Fine

If you use Latios to bop their EspXys from using Cross Division - you have some time in the beginning to get ready. You really need to lock in a Pillar to get around Blacephalon (CoE; 104)  (if they play it) otherwise you will win if you get past EspXys. It is really list determined, so try and gain as much information you can going into this matchup. Like all other games, you want to get your Doll Loop out and eventually try and deck them out.

See Ya in Daytona

Well, I hope this article has helped you learn a thing or two about Doll Stall and maybe you will consider it for your next event. I think this deck is truly an amazing concept and I am so close to playing it for Daytona Beach, I just wanna test with my friends a bit more before making that decision. Speaking about Daytona Beach, I will be there as of Thursday. I hope to catch up with many of my friends and to meet as many new players as I can. If you see me at the event, feel free to holla at me haha. After this weekend, I will be travelling to San Diego in early December. I am currently at 622 CP and my goal is to get a stipend to attend EUIC in Berlin. I have been putting in a bunch of effort lately to improve as a player and I truly hope it pays off. If you are looking to follow me on my adventure, here are the links to my Social Media / sponsors:

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Reach out to me if you are interested in coaching or any other business opportunity. 

Let’s go have some fun,

Zach Lesage

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