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Zach Lesage

Double Loop - Florges Dolls in Standard GX

Zach goes over the pesky Doll Stall deck heading into LAIC. Check it out!

11/27/2019 by Zach Lesage

No Breaks

What’s up everyone? I am back today with an article that goes over one of the new decks from LAIC, Florges (FLI; 86)  / Lillie's Poke Doll (CoE; 197) . This deck made Top Eight at LAIC, was able to survive the gauntlet of a blind metagame, and I think it is an amazing concept going forward. I have been grinding this deck nonstop after coming back from São Paulo and I wouldn’t mind playing it at a major event really soon. Whether that is Daytona Beach or San Diego Regionals, I’m not sure, but this deck seems like the real deal to me! The goal of this article is to showcase my deck list, explain the strategy of this deck, and go over some of the matchups on the metagame. I will be experimenting with shorter articles more frequently going forward so feel free to leave any constructive feedback you like. Enjoy! 

Florges Dolls Deck

This deck is heavily based on the list that made Top Eight at LAIC. Ondrej Skubal provided the community with a solid list to work with heading forward.

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