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Zach Lesage

My Top Picks for Knoxville

Zach shares his top three picks for Knoxville Regionals this weekend.

10/08/2019 by Zach Lesage

Knoxville is Almost Here

Yooooo, it’s ya boy Zach Lesage here and I am back with another article. If you are attending Knoxville Regionals later this week, you are in for a treat, I am sharing my top three picks for the event. If you aren’t attending a major event this weekend, both of the lists featured in this article are great choices for Cups. I do want to make it clear that both of the lists below are my personal lists, not ripped from Limitless, and I am confident in  I don’t want to make this too lengthy so let’s jump into it. Enjoy. 

Deck 1 - Gardevoir & Sylveon-GX

I honestly feel bad for dismissing this deck shortly after Worlds, but at least I can laugh at myself now.

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