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Zach Lesage

Building Spite, Spiteful Sighs, and Sticky Membrane

Zach goes over his Spiritomb deck that he has been playing to earn CP so far this season.

09/05/2019 by Zach Lesage

The New Season is Here!

What’s up 60 Cards readers? It’s your boy Zach Lesage here and I am back to help you get ready for this new season. I personally apologize for a delay in articles for the site, I travelled around New York City / Montreal after Worlds, broke my MacBook PRO, and got pretty sick. Pushing that aside, it doesn’t matter anymore. We have League Challenges around us, weekly League Cups, and a healthy amount of major events floating around the world. If I had my choice, I would play Blacephalon GX (LT; 52)  at each event I could, but the issue is that Tapu Fini (UB; 53)  exists and best of one Swiss has a decent bit of variance. There are a decent bit of decks in our metagame (AbilityZard, GreenZard, PikaJudge, PikaPowerPlant, BlaceNag, QuagNag, etc), but they each have their own strengths and weaknesses. In this article today, I wanna go over Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  box, a deck that has seen success since Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  came out in Unbroken Bonds, and it is still seeing success after the release of Unified Minds. I’ll include the list that I took the finals of a fairy large League Cup near Toronto, explain the strategy of the deck, and then I will take you on a stroll past the paywall. After the paywall, I will discuss the skeleton list, matchup specific techs, and the matchups that exist in our metagame. The deck is super fun so let’s hop into the list that I made finals at my most recent Cup.

Spiritomb League Cup List

After seeing my fellow teammate’s list, Bryan Hunter from Roc Games, I decided to mess around with the deck. I had a poor string of Cups going 0-2 drop or hitting variance to keep myself out of cut, but nonetheless I wanted something new. With many top finishing decks from Worlds utilizing Welder (UBO; 189)  the metagame seems a little uhhh, Fire-type heavy right now, so my list is based on that. I took a base Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  list, cut some of the fat, added some matchup specific tech cards, and voila! This is where I got! Peep it out!

With the deck being a box of fun toys to play with or only pull out in specific circumstances, my strategy in the next section might get a little all over the place, but I promise you it will make sense once you play the deck. If you are playing in a generalized metagame with Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 20) , Blacephalon GX (LT; 52) , Pikachu & Zekrom GX (TM; 33) , Blacephalon GX (LT; 52) , and Beheyeem (UB; 91) , the above list is a great place to start. If you have other decks in your metagame or an abundance of Mewtwo & Mew GX (UB; 71) , I would recommend to change it up or play something else. Anyways, let’s check out the general strategy of the deck and see where it goes.

Let’s Talk Strategy

The general strategy of this deck involves placing an appropriate amount of damage on Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  to either hit for an OHKO or to plan two shots. You can increase damage with Building Spite, Rainbow Energy (CLS; 151) , and use a Hustle Belt (CLS; 134)  to hit for some pretty big numbers. This is a great way to Knock Out single Prize Card Pokemon or GX Pokemon with lower HP, but it might not be enough to Knock Out Tag Team Pokemon. That is where your other techs come out to play. It goes without saying that Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 20)  is one of the most impressive decks out there and it is also busted to have your opponent staring down a Froslass (UB; 38)  as they tremble in fear. The best thing about Spiritomb (UBO; 112)  is that Professor Elm's Lecture (LT; 188)  makes it easy to search out multiple Pokemon, which is something that is difficult in our current format, and you can have a bunch of techs to help you win popular matchups. Whether it is a seemingly random Goomy (FLI; 91)  to auto-win against a few Beheyeem (UB; 91)  decks that always seem to float around my area. The biggest thing about the strategy of this deck is that it all starts in your list. If you decide to tech lightly against Pikachu & Zekrom GX (TM; 33) , you will find yourself losing against it like I did in the finals of my League Cup. That can be said for any deck, so it is best to move onto the next section to see where my base list is at. It will allow you to add flavor as you see fit. Anyways, let’s just jump into it.

Spiritomb Skeleton List

The following list is my bare bones list for what our generalized metagame is and it has missing cards from it. The leftover space is up to you to decide on which tech cards you need for specific matchups.

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