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07/10/2019 by Zach Lesage

Sorting Cards Like a Maniac!

For those of you who don’t categorize their cards alphabetically, penny sleeve each card, and immaculately construct buy lists on a weekly basis (who does that... not me... yikes... ok... definitely me...), I wanted to let you know what cards you should have in your Standard collection. I am a pretty trust worthy guy for those of you who know me and for those of you who don’t, I am Zach Lesage and I write a bunch of articles for 60Cards. These are merely suggestions and all cards might not see play, but this seems like a great place to start if you are missing some cards or if you are new to the game. Oh by the way, to make your life easier, you can click on the card and it will give you a store to buy it from, hopefully that helps! Also, if you are wondering what is going on with the site, Mark and I are actively creating articles to help players get ready for Worlds / DC Open (which registration has just opened for). We are getting our writers ready to release decks in the Ultra Prism - Unified Minds format and I am sure you will want to read all about it. If you aren't already a subscriber, I would definitely pick up a subscription now to read all of the paywall articles that we have coming in the next few weeks before Worlds. You can even use code Pendy3 to save some money off your subscription. Trust me on this one. Happy card hunting!

Buy List

The following list has been constructed by myself after painfully sorting through all of the cards between Ultra Prism - Unified Minds. I hope that this list helps you acquire the cards you need in this format and have a complete understanding of the metagame. Most cards will have a link to the cards except for a select few, such as Unified Minds, because they haven’t been released at the time of this article. Enjoy.

Ultra Prism

2x  Cherubi (UPR; 10)

2x  Cherrim (UPR; 11)

3x  Leafeon GX (UPR; 13)

4x  Shaymin (UPR; 15)

4x  Alolan Vulpix (UPR; 30)

4x  Piplup (UPR; 31)

4x Piplup (UPR; 32)

3x  Prinplup (UPR; 33)

4x  Empoleon (UPR; 34)

3x  Glaceon GX (UPR; 39)

2x  Frost Rotom (UPR; 41)

4x  Shinx (UPR; 45)

4x  Luxio (UPR; 47)

2x  Drifloon (UPR; 51)

2x  Drifblim (UPR; 52)

1x  Spiritomb (UPR; 53)

1x  Giratina Prism Star (UPR; 58)

1x  Lunala Prism Star (UPR; 62)

2x  Dawn Wings Necrozma GX (UPR; 63)

4x  Riolu (UPR; 66)

4x  Murkrow (UPR; 71)

3x  Sneasel (UPR; 73)

2x  Weavile (UPR; 74)

1x  Darkrai Prism Star (UPR; 77)

4x  Magnemite (UPR; 80)

4x  Magnemite (UPR; 81)

2x  Magneton (UPR; 82)

4x  Magnezone (UPR; 83)

1x  Solgaleo Prism Star (UPR; 89)

2x  Dusk Mane Necrozma GX (UPR; 90)

2x  Magearna (UPR; 91)

2x  Morelull (UPR; 92)

2x  Shiinotic (UPR; 93)

2x  Tapu Lele (UPR; 94)

2x  Dialga GX (UPR; 100)

2x  Palkia GX (UPR; 101)

4x  Eevee (UPR; 105)

4x  Fan Rotom (UPR; 110)

4x Shaymin UPR 111

4x  Oranguru (UPR; 114)

4x  Type- Null (UPR; 115)

3x  Silvally GX (UPR; 116)

4x  Cynthia (UPR; 119)

1x  Cyrus Prism Star (UPR; 120)

2x  Electric Memory (UPR; 121)

4x  Escape Board (UPR; 122)

2x  Fire Memory (UPR; 123)

4x  Lillie (UPR; 125)

4x  Mars (UPR; 128)

3x  Mt. Coronet (UPR; 130)

4x  Order Pad (UPR; 131)

2x  Pal Pad (UPR; 132)

4x  Pokemon Fan Club (UPR; 133)

4x  Unidentified Fossil (UPR; 134)

4x  Volkner (UPR; 135)

1x  Super Boost Energy Prism Star (UPR; 136)

4x  Unit Energy GFW (UPR; 137)

4x  Unit Energy LPM (UPR; 138)

Forbidden Light

4x  Exeggcute (FLI; 1)

4x  Alolan Exeggutor (FLI; 2)

4x  Scatterbug (FLI; 5)

4x  Spewpa (FLI; 7)

4x  Vivillon (FLI; 8)

2x  Palkia GX (FLI; 20)

4x  Froakie (FLI; 21)

4x  Frogadier (FLI; 23)

4x  Greninja GX (FLI; 24)

1x  Volcanion Prism Star (FLI; 31)

4x  Magnemite (FLI; 34)

2x  Magneton (FLI; 35)

4x  Magnezone (FLI; 36)

4x  Inkay (FLI; 50)

4x  Malamar (FLI; 51)

4x  Poipole (FLI; 55)

3x  Naganadel GX (FLI; 56)

1x  Diancie Prism Star (FLI; 74)

4x  Buzzwole (FLI; 77)

1x  Yveltal GX (FLI; 79)

4x  Empoleon (FLI; 81)

2x  Dialga GX (FLI; 83)

4x  Flabébé (FLI; 83)

4x  Floette (FLI; 85)

4x  Florges (FLI; 86)

1x  Sylveon (FLI; 87)

4x  Goomy (FLI; 91)

3x  Ultra Necrozma GX (FLI; 95)

1x  Arceus Prism Star (FLI; 96)

4x  Beast Ring (FLI; 102)

4x  Diantha (FLI; 105)

4x  Fossil Excavation Map (FLI; 107)

4x Judge (FLI; 108)

2x  Lady (FLI; 109)

1x  Lysandre Prism Star (FLI; 110)

3x  Lysandre Labs (FLI; 111)

4x  Metal Frying Pan (FLI; 112)

4x  Mysterious Treasure (FLI; 113)

4x  Ultra Space (FLI; 115)

1x  Beast Energy Prism Star (FLI; 117)

Celestial Storm

2x  Bellsprout (CLS; 1)

1x  Weepinbell (CLS; 2)

2x  Victreebel (CLS; 3)

3x  Sceptile (CLS; 10)

3x  Slugma (CLS; 23)

3x  Magcargo (CLS; 24)

1x  Articuno GX (CLS; 31)

4x  Mudkip (CLS; 32)

4x  Mudkip (CLS; 33)

3x  Marshtomp (CLS; 34)

4x  Swampert (CLS; 35)

4x  Luvdisc (CLS; 44)

2x  Regice (CLS; 45)

2x  Kyogre (CLS; 46)

3x  Voltorb (CLS; 47)

2x  Electrode GX (CLS; 48)

4x  Plusle (CLS; 53)

2x  Oricorio (CLS; 55)

2x  Lunatone (CLS; 61)

2x  Solrock (CLS; 62)

3x  Shuppet (CLS; 64)

1x  Banette (CLS; 65)

2x  Banette GX (CLS; 66)

3x Deoxys CES 67

4x  Phanpy (CLS; 72)

4x  Regirock (CLS; 80)

3x  Sneasel (CLS; 86)

2x  Sableye (CLS; 88)

1x  Jirachi Prism Star (CLS; 97)

1x  Celesteela (CLS; 100)

4x  Stakataka GX (CLS; 102)

2x  Bagon (CLS; 103)

1x  Shelgon (CLS; 105)

2x  Salamence (CLS; 106)

1x  Latias Prism Star (CLS; 107)

4x  Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109)

4x  Dunsparce (CLS; 110)

2x  Slakoth (CLS; 113)

1x  Vigoroth (CLS; 114)

2x  Slaking (CLS; 115)

2x  Skitty (CLS; 120)

2x  Delcatty (CLS; 121)

2x  Kecleon (CLS; 122)

4x  Acro Bike (CLS; 123)

2x  Copycat (CLS; 127)

2x  Energy Recycle System (CLS; 128)

4x  Energy Switch (CLS; 129)

2x  Fisherman (CLS; 130)

4x  Friend Ball (CLS; 131)

2x  Hiker (CLS; 133)

3x  Hustle Belt (CLS; 134)

2x  Lisia (CLS; 137)

3x  Lure Ball (CLS; 138)

4x  Rare Candy (CLS; 142)

3x  Shrine of Punishment (CLS; 143)

2x  Sky Pillar (CLS; 144)

4x  Steven's Resolve (CLS; 145)

4x  Super Scoop Up (CLS; 146)

4x  Switch (CLS; 147)

4x  Tate & Liza (CLS; 148)

4x  Rainbow Energy (CLS; 151)

Lost Thunder

4x  Chikorita (LT; 5)

2x  Bayleef (LT; 7)

4x  Meganium (LT; 8)

4x  Hoppip (LT; 12)

4x  Skiploom (LT; 13)

4x  Jumpluff (LT; 14)

2x  Shuckle (LT; 16)

2x  Shuckle GX (LT; 195)

4x  Treecko (LT; 20)

4x  Grovyle (LT; 21)

3x  Sceptile GX (LT; 22)

4x  Nincada (LT; 29)

4x  Shaymin (LT; 33)

2x  Virizion GX (LT; 34)

2x  Moltres (LT; 38)

4x  Victini (LT; 49)

4x  Litleo (LT; 50)

4x  Blacephalon GX (LT; 52)

3x  Alolan Vulpix (LT; 53)

2x  Slowpoke (LT; 54)

2x  Slowking (LT; 55)

2x  Lapras (LT; 56)

1x Suicune LOT 59

2x Suicune-GX LOT 60

2x  Popplio (LT; 64)

1x  Brionne (LT; 66)

2x  Primarina (LT; 67)

4x  Mareep (LT; 75)

1x  Flaaffy (LT; 77)

2x  Ampharos (LT; 78)

4x  Blitzle (LT; 81)

4x  Zebstrika (LT; 82)

2x  Zeraora GX (LT; 201)

4x  Natu (LT; 87)

1x  Unown (LT; 91)

1x  Wobbuffet (LT; 93)

2x  Girafarig (LT; 94)

4x  Shedinja (LT; 95)

3x  Giratina (LT; 97)

1x  Sigilyph GX (LT; 98)

4x  Yamask (LT; 99)

4x  Cofagrigus (LT; 100)

1x  Nihilego (LT; 106)

4x  Poipole (LT; 107)

4x  Naganadel (LT; 108)

2x  Onix (LT; 109)

4x  Donphan (LT; 112)

2x  Larvitar (LT; 115)

3x  Umbreon (LT; 120)

2x  Dialga (LT; 127)

2x  Durant (LT; 128)

4x  Genesect GX (LT; 130)

2x  Alolan Ninetales GX (LT; 132)

4x  Snubbull (LT; 137)

4x  Granbull (LT; 138)

2x  Cutiefly (LT; 145)

2x  Ribombee (LT; 146)

2x  Mimikyu GX (LT; 149)

4x  Chansey (LT; 152)

4x  Blissey (LT; 153)

1x  Ditto Prism Star (LT; 154)

2x Kecleon (LT; 161)

2x  Kecleon (LT; 162)

4x  Trumbeak (LT; 165)

2x  Adventure Bag (LT; 167)

2x  Choice Helmet (LT; 169)

2x  Counter Gain (LT; 170)

4x  Custom Catcher (LT; 171)

4x  Electropower (LT; 232)

2x  Faba (LT; 173)

2x  Fairy Charm (Grass) (LT; 174)

2x  Fairy Charm (Psychic) (LT; 175)

2x  Fairy Charm (Fighting) (LT; 176)

2x  Fairy Charm (Dragon) (LT; 177)

1x  Heat Factory Prism Star (LT; 178)

1x  Life Forest Prism Star (LT; 180)

4x  Lost Blender (LT; 181)

1x Lusamine Prism Star (LT; 182)

4x  Mina (LT; 183)

4x  Mixed Herbs (LT; 184)

2x  Morty (LT; 186)

4x  Net Ball (LT; 187)

4x  Professor Elm's Lecture (LT; 188)

4x  Sightseer (LT; 189)

4x  Spell Tag (LT; 190)

1x  Thunder Mountain Prism Star (LT; 191)

2x  Wait and See Hammer (LT; 192)

4x  Whitney (LT; 193)

Team Up

4x  Celebi & Venusaur GX (TM; 1)

4x  Weedle (TM; 2)

2x  Kakuna (TM; 4)

4x  Beedrill (TM; 5)

1x Shaymin Prism Star (TM; 10)

4x  Charmander (TM; 11)

4x  Charizard (TM; 14)

2x  Vulpix (TM; 15)

2x  Ninetales (TM; 16)

2x  Moltres (TM; 19)

4x  Litten (TM; 20)

2x  Torracat (TM; 21)

4x  Squirtle (TM; 22)

2x  Wartortle (TM; 24)

3x  Blastoise (TM; 25)

3x  Staryu (TM; 28)

4x  Magikarp (TM; 29)

4x  Gyarados (TM; 30)

2x  Lapras (TM; 31)

3x  Articuno (TM; 32)

3x  Pikachu & Zekrom GX (TM; 33)

2x  Electrode (TM; 39)

4x  Zapdos (TM; 40)

3x  Ampharos GX (TM; 43)

4x  Emolga (TM; 46)

1x  Tapu Koko Prism Star (TM; 51)

3x  Gengar & Mimikyu GX (TM; 53)

4x  Nidoran (TM; 54)

2x  Nidorina (TM; 55)

4x  Nidoqueen (TM; 56)

3x  Starmie (TM; 65)

1x  Mr. Mime (TM; 66)

1x  Jynx (TM; 68)

2x  Hitmonlee (TM; 73)

4x  Hitmonchan (TM; 74)

3x  Omanyte (TM; 75)

3x  Omastar (TM; 76)

3x  Kabuto (TM; 77)

3x  Kabutops (TM; 78)

2x  Lycanroc GX (TM; 82)

3x  Alolan Grimer (TM; 83)

2x  Alolan Muk (TM; 84)

2x  Absol (TM; 88)

2x  Spiritomb (TM; 89)

4x  Incineroar GX (TM; 97)

4x  Jirachi (TM; 99)

4x  Bronzor (TM; 100)

3x  Bronzong (TM; 101)

4x  Honedge (TM; 107)

4x  Doublade (TM; 108)

2x  Klefki (TM; 110)

3x  Alolan Ninetales (TM; 111)

2x  Mimikyu (TM; 112)

3x  Latias & Latios GX (TM; 113)

4x  Alolan Exeggutor (TM; 114)

2x  Dragonite (TM; 119)

2x  Eevee & Snorlax GX (TM; 120)

2x  Pidgey (TM; 121)

2x  Pidgeotto (TM; 123)

2x  Persian (TM; 126)

2x  Farfetch'd (TM; 127)

4x  Aerodactyl (TM; 130)

4x  Bill's Analysis (TM; 133)

1x  Black Market Prism Star (TM; 134)

2x  Brock's Grit (TM; 135)

3x  Buff Padding (TM; 136)

4x  Dana (TM; 137)

3x  Dangerous Drill (TM; 138)

4x  Electrocharger (TM; 139)

3x  Erika's Hospitality (TM; 140)

4x  Evelyn (TM; 141)

2x Fairy Charm UB 142

2x  Grass Memory (TM; null)

4x  Ingo & Emmet (TM; 176)

4x  Jasmine (TM; 177)

4x  Judge Whistle (TM; 146)

2x  Lavender Town (TM; 147)

3x  Metal Goggles (TM; 195)

4x  Morgan (TM; 149)

2x  Nanu (TM; 150)

4x  Nita (TM; 151)

4x  Pokemon Communication (TM; 152)

3x  Viridian Forest (TM; 156)

2x  Water Memory (TM; 157)

1x  Wondrous Labyrinth Prism Star (TM; 158)

Unbroken Bonds

4x  Pheromosa & Buzzwole GX (UBO; 1)

3x Oddish (UBO; 5)

2x  Gloom (UBO; 7)

2x  Vileplume (UBO; 8)

4x  Grubbin (UBO; 18)

2x  Kartana (UBO; 19)

3x  Reshiram and Charizard GX (UBO; 20)

4x  Growlithe (UBO; 21)

4x  Arcanine (UBO; 22)

4x  Volcanion (UBO; 34)

4x  Salazzle (UBO; 31)

4x  Blacephalon (UBO; 32)

2x  Wartortle (UBO; 34)

2x  Blastoise GX (UBO; 35)

2x  Seel (UBO; 44)

2x  Dewgong (UBO; 45)

4x  Froakie (UBO; 51)

4x  Pyukumuku (UBO; 53)

4x  Stunfisk (UBO; 56)

3x  Dedenne GX (UBO; 57)

4x  Charjabug (UBO; 58)

4x  Vikavolt (UBO; 59)

3x  Muk & Alolan Muk GX (UBO; 61)

2x  Drowzee (UBO; 71)

2x  Hypno (UBO; 72)

4x  Koffing (UBO; 73)

4x  Weezing (UBO; 74)

2x  Mewtwo (UBO; 75)

2x  Mew (UBO; 76)

4x  Misdreavus (UBO; 77)

4x  Mismagius (UBO; 78)

2x  Marshadow (UBO; 81)

4x  Diglett (UBO; 85)

2x  Cubone (UBO; 90)

2x  Marowak (UBO; 91)

4x  Rhyhorn (UBO; 92)

4x  Rhydon (UBO; 95)

2x  Hitmontop (UBO; 101)

4x  Stakataka (UBO; 106)

4x  Greninja & Zoroark GX (UBO; 107)

2x  Honchkrow GX (UBO; 109)

4x  Carvanha (UBO; 110)

4x  Sharpedo (UBO; 111)

4x  Spiritomb (UBO; 112)

3x  Lucario & Melmetal GX (UBO; 120)

4x Gardevoir & Sylveon GX (UBO; 130)

4x  Cottonee (UBO; 139)

3x  Whimsicott GX (UBO; 140)

4x  Spritzee (UBO; 141)

4x  Aromatisse (UBO; 142)

3x  Meowth (UBO; 147)

3x  Persian GX (UBO; 149)

4x  Porygon (UBO; 155)

2x  Porygon2 (UBO; 156)

4x  Porygon-Z (UBO; 157)

2x  Celesteela GX (UBO; 163)

2x  Beast Bringer (UBO; 164)

2x  Chip-Chip Ice Axe (UBO; 165)

4x  Dusk Stone (UBO; 167)

4x  Electromagnetic Radar (UBO; 230)

4x  Energy Spinner (UBO; 170)

2x  Fairy Charm Ability (UBO; 171)

2x Fairy Charm L (UBO; 172)

4x  Fire Crystal (UBO; 173)

4x  Giovanni's Exile (UBO; 174)

4x  Green's Exploration (UBO; 175)

2x  Koga's Trap (UBO; 177)

3x  Lt. Surge's Strategy (UBO; 178)

3x  Martial Arts Dojo (UBO; 179)

4x  Metal Core Barrier (UBO; 180)

4x  Pokégear 3.0 (UBO; 182)

3x  Power Plant (UBO; 183)

4x  Red's Challenge (UBO; 184)

3x  Stealthy Hood (UBO; 186)

2x  Surprise Box (UBO; 187)

4x  Welder (UBO; 189)

Unified Minds

4x Rowlet & Alolan Exeggutor-GX UMI

2x Yanma UMI

2x Yanmega UMI

4x Shroomish UMI

3x Sewaddle UMI ‘Curl of the Leaves’

2x Swadloon UMI

3x Leavanny UMI

4x Foongus UMI

4x Amoongus UMI

2x Fomantis UMI

2x Lurantis UMI

4x Bounsweet UMI

4x Steenee UMI

4x Tsareena UMI

2x Heatran-GX UMI

4x Victini UMI

4x Litwick UMI

4x Lampent UMI

4x Chandelure UMI

2x Lapras UMI

2x Snorant UMI

2x Froslass UMI

4x Basculin UMI

3x Tirtouga UMI

3x Carracosta UMI

2x Cryogonal UMI

4x Keldeo-GX UMI

2x Tapu Fini UMI

2x Raichu & Alolan Raichu-GX UMI

4x Tynamo UMI ‘Electricity Generator’

4x Eelektrik UMI

2x Eelektross UMI

2x Stunfisk UMI

2x Tapu Koko UMI

2x Xurkitree UMI

4x Mewtwo & Mew-GX UMI

2x Espeon & Deoxys-GX UMI

4x Exeggcute UMI

2x Alolan Marowak UMI

2x Jynx UMI

1x Latios-GX UMI

2x Jirachi-GX UMI

2x Uxie UMI

4x Mesprit UMI

2x Azelf UMI

2x Giratina UMI

4x Elgyem UMI

4x Beheeyem UMI

4x Honedge UMI ‘Bargain Hunt’

4x Doublade UMI

4x Aegislash UMI

4x Salandit UMI

4x Aerodactyl-GX UMI

4x Breelom UMI

2x Riolu UMI

2x Lucario UMI

4x Zygarde UMI

2x Umbreon & Darkrai-GX UMI

2x Mega Sableye & Tyranitar-GX UMI

2x Sneasel UMI

2x Weavile-GX UMI

2x Hoopa UMI

2x Mawile-GX UMI

2x Garchomp & Giratina-GX 

4x Dratini UMI ‘Agility’

4x Dratini UMI ‘Aqua Lift’

2x Dragonair UMI ‘Twister’

4x Dragonite UMI

2x Dragonite-GX UMI

4x Axew UMI

2x Fraxure UMI

4x Haxorus UMI

4x Naganadel-GX UMI

4x Audino UMI

4x Komala UMI 

4x Blaine’s Quiz Show UMI

4x Blizzard Town UMI

4x Blue’s Tactics UMI

2x Channeler UMI

4x Cherish Ball UMI

4x Coach Trainer UMI

3x Dark City UMI

4x Ear-Ringing Bell UMI 

2x Flyinium Z: Air Slash UMI

4x Giant Bomb UMI 

4x Great Potion UMI

4x Grimsley UMI

2x Hapu UMI

4x Karate Belt UMI

4x Misty’s Favor UMI

2x Normalium Z: Tackle UMI

4x Poke Maniac UMI

4x Pokemon Research Lab UMI

4x Reset Stamp UMI

4x Slumbering Forest UMI

4x Stadium Nav UMI

2x Tag Switch UMI

4x U-Turn Board UMI

4x Recycle Energy UMI

4x Weakness Guard Energy UMI

Dragon Majesty

3x  Charmeleon (DM; 2)

4x  Torchic (DM; 4)

2x  Combusken (DM; 5)

4x  Blaziken (DM; 6)

1x  Victini Prism Star (DM; 7)

4x  Salandit (DM; 13)

4x  Wooper (DM; 25)

4x  Quagsire (DM; 26)

2x  Flygon (DM; 39)

3x  Altaria (DM; 40)

2x  Altaria GX (DM; 41)

1x  Salamence GX (DM; 44)

4x  Turtonator (DM; 50)

3x  Drampa (DM; 51)

4x  Swablu (DM; 56)

4x  Blaine's Last Stand (DM; 58)

4x  Fiery Flint (DM; 60)

1x Lance Prism Star DRM 61

3x  Zinnia (DM; 64)

Detective Pikachu

Greninja (DP; 9)

Mr. Mime (DP; 11)

Ditto (DP; 17)

Promo Cards

Lucario GX (BW; 100)

Solgaleo GX (BW; 104)

Dawn Wings Necrozma (BW; 106)

Dusk Mane Necrozma (BW; 107)

2x Rockruff PR SM120

2x Champion’s Festival PR SM148

2x  Magikarp & Wailord GX (BW; 166)

2x  Flareon-GX (BW; 171)

2x  Jolteon GX (BW; 173)

2x  Eevee GX (BW; 176)

3x Meltan PR SM177

3x Melmetal-GX PR SM178

2x Flareon PR SM186

2x  Greninja GX (BW; 197)

Reprinted Cards

4x  Crushing Hammer (SUM; 115)

2x  Solgaleo GX (SUM; 89)

2x  Mimikyu (GRI; 58)

2x  Energy Recycler (GRI; 123)

3x  Lusamine (CIN; 96)

2x  Peeking Red Card (CIN; 97)

1x  Xurkitree GX (UPR; 142)

Almost Worlds!

That’s it for today. After today, I will start releasing decks that I have been testing in this new format. My goal is to make sure that all 60 Cards readers are prepared for Worlds and the DC Open (which registration is open for both now). As for me, I will be testing everyday for Worlds in an effort to have my best finish at Worlds yet! This season has been an amazing year for me in terms of Pokémon, life, and growth as a person. I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for me and I hope that you are all there for the ride! If you want to see more of my journey, follow me on my social media:

Twitch: zlesagepokemon

Twitter: zlesagepokemon

Facebook: Zach Lesage

Youtube: Rare Candy

I also have open slots for coaching so if you are interested, please reach out to me on Twitter or Facebook.


Zach Lesage

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Zach Lesage

Thoughts on the Season Cancelation

04/01/2020 by Zach Lesage // Zach goes over his thoughts on the cancelation of the 2019-2020 Pokémon season. (+32)

Zach Lesage

The Rebel Clash Metagame

03/19/2020 by Zach Lesage // Zach shares his thoughts on the 18 decks that exist in the Rebel Clash metagame so far. (+29)

Zach Lesage