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Zach Lesage

My Play for Origins

Zach shares his exact list for the Origins Special Event!

06/13/2019 by Zach Lesage

Columbus Bound

What’s up 60 Cards readers? It’s me, Zach Lesage, and I am here to let you know what I am playing for the Origins Special Event in Columbus, Ohio. I am actually writing this article in the backseat of a car about four hours out, but I need to get this information to you. Since you can imagine that the backseat of a car isn’t as ideal as my normal home office, please forgive me for any editing errors. Anyways, this article is going to be behind a paywall, but it does contain valuable information about my deck choice. Ok, ok, let’s jump into it.


I guess with this portion of the article, you wanna learn more about the deck that I am playing. Well, I am playing

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Zach Lesage

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