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Picking a Deck for a Major Event

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02/14/2019 by Zach Lesage

Hello Melbourne

What’s up 60 Cards readers? Your boy Zach has officially landed in Melbourne and I am quickly writing this article on a train towards my AirBNB. Getting back into the juicy subject, how do I pick a deck for an event?

That is a front loaded question and you might find many answers in the process of trying to answer it. In this article, I will share some of the tips that I have learned on my Pokemon journey thus far and spill my secret to success. I don’t want to miss my train stop so let’s jump into the article right now. *queue jumping*

Getting Started

Well, there are plenty of ways to pick you play and all for various reasons, but how do I pick my decks for events? It might get a little long winded, but this is gonna be some quality stuff right here! Usually before an event, I look to do as much research as possible to see exactly which decks are actually out there! If you aren’t a premium subscriber to this site, which you totally should be by the way, there are plenty of free resources such as YouTube channels and information on Twitter! We regularly post FREE articles too and yes, I will take the shameless plug opportunity here haha! After doing your rounds of research, you should build the ‘metagame’ with your real cards (feel free to use proxies) and on PTCGO to make sure that you know how each different deck plays out! You might fall in love with a deck that you have never tried before or you might end up hating the deck that earned you all of your League Cup CP! Pokémon is quite a fascinating game when it comes to deck choice, some players have their favourites, some are superstitious, and some players are lost in general! The goal is to be as prepared as possible, know the metagame, make an informed choice, and be prepared for how your day plays out! 

One thing that I get asked often is, ‘what is the play for this weekend?’ and that question is almost impossible to answer. How prepared are you with your deck? Do you know the metagame? Why do you like one deck over another? What have you played the most? Do you know why you are doing with your deck? Is the deck difficult to play correctly each round? What is your goal this weekend? If you ask yourself a bunch of questions, you might actually find the answers that you were once searching for! It is often difficult to be EXACTLY right for every decision you make, but we can all be more cautious to what actually lurks out there! When in doubt, make sure that you at least think of some decent questions to ask yourself to find some answers!

A Peak into my Mexico City Success

Let’s look at my most recent success story, the Mexico City Special Event from a week or so ago. I had a poor performance in Dallas, wanted to lock up a stipend for Germany, and decided that a trip to Mexico was in order. After testing my heart out with Michele, playing on PTCGO, and coaching many clients, I was set. The week before I won a small League Cup with a Tapu Koko (BW; 31)  deck, thought that spread was an underlying force in Standard, and started typing up my article on what I was going to play for the event. I thought about the unknown-to-me meta game, talked to some friends, and eventually spun around into playing Blacephalon GX (LT; 52)  But why? Well, here it is! I am more comfortable with Blacephalon GX (LT; 52)  than any other deck right now, I had previously earned over 400CP with the deck alone, and it is a great pick for a blind metagame. A blind metagame usually occurs when you play in an area that isn’t close to your locals or when a set has been in the format for too long. Mexico City fell into both of those categories which allowed players to play all different sorts of decks. Control decks, Malamar (FLI; 51)  decks, Lost March, spread decks, and many more were everywhere in Mexico.

With my comfort level of playing Blacephalon GX (LT; 52) and my knowledge of the other decks in the format, I was able to single-handedly become a Special Event Champion. This success story could be anyone, but the key factor was definitely my comfort level going into the event. Yeah, maybe I would have been able to get T16 points with Tapu Koko, but I also could have fallen behind like a few of my  friends who played the same deck. If you are ever going into a shaky meta game like Oceania Internationals or Collinsville, I recommend that you play a deck that you know inside and out. You will find yourself filled with more confidence, you will misplay yet, and you will have a higher chance of overcoming poor match-ups. Read into this as you will, but I know that Blacephalon GX (LT; 52)  is a top consideration for me heading into OIC and Collinsville because of the above factors. I guess only time will tell…

OIC Here I Come!

That’s a wrap on this quick article before OIC. I will be posting my play before the event as always and that will include my EXACT list before the event. I hope that all of you readers enjoy our content and we appreciate that you continuously support our site. If you wanna know where I am at on my Pokemon journey, hang on tight! After venturing to Mexico City for their Special event with my friend Rob and girlfriend Michele, I was able to win the whole event. The win was a great boost to my morale, I appreciate the 200 Championship bump, and I am currently in the Top 4 of the North American rankings. This week I am attending the OIC in Melbourne, Australia to represent myself, my country, and everyone who supports me. Wish me luck!



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