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Why is ZoroToad the BDIF? Pt. 3

Check out this continuation of Zach's last article that wraps the whole series together

01/12/2019 by Zach Lesage

Lookin’ at Expanded

What’s up 60 Cards readers, its ya boy Zach and I am back with another article today to satisfy your reading needs. In my article today, I will be going over the undisputed best deck in the Expanded format, Zoroark GX (SLG; 53)  / Seismitoad EX (FRF; 20) , and explain why it is one of the best positioned decks heading into Dallas Regionals.

There are a lot of nifty tricks to know about this deck so be sure to read this article carefully heading into your next Expanded event. Let it be known that this is part of a series of articles that will all be focusing on Zoroark GX (SLG; 53)  / Seismitoad EX (FRF; 20)  so be sure to read all of them. That being said, let’s jump right into it.

Part 1

Part 2

New Additions

As you can tell, Jimmy Pendarvis has changed up his deck from his original Portland deck that has been featured in my last two articles to feature some cards from the new Lost Thunder set.

Let’s take one last look at his Portland list before moving onto his much newer Anaheim list.

This list was a great choice for Portland, but Pendarvis did change it for Anaheim. Why would he change his list though? Let’s look at it first and find out the answer after.

From the last two articles that I have wrote, I have gone through Pendarvis’ Portland list as much as I humanly can, but what about his latest and greatest Anaheim list? The difference between Portland and Anaheim is that Lost Thunder, our newest set in the Pokémon TCG, was released. Think about it and it will become simple. There was a new set, Pendarvis added in a few new cards, ta-dah, his deck got better. Let’s look over some of the cards that he added in since the release of Lost Thunder.

Articuno-GX and Water Energy

Similar to the Articuno GX (CLS; 31)  in Daniel Altavilla’s LAIC winning list, Articuno GX (CLS; 31)  can put in some solid work here to take away a threat with a bunch of Energy attached to it. This strategy can be particularly strong against the Archie's Ace in the Hole (PRC; 124)  / Blastoise (BC; 31)  matchup because plenty of the attacking Pokémon in that deck use plenty of Energy.

It can also be helpful against some of the Rayquaza GX (CLS; 109)  decks that have been popping up since the deck did well in Anaheim. The added Water Energy (GEN; 77)  in the deck are mainly for Articuno GX (CLS; 31)  to attack, but they can be used in mirror matches to avoid your Double Colorless Energy (SLG; 69)  getting Faba (LT; 173) ’d when you use Oranguru (UPR; 114)  to gather back resources.

Silent Lab

In some cases, you can lock up Pokémon in the Active Position because they have lost their mobility, such as Keldeo EX (BC; 49)  under Ability lock. Silent Lab (PRC; 140)  just so happens to provide an out to situations such as this and can lock those pesky Abilities in place. 


This is likely the best card from Lost Thunder in the Expanded format because Zoroark GX (SLG; 53)  + Double Colorless Energy (SLG; 69)  is one of the best combinations of all time. With Faba (LT; 173)  being able to take away Special Energy in a pinch, it definitely has found a place in Expanded and in this deck.

Field Blower 

With random Pokémon Tools and Garbodor (BKP; 57)  with Garbotoxin running around, Field Blower (GRI; 125)  seems like a strong inclusion. You can also use it in combination with Dowsing Machine (PS; 128)  to get another shot at it which makes it even more worthwhile. 

All of those changes allowed Pendarvis to win Anaheim, but what actually makes the deck as a whole the BDIF?

What Makes the Deck Good?

Well, this question is a simple answer and a difficult one at the same time. This deck focuses on unraveling anything that your opponent has to throw at you by using your disruption cards against your opponent while keeping your lock going strong with Quaking Punch. The best way to look at it is that you have all of the options in your deck which means that you can control your outcome most of the time.

As long as you have a half decent hand, you can find a card to play in nearly any situation ever. Doesn’t that sound like a great asset in your deck choice? You can often combo cards together, make intelligent plays, and outplay your opponent in general. Pendarvis did well with this deck because he was able to play well, he outplayed plenty of his opponents, and the deck is inherently strong. 

See Ya in Dallas!

That’s a wrap everyone! I hope that you enjoyed my views on Zoroark GX (SLG; 53)  / Seismitoad EX (FRF; 20) , the undisputed best deck in the Expanded format and that you learned a thing or two. As Dallas rapidly approaches, I recommend to playtest with and against it to make sure you are prepared for the event. As for me, I just booked my plane ticket to Dallas and I am hyped to head to another Regional Championships this season! Even though I have not put up the best results in Expanded, I am going to use my past failures to fuel my passion to test even more! I will be attending the event with my friends and my lovely girlfriend, Michele, which means that I will have a blast no matter how I do in the event! If you see me at the event, feel free to talk to me for a bit, it would make my day to talk to players who have read my articles! 

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