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Zach Lesage

My Play for Anaheim

Check out my EXACT play for Anaheim heading into the event!

12/14/2018 by Zach Lesage


This article is actively being updated before Anaheim Regionals and there MIGHT be extra information added into the article. If anything changes, there will be clear signs of an update here to indicate that a change has been made. Keep checking for the freshest information available. - Zach

Final Update

As of 11:59PM Pacific Time, this article has been fully updated with my deck! It has been sleeved, the deck is written out, and I am going to bed. Sorry for the delay, I wanted to be sure in the deck! -Zach

The Day Before the Event

What’s up 60 Cards readers? Are you excited for Anaheim? Nervous? Well, regardless of how you feel, it is difficult to control your emotions when we are all playing for such big prizes and stardom! The goal of my article is to be transparent in my play for the event, showcase where my mind is at before the event, and to give all subscribers the BEST information. I am not sure how I will do tomorrow, but I have had a solid run this season, and I hope to continue my success. If you want some last minute tips for success, check out my article from yesterday here, but we are jumping into my main article right now. If you don’t have a subscription to 60 Cards yet, maybe you should try a FREE trial or perhaps even just splurge on a subscription; it’s totally worth it.  Let’s jump behind this paywall now!!!...

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