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Zach Lesage

How to Play Pokémon - The Buzzwole GX Bible Pt. 1

Zach goes over his BuzzRoc list, his Mexico City Regionals Report, and details out strategy throughout the article! This part two of a multi series article!

07/11/2018 by Zach Lesage

This is part two of a multi-series of articles that are focused on empowering yourself as a player, learning Buzzwole-GX variants, and going over some hidden skill sets within the game. All articles *should* be released before NAIC, but all should had some timeless aspects as the game grows for years to come!


Welcome back to my three part series of FANTASTIC articles, 60 Cards readers! In this article, I will be going over the Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX / Lycanroc-GX that I played to a ninth place finish at Mexico City Regionals, go through my tournament report for that same tournament, and go over some solid strategies in the article to prevent possible cheating. Although my friends might have made fun of me for calling a ‘Judge’ slightly too often in Mexico City, I would argue that I helped circumvent cheaters from getting what they want. Throughout this article, I will be dropping sprinkles of tips here, a dash of strategy there, and a bunch of great content in between. This article is filled to the brim with exciting content so let’s jump right into the Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX / Lycanroc-GX Deck that I piloted at the 2018 Mexico City Regional Championships:

Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX / Lycanroc-GX Deck

(credits go to Michael Pramawat for the list)

Mexico City Regional Championships Report - Day One

After losing my win-and-in at the Mexico City, Mexico Special Event # 2, which you can read about HERE, I needed to restructure my deck heading into this event. While I enjoyed the linearity of Buzzwole-GX / Garbodor, it was also the decks biggest downfall - it was difficult to outplay your opponents with that deck. Throughout the week of my stay in Mexico City, I tested with my Team Carta Magica teammate, Bodhi Robinson, and we started to perfect our lists as we approached the 2018 Mexico City, Mexico Regional Championships. Our good friend Michael Pramawat joined our hotel on Friday and we started to play test with him that whole day to settle on the above Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX / Lycanroc-GX deck. We went to bed pretty late, woke up early, and we made our way to the venue. Check out the report below:

Tournament: Mexico City Regional Championships
Division: Masters
Players: 233 Masters / 22 Seniors / 8 Juniors
Deck: Buzzwole / Buzzwole-GX / Lycanroc-GX

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