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Zach Lesage

Big Shot, Peanut Butter Insides - The Standard Wave

Zach goes over some his best playing habits, his updated Buzz/Garb list, and a cool Ho-Oh deck.

03/14/2018 by Zach Lesage

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Flying Around

Hey 60 cards readers, I am sure I sound like a broken record by now, but as I write this I am up in the air. My trip today consists of flying from Toronto, ON to Orange County, CA for the 2018 Costa Mesa, CA Regionals. While I am still preparing my deck choice for this Expanded event, I do have some insight for the upcoming Standard 2018 Charlotte, NC Regionals and local League Cups. If you read my recent article about the unique decks that we saw at the 2018 Collinsville, IL Regionals (insert hyperlink overly here), you would know that our current Standard format is fairly diverse. In this article, my goal is to address some of my best playing habits, shed some insight on my top plays, and help prepare everyone reading this article for their upcoming tournaments. I’ll jump right into some of my best playing habits:

The Ways to the Top

The best ways that I have used to up my game and reach the upper echelon of playing this game are simply using my time wisely and play-testing. These two concepts sound extremely similar and vastly different at the same time, but I will explain them both the best I can. In the current game of Pokemon, there are multiple ways to become a better player and I will try to include tidbits of information in each of may articles to help you grow as you read them. Since these concepts can be split up, I’ll go over them individually:

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