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Zach Lesage

The Lowdown on Memphis - The Best Decks

Zach goes over twelve unique decks that did well at Memphis Regionals!

01/07/2018 by Zach Lesage

Hello Memphis Results

What’s up, 60Cards readers? Memphis is done and over with and I am sure you all want to know about some of the best decks that were played in the event. In this article, I will go over some of the best decks featured at the tournament and explain how they work. While the next major North American tournament is the Expanded Dallas Regionals, we have to worry about League Cups until then, and we also have the Australian International Championships in February. If you have looked at the trends from almost all tournaments this season, most players have no issue with net decking an exact tournament list that finished highly recently and piloting it at the next tournament. This is why I wanted to write this article, to go through the twelve unique decks that we saw take the Top 35 at Memphis by storm. So whether you are playing locally or heading to Australia in a few months, these decks are sure to see some play. Let’s check them out:

Michael Pramawat’s Zoroark/Lycanroc Deck

Zoroark/Lycanroc Strategy

The deck that won the tournament and took up the most spots within the top 8 of the tournament -- it must be great! Zoroark-GX and Lycanroc-GX pair up in this deck to make a somewhat unlikely combination; it is consistent, quick, and can overpower opponents quickly. This deck uses a similar engine to the deck that Tord Reklev won the London Internationals with, Zoroark/Golisopod. With all of the same consistency aspects such as three Brigette, four Puzzles of Time, and a thick Zoroark-GX line, this deck is able to get going quickly.

The strategy is seemingly non-linear with many tangents you can dwell upon, but the best advice I can give you is to pause… just think out each situation. Riotous Beating can do some chip damage to the tune of 120 and can even do 170 damage with the aid of Choice Band and Professor Kukui. Lycanroc-GX’s Dangerous Rogue GX can immediately blow up a Pokemon in full if your opponent over benches their Pokemon or if you have the right damage modifiers. Even Pokemon such as Rockruff have the necessary power behind them to Knock Out threats such as Zorua due to its daunting Fighting-type Weakness.

With this deck having success throughout Memphis, you may be wondering if we will see this deck pop up at our League Cups across North America?!? Yeah, that might be an understatement! This deck will likely see play in high numbers, similar to how Reklev’s deck saw  an explosion of play after London, so you need to be prepared. The best way to prepare for this deck is to watch out for the many oppositions in the deck that you may face:

- Play a lower Bench (if possible) to deal with Lycanroc-GX’s Dangerous Rogue GX
- Time your Special Energy attachments carefully due to Enhanced Hammer
- Ask yourself if your opponent can return a Knock Out due to damage modifiers such as Strong Energy, Choice Band, and Professor Kukui)?
- Can your opponent nab the right cards due to the consistency of Zoroark-GX’s Trade Ability?
- Do you have a threat on your Bench that your opponent can gust up with Lycanroc-GX’s Bloodthirsty Eyes Ability?
After playing around all of these threats, plan your game state accordingly because this deck plays out like a toolbox of surprises! 

Azul Garcia Griego’s Golisopod/Garbodor Deck

Golisopod/Garbodor Strategy

Azul Garcia Griego took an “old” idea of Golisopod/Garbodor and pretty much re-invented the wheel. The core of this deck looks really reminiscent of the meta-game pre-Hartford Regionals, but some of the ideas in the deck are quite strong. My personal favourite touches that Griego added to this deck are the Mewtwo EVO and the four copies of Enhanced Hammer! If you look at the rest of the lists in this article, most of them include Special Energy of some kind and all of the Enhanced Hammer in this deck will counter those decks. In order to counter all of the Buzzwole-GX hype heading into this event, Griego decided that Mewtwo would make for a strong counter. Beyond that, this deck also gains the power of Trashalanche and the devastating Ability, Garbotoxin. With the re-addition of these Garbodor cards back in this deck, the trend of having a stronger Buzzwole-GX match-up is prevalent and we gain the option to lock down some decks that play quite a bit of Energy Cards. Garbodor BKP is used to combat many different Pokemon in the format that have some worrisome Abilities. Here are some of the most common Pokemon with Abilities that likely saw play at Memphis:

•Octillery BKT

•Gardevoir-GX BUS

•Oranguru SUM

•Tapu Lele-GX GRI

•Volcanion STS

•Volcanion-EX STS

•Hoopa SLG

•Mr. Mime GEN


•Zoroark-GX SLG

•Zoroark BKT

All of these Pokemon have Abilities that can win entire games on their own, so being able to shut them off with Garbotoxin is going to be a huge deal. If you look at the most popular archetype, Gardevoir-GX, you can shut off their Ability to draw, their Ability to attach extra Energy cards, and their Ability to search their deck for Supporter Cards. Well, what is left? They can attack with a moderately useful Infinite Force on a Stage 2 Pokemon. That being said, Garbodor BKP wins games through it’s hard lock on your opponent. If you are curious on how Golisopod-GX fits into this deck, Golisopod-GX is the star of the deck and is going to be your main attacker in most match-ups! Interestingly enough, even thought that Golisopod-GX has three viable attacks, First Impression is going to be the most used attack due to its low Energy Cost. If you look through most Pokemon in the format, very few Pokemon can do upwards of 170 damage for one Energy, not including Weakness. That being said, I often plan games around Knocking Out an EX/GX Pokemon with Crossing Cut GX and I also use Armor Press to survive otherwise unsurvivable attacks. Wimpod is the second best starting Pokemon in the deck, beside Tapu Koko, due to its free Retreat on the first turn of the game. Wimpod is not a strong attacker by any means, so it is only going to be used to Retreat on the first turn and to Evolve into the Golisopod-GX. Between all of these great options, Griego made a somewhat of a toolbox deck that can play to its advantages in many different situations.

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