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[Insert Buzz Pun Here]: Buzzwole-GX for London

Zach outlines Buzzwole-GX, one of the most hyped cards from Crimson Invasion. Whether you are going to London or watching from home, check out this game breaking article!

11/13/2017 by Zach Lesage

Buzz on the Street

What’s the buzz about, 60Cards readers? I am beyond excited to write an article before our first major tournament in the 2017-2018 season, the European International Championships! I will gladly note that I have been putting in quite a bit of testing for the tournament and I have a few interesting decks that I am going to outline in this article. The two decks that I am going to write about are Buzzwole-GX/Carbink BREAK and Raichu-GX/Raikou! Buzzwole-GX is definitely one of the more hyped cards from Crimson Invasion going into the European International Championships and I feel like both of my lists are strong enough to take on the competition. 



Player Growth: You Can Do It Too!

Around this time last year, I wrote some personal notes down about myself mentally versus London Internationals. For those of you who don’t know, I was supposed to attend London Internationals with my brother, Jay Lesage, but I eventually had to back away from the opportunity. I was going through a financial rough patch because my car needed new brake pads and new tires, which was very unexpected at the time. That being said, I did not go to London last year. However, I did get the opportunity to watch my brother become a finalist at that tournament which re-inspired me to play the game at my fullest. Here is what I wrote last year:

“I have been on a slippery slope of emotional highs and lows this past weekend where I got to watch my brother climb through the ranks in London to eventually lose in the finals to a respectful Michael Pramawat. I have barely slept due to the alarmingly large five-hour time difference between EST and GMT and I have been on pure hype-based adrenaline since I first heard the word of Jay crushing the competition out there. I must admit, I have felt like I have been in a player slump since I Top 4’d Ontario Regionals last year and I am sure others feel the same way about themselves from time to time. Sometimes players feel like they are worthless or not at their “once-prime”, but they can usually overcome it by fielding through the mist and into a top tournament placing.

Pokemon at times, to me, is a roller coaster of semi-fame, success, failure, and success again! I have had great highs during my “player-prime” such as multiple States wins, very high Regionals placings, and even winning a National Championships, but I have hit some lows too such as placing mediocre at major events recently such as 2016 Fort Wayne Regionals or not making Day 2 at Worlds 2016. It can sometimes be scary at a player low-point because you feel like you are not worthy of placing well or that you don’t belong with the other “top” players who were once your side-by-side peers. Playing Pokemon at the top can sometimes feel like an inclusive and very exclusive group; sometimes the group accepts you because you are considered good or well liked and other times players will not talk to you the same way because you have had a few rough tournaments in a row.

I would like to state that I am on a new-found high after being refreshed by watching my brother claw his way through many matches in London, and I plan on getting together a regular testing day weekly with our local “crew” where I live in Barrie, ON. This past weekend has been like waking up by dumping ice-cold water on yourself and jumping straight into the air, Pokemon is the drug I need now, I just need to taste victory. I know this might all sound cheesy, but I believe that I have found the inspiration that I needed to play this season to my “new” level I have discovered. Hopefully I am right, but I have found that most of success in this game is by finding inspiration wherever I look.”

That being said, I was able to grow myself as a player and I have worked very hard to put myself in the position I am in! Since writing this, I have become sponsored by Pro Play Games and I have not missed Championship Points from any major events in over six months. I have surrounded myself by some fantastic players who I can bounce some deck ideas off of, I have been putting in the effort for each major event, and I have been really focusing on ideas that could be viable. I have used these strategies to propel myself into a much better player and I have even created some new decks in the process. I don't want to toot my own horn too much, but I was a major component in creating the new Turbo Darkrai-GX deck that did extremely well in Daytona Beach Regionals. Quite a bit of my success can be applied to most of you who are reading this article and we can look at my recent success in the game. You could say the past six months have been fairly good to me:


  • May 2017 - T64 Roanoke Regionals
  • June 2017 - T16 Origins Special Event
  • July 2017 - T128 North American International Championships
  • August 2017 - Day 2 Worlds Competitor 
  • September 2017 - T16 Fort Wayne Regionals
  • September 2017 - Sponsored by Pro Play Games
  • October 2017 - T32 Hartford Regionals
  • October 2017 - T64 Daytona Beach Regionals


If you take a deep look at yourself, you need to be able to recognize where your faults are coming from and turn them into a success story. It will most likely not be instant, but you can keep track of your growth over time. As I have been preparing for London, I plan on continuing this streak as I hone in on all available decks that I have been testing for London. One card in particular has peeked my interest from Crimson Invasion due to how powerful it looks. Sometimes it is best to look at a new set and find cards that pique your interests and you really need to start to involve a strategy revolving around that.

Let’s see what makes this card so hyped…

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