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Zach Lesage

Feed Into the Darkness - Turbo Darkrai in Expanded

Our newest PRO Member, Zach Lesage, writes in detail about one of his favourite decks in Expanded, Turbo Darkrai!

09/20/2017 by Zach Lesage

Article Introduction

Hello 60Cards readers, I would like to start off by saying how ecstatic I am to launch my first article for such a wonderful website! For those who don’t know me, I am a 25 year old player from the Toronto, Canada area and I have been playing the Pokemon TCG for over a decade now. I started my competitive journey way back in 2005, obtaining my first World Championship invite in 2006, and I am still kicking it by making Day 2 of the World Championships and more recently placing 14th overall at the Fort Wayne Regional Championships. Well, enough about me, I think it would be much more interesting to let you know about the deck that allowed me to nab that precious placement at Fort Wayne, Turbo Darkrai.


Dark Thoughts

In Turbo Darkrai, there are now three different Darkrai that all play a vital role in making this deck the powerhouse that it is! Each Darkrai plays a different role in the deck, but they are all necessary to make the deck run optimally. 

Darkrai-EX from BREAKpoint

The biggest card of to talk about is the card that is the main focal point of the deck, the one and only, Darkrai-EX from BREAKpoint! This card is a very strong EX Pokemon sitting at a whopping 180 HP, has an attack that feeds on energy manipulation, and has another attack that is extremely vicious if your opponent’s Active Pokemon is Asleep! Darkrai-EX is one of my favourite Pokemon cards printed over the past few years because it seems like it is always a contender and it is versatile in many situations!

Darkrai-EX from Dark Explorers

I like to think of Darkrai-EX from Dark Explorers as the fluidity that allows this deck to be “next-level” good! With very similar characterics to Darkrai-EX BKP in terms of Retreat Cost and HP, you may be asking yourself what does this card do for the deck except free Retreat? Well, Darkrai-EX carries a fantastic attack in the form of Night Spear, which can help you chip some damage off of a big threat or perhaps OHKO that lone Joltik PHF on your opponent’s field.

Darkrai-GX from Burning Shadows

Ok, ok, this is the last Darkrai we are talking about, Darkrai-GX from Burning Shadows that is. Darkrai-GX brings on another new Ability into our deck and that is the ability to pop back from the Discard Pile onto the Bench and attach a Dark Energy to itself! It also has a very cost efficient attack in the form of Dark Cleave and a game-ending attack in the form of Dead End GX, which is almost always used to draw 2 Prize Cards! 

Let’s look and see how my final list looked like going into Fort Wayne Regionals…

Turbo Darkrai Decklist

For those readers who are new to this deck or would appreciate a recap on how the deck generally works, the deck is based on using Dark Patch and Max Elixir to power up a huge whopping Dark Pulse from Darkrai-EX BKP. The deck is also extremely versatile by adding in certain techs allowing yourself to even use Darkrai-GX for a huge Dead End GX to take a massive OHKO out of nowhere. This deck is a very quick deck that can take Prize Cards out of nowhere or disrupt your opponents game plan so badly you win due to your opponent having no options.

 This deck, until Fort Wayne Regionals 2017, has been severely underplayed and undervalued with most of its accomplishments coming from my Top 4 finish at Toronto Regionals 2016, my team mates Top 4 at Wisconsin Regionals 2016, and most recently Sam Hough placing within the Top 4 at Portland Regionals 2017. I have not seen much coverage of this very strong deck at all on any website and I still view this as a one of the best decks going into Daytona Regionals. This deck is a strong contender in this format due to the following core reasons: 

Reasons Why Turbo Darkai is Great

  1. The deck relies on being very quick and versatile in almost any situation which allows it to play towards its advantage in any match-up; You can play the deck uniform versus most decks or go all out in order to set-up a quick KO on an opposing bulky EX or GX Pokemon
  2. The deck is quick to set-up an attack due to Darkrai-EX BKP having a relatively low energy cost for Dark Pulse; this allows the deck to have a great early game, strong mid-game, and solid ending game
  3. The deck “scatters” your energies in play so when your opponent Knocks Out one of your Pokemon, you can just send-up another Pokemon and ‘bounce back’ into the game by only losing minimal Energy
  4. The deck features energy manipulation in the form of Dark Patch and Max Elixir which allows you to sometimes pull off otherwise unthinkable moves such as a turn one Dead End GX for a high profile OHKO or a turn one Dark Pulse for 180 damage
  5. All three different Darkrai have a fair Weakness of Fighting type and a decent Resistance of Psychic type paired with bulky HP allowing these Pokemon to more-than-likely survive an attack.
  6. With Darkrai-GX now being mandatory in lists, you now have a way to naturally gain back Energy that you would otherwise have to use a Dark Patch for, exponentially speeding the deck

That being said, my list may not be perfect for you, or you may want to add in a bit of spice to your list! Here are all of the cards that I have thoguht about putting in the lsit at some point or another and the reasonings why!

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