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Madoka is back with 9 japanse decks and metagame predictions! Check it out!

29. 03. 2017 by Eye on Japan

Hello again readers! This is Madoka Uehara. It was about 6 months ago that I wrote an article, but now I’m back again to report on a tournament result. I was planning to report my tournament result as well but since I don’t think I can write everything on time, I will split the article: This time, I will be talking about the whole system of Japanese tournaments since we had many changes again this year, my meta prediction for the tournament, and introducing some decks from Japan. I hope you enjoy!

After the release of Sun and Moon set in December, we had many changes to the tournament. Our first tournament was called “Welcome Festa”, which had been an official tournament--but this tournament was just for fun. However, it was a brand new type of tournament which was a collaboration of TCG and VGC: a TCG player and a VGC player get in pairs and try to win as many times as they could during the qualifying round. Then, the top 4 players with the most number of wins can make it to the cut, and the final round was held as a tournament. The winner(s) were awarded with a trophy and a special Promo card, which was a special print of Rare Candy.

Now things turned out differently for tournament players from February this year since a brand new system called “Championship Points” are now introduced in Japan. 

“So, what are Championship Points?”

Championship Points would be given out to players who scored well in the tournament. The points given out to players differs in tournaments since the capacity of the room differs time to time. These are the points given out in Osaka (held on 17th&18th of February), Miyagi (held on 1st and 2nd of April), Aichi (held on 5th of May), Chiba (held on 20th & 21st of May), Osaka (held on 28th of May) and Okayama (held on May 14th).

Osaka: 6points to 1st place, 5 points to 2nd place, 4 points to 3rd & 4th place, 3 points to 5th-8th place, 2 points to 9th-16th place and 1 point to 17th-32nd place.

Miyagi: 6 points to 1st lace, 5 points to 2nd place, 4 points to 3rd&4th place, 3 points to 5th-8th place, 2 points to 9th-16th place. 

Aichi, Chiba, and Osaka: 5 points to 21 Match Points, 4 points to 19 Match Points, 3 points to 18 match points, 2 points to 17 Match Points, 1 point to 16 Match Points.

Okayama: 5 Points to 21 Match Points, 4 points to 19 Match Points, 3 points to 18 Match Points, 2 points to 17 Match Points, 1 point to 16 Match point.

These Championship oints would be very important to those who are eager to play in Japan Nationals--3 points are required to play in Nationals. Also, if you succeed to gaining 5 points, then you would be seeded in Nationals.

(Note: the Miyagi tournament would be a little different from the others since 3players would be playing as a team, so the points would be given out depending on the team result.)

The tournament you can earn these Champion Ship Points would be called “Champion League 2017”. Pokemon Japan has finally decided that they would try to have official tournaments throughout the year, since we only have 2 big official tournaments in a year. Another definitive change for us Japanese was that pre-registering would be required and a sheet with a Deck List written must be handed in before playing in the tournament. (But only for Masters; Juniors and Seniors don’t need to pre-register before the tournament unless they were playing in Open Division. ”Open Division” at this point means “unlimited division”, so this league would be a mixture of Junior, Senior and Master.) Also, now we would have BO3 in each games! I guess we have finally got the same tournament rules as other countries, which we have long desired, so we were pretty happy with the changes--Despite the fact that now we have doubts about whether players can take part in the tournament when they don't pre-register.

Meta Predictions

I guess that was enough explanation of Champion League, so now I would like to carry on to the next topic. The format for this tournament was XY on, so we were able to use every single XY cards, 2 sets from Sun & Moon set. Luckily, we had 2 big tournaments Battle X Road (unofficial) and Welcome Festa before the tournament, so it was easier to make Meta Predictions. This was my prediction of the meta:

Tier 1:

Mega Mewtwo-EX / Garbodor 


Decidueye-GX / Seismitoad-EX

Tier 2:

Mega Rayquaza-EX / Shaymin-EX

Drampa-GX/ Garbodor (Alolan Muk) /Sudowoodo

Vespiqueen / Eevee(s)

Tier 3:

Umbreon-GX / Zoroark


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